7 Best Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals on Amazon

Smart Home technology is one of the fastest-growing product categories on Amazon with this sudden influx of new products comes a ton of great Cyber Monday smart home deals. Many of these deals are today-only while some residual deals from Black Friday will be ending tonight. Either way, Cyber Monday is one of the last chances to save big on smart home deals so check out our picks to get right to the best of the best.

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What Can Smart Home Devices Do?

If you are just now exploring the world of smart home technology, then you might be wondering what smart home devices are even capable of? They can do an overwhelming amount of tasks and the most popular voice assistant platforms are learning new skills every week.

You can program your speaker system to order you a pizza, or set up your security camera to send you a video feed whenever someone is at the front door. You can set all the lights in your house to turn on when you get home or you can enable your coffee machine to turn on every morning with your alarm.

The trick of it is that all of these features require different combinations of programmable devices. If you are just getting started down the smart home path, then you should consider starting with some simpler projects. Amazon has a brief guide on how to approach building a smart home, wherein they suggest something simple like a light first.

Once you get the hang of things, though, you will only be limited by your imagination.

Which Smart Home System Is Best?

If you don't already have a smart home system in place, it can be intimidating deciding which one to invest in, especially since you can't typically link devices that use different smart home platforms. As far as the ability to understand and answer questions goes, Google earned the highest marks in this information test done by ZDNet.

Of course, if you are more interested in overall compatibility, Amazon's Alexa service takes the cake. According to an article by the Verge, there are already over 150 specially designed Alexa devices on the market. Plus, since Alexa was the first voice assistant to hit the market, her AI has been developed to perform the widest variety of tasks.

But the best smart home assistant for you ultimately depends on which devices you would find most useful in your home and what you already have.

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