Instagram & Facebook Down for People Across the World

People across the world are reporting issues with Instagram and Facebook today. While Facebook’s issues appear to be resolving, Instagram’s are still a problem. Read on to learn what we know so far and what’s happening.

As you can see, Instagram’s issues were quite significant, with more than 11,000 reports showing on DownDetector as recently as 12:45 p.m. Eastern.


Many of these issues are happening in the United States.


Facebook’s issues, meanwhile, are far smaller and appear to not be centered in the United States, according to DownDetector.



Facebook’s issues were mostly related to the app, with people noticing that comments weren’t always working. They would see comments but couldn’t make any themselves. Much of this appears to be resolved in the United States, though people in other countries are still experiencing issues.

Instagram’s issues appear related to the newsfeed, with some other issues affecting posting and logging in. Some are saying they can log in, but the feeds and notifications aren’t loading.

As of nearly 1 p.m. Eastern, some of the Instagram issues are starting to resolve. It’s not clear what caused the problems.

This is a developing story.

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