15 Best Dinosaur Toys: The Ultimate List (2018)

dinosaur toys

Dinosaur toys are definitely going to be more popular than ever this year, with Jurassic World being the highest grossing film of 2015. Kids love dinosaurs; there’s something cool about giant animals that roamed the earth way before our time. Dinosaur toys have been a prominent member of the toy industry for quite some time, but this is going to be their biggest year ever, especially when parents start considering Christmas gifts for kids. In fact, we’ve included quite a few of them in our list of this year’s hot toys.

There are many different types of cool dinosaur toys to choose from, such as remote controlled dinos, action figure dinos, LEGO dinos, and more.

Here are the 15 best dinosaur toys:

1. Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Collector Storage w/ Museum Quality Dinos

dinosaur toy set

With a name like Neat-Oh!, you’d better be just that. And, luckily, this ZipBin Dinosaur Collector Storage and Dinos set is just that — super neat! It comes with a high-quality storage toy box for the dinosaurs that are included. There are 7 toy dinosaurs included, including 5 museum quality larger dinosaurs that measure up to 6.5″ long, and two regular dinosaurs that measure up to 3″ long. But almost as equally important as the dinos themselves is the box they come in, which is colorfully painted with bright colors and fun prehistoric graphics.

Price: $48.99

Buy the Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Set here.

2. Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur

Mattel’s Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaurs are pretty great. The coolest of the bunch is the Cruncher, which is the fastest interactive pet ever created. He comes when called, dances and even plays catch. He can remember over 30 actions and sounds, and features more than 200 sounds and animations with 8 different ways to play. He WILL become your child’s new favorite toy. In fact, it’s easily the coolest electronic pet you’ll find this year.

Price: $175.99

Buy the Cruncher Prehistoric Pets Interactive Dinosaur here.

3. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

dinosaur toys

LEGO also has its hands in the dinosaur market with a few different kits, but our top pick is the LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set. It’s recommended for ages 7 through 12 years, and it allows you to build three different LEGO dinosaurs: a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and a Pterodactyl.

It also comes with a buildable rib cage, providing needed prey for your dinos.

Price: $12.79

Buy the LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs here.

4. Zoomer Dino Snaptail

2015’s biggest toy around Christmas was probably the Zoomer Dino from SpinMaster; it was quite popular. The best of the bunch is the shiny blue and white Zoomer Dino Snaptail edition. It has cool glowing eyes and is remote controlled. When the Zoomer Dino gets mad, his eyes turn from green to red and he goes crazy!

Price: $87.94

Buy the Zoomer Dino Snaptail here.

5. Mighty Megasaur

Speaking of glowing red eyes, check out the Mighty Megasaur. Its eyes glow red, and his body looks authentic. This dinosaur toy has a cool moving neck, and a roar that will frighten all of his/her other toys.

Price: $54.75

Buy a Mighty Megasaur here.

6. WowWee Roboreptile Robotic Reptile

WowWee has quite a few impressive toys, but their dinosaur toys are the absolutely best of the bunch. The Roboreptile Robotic Reptile is the ultimate herpetological species, and although it’s small, it’s a fast, ferocious, cunning and intelligent beast. This dinosaur robot uses powerful infrared vision and sonic sensors to move around obstacles in his way. It can be controlled with a remote control or put into Free Roam, Demo Mode, Guard Mode or Sleep Mode. It also has four moods: aggressive, ferocious, passive or tamed. Don’t worry, he’ll never harm your kids.

Price: $70

Buy the WowWee Roboreptile Robotic Reptile here.

7. CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy (1:40 Scale)

dinosaur toys

If you’re looking for the most ferocious and feared among all of the other cool dinosaur toys, look no further than CollectA’s Tyrannosaurus Rex. This magnificent beast is a beautiful replica, with lifelike details right down to its fearsome teeth, bumpy hide and textures inside its mouth. Each figure in their collection is pre-approved for authenticity by archeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected paleoimagery expert.

Price: $34.73

Buy the CollectA Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy here.

8. PLAYMOBIL Volcano with Tyrannosaurus

dinosaur sets

As far as dinosaur toy kits are concerned, the most bang for your buck for younger kids is the PLAYMOBIL Volcano with Tyrannosaurus set. It comes with an “active” volcano that explodes randomly, and a dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex. The figures can bend, sit, stand and turn their heads. The set includes two dinos, two figures, a volcano and landscape and a few other accessories.

Price: $139.99

Buy the PlayMOBIL Dinosaur set here.

9. Fantasy Fields Dinosaur Kingdom Rocking Chair

dino toys

While it’s actually not a toy, this Dinosaur rocking chair had to be included in this list because of its awesome detail. This rocking chair is perfect for a dinosaur themed bedroom or playroom, and it’s easy to assemble.

Price: $61.06

Buy the Dinosaur Rocking Chair here.

10. Toysmith Soft Dinosaur Set of 10

dinosaur toys

Another great dinosaur toy set is the set of 10 soft dinosaurs from Toysmith. These dinosaurs aren’t made of hard plastic like most of the other toys on this list, but are instead soft and pliable. They range from 6″ long to 9″ tall. It’s the perfect birthday present or Christmas present for children 3 years to 6 years old.

Price: $77.84

Buy the Soft Dinosaur Set here.

11. Prextex Plastic Assorted Dinosaur Figures w/ Dinosaur Book

prextex dinosaur toys

When you don’t want to just choose one single dinosaur toy, get them the Prextex Assorted figures set. It comes 12 dinosaur figures that are quite sizeable, coming in at ~7-inches tall. On top of that, there’s some educational value here, as it comes with a book containing the history of each dinosaur. It’s one of the best toys for boys and girls alike, inspiring an interest in dino history.

Price: $15.99 (47 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Prextex Dinosaur Set here.

12. Jurassic World Chomping Indominus Rex

dinosaur toys

We couldn’t very well have a list of cool dinosaur toys without including some of the great Jurassic World merchandise. But instead of flooding this list with Jurassic World toys — which we easily could do, by the way — we’ll just include our favorite: the Chomping Indominus Rex. This feared beast will strike fear into the rest of his toys.

Price: $39.99

Buy this Jurassic World toy here.

13. Melissa & Doug Giant T-Rex Dinosaur Lifelike Stuffed Animal

stuffed dinosaur

There are so many great Melissa & Doug toys on the market that we were super excited when the company showcased a giant stuffed T-Rex. This mega-size stuffed animal has bold colors and stands on its own, measure in at 32″ tall. It’s recommended for ages 3 years and up.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Melissa & Doug Dino here.

14. National Geographic Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit

educational dinosaur toys

Going the educational toy route when buying toys doesn’t have to be a drag for your kids, as there are some super cool toys that can also be used as learning toys. One of our favorites is the National Geographic Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit which allows kids to dig for their own real dino fossil. They can discover one of three fossils in the kit: a dinosaur bone, a mosasaur tooth, or dinosaur poop (yes, seriously). Of course, with it being National Geographic-branded you know you’re getting a quality kit.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit here.

15. Prehistoric Pets Interactive Terrordactyl

dinosaur toys

The other great Prehistoric Pets interactive dinosaur is the “Terrordactyl.” Like the Cruncher, this little guy also interacts with its owner, and can “spit” fire also.

Price: $99.94

Buy the Prehistoric Pets Interactive Terrordactyl here.

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Zequek Estrada

I like the Tyrannosaurus Rex the best out of all the top 10 dinosaur toys. It’s always been my favorite dinosaur. I don’t thing this would be a good toy for my little girl though. She’s just a little more of a girl than I am.


Pleo Dinosaur: Sophisticated Robotic Toy Dinosaur! It has a very sophisticated sensory system that make him ‘see’, and interact with kids without a remote control!
Wow! No remote control needed!

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