6 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon’s Fire Tablets offer the best value of any tablet line currently on the market, and during Black Friday, that value is even better! We’ve rounded up the 6 best Amazon Fire Tablet Black Friday deals available this year so you can choose the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for your first tablet or an upgrade over an older model, there is no better time to buy!

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Which is the Best Amazon Fire Tablet?

In terms of overall performance, the best Amazon Fire Tablet is the new Fire HD 10. It has a larger screen, improved resolution, better battery life, and significantly faster processing speeds than the Fire 7 and the Fire HD 8. If you're looking for an everyday tablet that can handle whatever you throw at it without a hitch, then you'll want to go for the HD 10

What is the Cheapest Amazon Fire Tablet?

The cheapest Amazon Fire Tablet is the Fire 7, which is available on Cyber Monday for as low as $30! For that low entry price, you get a fully functional Android tablet. 

The next cheapest option is the Fire HD 8, which comes with a larger screen, longer battery life, and improved speakers and resolution. 

Finally, the Fire HD 10 is the most expensive Fire Tablet, though, it is still significantly less expensive than many similar products. 

What is the Best Amazon Fire Tablet for Kids?

Which of the above tablets is best for your kids depends primarily on your budget and the age of the kids. If you're looking for something super basic that you don't have to worry about your kids breaking, then the Fire 7 Kids Edition is a great choice. It can handle all the basic uses your kids might throw at it, and it's so cheap you won't have a minor heart attack every time it gets dropped. 

If your kids are a little older and have slightly more sophisticated needs, I would go with the Fire HD 8 or the Fire HD 10 Kids Editions, both of which are excellent. The HD 8 is more affordable but not quite as zippy or attractive, while the HD 10 is a fully-featured tablet that both you and your kids will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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