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13 Best Apple AirTag Cases & Loops

Bluetooth trackers may not be anything new, but Apple’s new AirTags have one thing that rival products like Tile and Chipolo don’t: style. Like the ever-popular AirPods, The AirTags look great as an accessory. That is why Apple has released a small suite of AirTag cases, loops, and keyrings to help accentuate this Bluetooth keyring to match your vibe. And the selection of third-party options is growing too. Read on below to explore all of the most stylish options for making your new Apple AirTags uniquely yours.

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What Are Apple AirTags?

We don't blame you if you hopped on the hype train before even finding out what the product as. Apple product releases can be like that sometime. But to fill in those who are still shaky on the concept, the Apple AirTag is a new brand of Bluetooth tracker, which works similarly to brands like Tile and Chipolo.

These Bluetooth trackers form an anonymous worldwide network by linking together nearby devices in order to ensure none of these items are ever lost. You can get a more in-depth look at the specs and feature set of the AirTags over at MacRumors.

What ultimately sets the AirTag apart from the competition is its ability to seamlessly integrate into the iOS ecosystem. This way, there is no special app needed on your phone. You can simply ask your iOS device, "Siri, where are my keys?"

Of course, AirTags aren't just for your keys. They can be used to track anything you can fasten them to. Hence the need for a case with a keyring or loop attached.

Do You Really Need an Apple AirTags Case?

That depends. You don't need an AirTags case for certain uses, but you technically will for others. For example, you can drop an AirTag into the bottom of your purse with no case you can't easily fasten one to your dog's collar without an attached keyring or loop. And that's where cases come in.

All of the AirTags cases we reviewed include either a keyring or loop, which makes them usable with a much wider selection of everyday carry objects. In addition, they also add some style to this otherwise featureless aluminum disc.