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21 Best Video Backdrops: The Ultimate List

Since the beginning of 2020, more and more people are taking meetings, going to school, or even attending work via their computers. We have seen some of our favorite shows go to a remote format as well as a rise in streaming content.

People are paying a lot of attention to the backdrops in their videos, whether they have a Youtube channel or are going to work every day through a Zoom meeting. We have put together an ultimate list of the best video backdrops to add a little style to your future meetings and online content as well as twitch streams and videos.

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Picking a Backdrop for Your Videos

This can be a tough task for the indecisive, but any choice is better than no choice, and recognizing that is definitely the first step. Whether you choose a theme or a solid color or something else there is a production value to adding a backdrop that will take videos and meetings from plain to entertaining. You may not see the difference immediately but you will see it when you rewatch your content and read the comments and replies. Picking the right backdrop has a lot to do with the vibe that you are trying to put out there. If you are trying to teach a class or host a discussion you should stick to basic colors or the bookshelf/library-designed backdrops would work great. If you are doing an interview then you might want something with a strong flow like a repurposed wood backdrop or a marble backdrop. The feel is pretty big when it comes to making a choice like this. You can always invest in multiple backdrops and try different things until you find your favorites.

Why are Backdrops with Books so Popular?

Watch any news-related show, sports-related show, or any interview show where people are working remotely and you will see a ton of books, library, and packed bookshelves. This is one of my new favorite backdrops whether it is real or not. If you don't have an extensive book collection or somewhere really cool and visually appealing to put them then you should definitely invest in one of these backdrops. There are quite a few that sport both books and the library theme and you can check them out below and find out which one is best for your current setup.

Keeping with the feel of a large, massive library the library bookshelves with the ladder backdrop is really cool. It gives the impression that the room is a lot larger than it actually might be. Check it out here. If you dig this particular library-themed backdrop then you have some decisions to make. There are some sizing and material decisions that will depend on what you are filming. No matter the content you are going to love this backdrop and so will the people that are viewing whatever it is that you are putting out there. 

The Vintage Bookshelf Backdrop gives off a more serious vibe than some of the other backdrops. The books look older like they have been around longer and been read more than the other books in the other backdrops. This specific backdrop can cover a lot of ground and can be the main focal point of your entire video. You won't have to edit around glares and reflections because the vinyl version of these backdrops doesn't reflect and provides a warm background for any teacher or entertainer looking to hold the attention of people via the internet. 

If the two previous options aren't exactly your style or don't fit the mold of the content you are building then I think you should check out this Retro Bookshelf backdrop. It has a ton of bright colors and imagery which will be reflected in your content. Looking to add a more lively vibe or a warmer tone, you are going to love what this does to your production quality. There are a few size options so make sure you measure where you record and find the one that fits your setup perfectly.

You may have some other backdrops in mind that you want to roll with that aren't on the list. If you can make it happen I suggest getting a green or blue screen backdrop and putting your own edited backdrop in there. There are a lot of apps you can use to add a backdrop but they look fake and aren't as clean as going with a green screen. It is easy to figure out if you are a novice and if you aren't then you already know all of the benefits of having the ability to make any backdrop that you want. The Neewer Kit has a green screen that is big enough to cover a ten-foot wall and comes with everything you need for lighting as well as clips and poles to hold your new screen backdrop.