Is Instagram Down? Users Reporting Errors, Including Stories Not Showing

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Instagram is down or having issues for many people around the world, including in the United States. It’s not clear what is causing the issue. Some people are saying they can’t post stories to Instagram, and others are saying that the site isn’t showing their stories to others. Still others simply can’t make Instagram work at all or it crashes when they try to post photos. Here are the details of what’s happening and what we know so far.

According to Down Detector, a big spike has just been reported this afternoon with Instagram. So far, Instagram has not said anything official on its Twitter page about what might be going on.


Just a few minutes later, the issues continued to grow on Down Detector.

You can see from Down Detector’s map that issues are being reported in the United States and in other parts of the world.

Down Detector

It’s not clear at this time what is causing the issue. Users are reporting that Instagram isn’t working at all, while others are saying that the main problem appears to be with the stories they are posting either not publishing or not being shown to other people. So no, you weren’t secretly shadowbanned. It’s an issue with the site itself. One person from Heavy shared that when they uploaded a photo, it uploaded to their profile but never went to their main feed.

According to Down Detector, 51% of the issues are with the news feed and 32% of reported issues are with stories, while only 16% of the reported issues involve posting.

One person wrote on Down Detector: “Has anyone else had Instagram suddenly decide to stop showing your posts to people? Has the evil lord of likes decided my account is out of the algorithm after ten days of not posting? Or is this a bug or is it down? ? ?”

Meanwhile, other people are reporting that the site just doesn’t seem to be working for them at all.

If you’re posting a story and seeing no views when you normally would get a lot of views, or if you’re posting a picture and getting no likes when you normally would see quite a few, it’s all part of the problem people are noting with Instagram.

This is why Instagram feels like a ghost town and why you may not be seeing any engagement with your posts and stories.

People are sharing their frustrations on Twitter too, which is where people typically go when they have issues with other social media sites.

Just a few days ago, Facebook was down for quite a few people. That problem included issues with notifications not loading and other errors. Most of those issues related to mobile devices, but some people on desktop reported problems too. The issues lasted for a couple of hours before they were resolved. Facebook noted at the time that it had pushed a fix, but it took a few hours for the fix to reach users across all the platforms.

This is a developing story.

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