21 Best Pokemon Toys for Sale: The Ultimate List (2018)

Pokemon Toys

Unless you live under a rock, you might have noticed that Pokemon Go has swept the nation, and soon, the entire world — maybe even the universe at this point. The game is taking over your social feeds, filled with memes, pictures, and people talking about their latest catches.

There’s no denying that the game is going to bring new fans to the Pokemon franchise, and that means we just might see an influx of new Pokemon toys for sale soon.

But, with Pokemon being such a longstanding franchise as it is, there’s already some great Pokemon toys and other merchandise available.

Whether you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan or a newcomer looking to learn more, there’s plenty of cool merch available. Here are the top 21 best Pokemon toys for sale:

1. Pokemon Action Figure 144 Piece Set

Pokemon toys

Sure, you could buy any standalone Pokemon action figure, as there are plenty good ones on the market. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could get over a hundred for a super low price?

Check out this set of Pokemon action figures, which includes 144 figures in total. Each figure measures just 1.5-2.5cm in height, and the lot contains randomly chosen Pokemon. They make the perfect addition to any collection.

Price: $11.48

Buy the Pokemon Action Figure 144 Piece Set here.

2. Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard Building Set

best pokemon toys

Mega Construx has an impressive line of cool building toys that kids love, as things are built in a unique way (and not just with square bricks, either). Take this Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard Building Set, for example, which even has articulated arms, legs, hed, and a tail so that your kids can pose it after they’ve built it.

Once built, it stands at 4.5-inches tall (slightly taller than the average Funko Pop! figure). On top of that, it comes with a buildable environment that doubles as a display stand, so you can make your Charizard look like its flying! Because of its unique look when it’s all put together, this Charizard will be a standout among the rest of his/her Pokemon collection.

Super cool, and it’s at a price point that’s hard to resist this Holiday season.

There are also other Mega Construx Pokemon Building Sets available (including a ridiculously awesome-looking Gyarados and a Wartortle), so be sure to have a look around.

Price: $14.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard Building Set here.

3. Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokemon Handbook

For an essential Pokemon compendium, check out the Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook. It’s filled with all of the need-to-know facts and stats for over 700 Pokémon. The book has over 430 pages of Pokemon knowledge that make it a truly essential Pokemon book to have at your arsenal.

You’ll never find yourself guessing if you want to waste your Pokeballs on Pidgey again because you’ll already know everything there is to know about the flying Pokémon.

Price: $9.10

Buy the Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook here.

4. TOMY Pokemon Pokedex Trainer Kit

pokemon trainer kit

Fancy yourself a Pokemon trainer, do ya? Well, you’ll need this essential collection of accessories to make yourself look like Ash, himself.

It’s the Pokémon Pokedex Trainer kit, and it comes with a replica of Ash’s glove, 15 pokedex ID tags to get you started, and a Pokedex. What’s more, it comes with a pokeball and 2″ PVC Pikachu toy. Whether you’re an elite trainer or not, you’ll at least look the part.

Price: $36.99

Buy the Pokemon Pokedex Trainer Kit here.

5. TOMY Pokemon Super Action Figure 4 Pack

pokemon toy figures

TOMY has numerous Pokémon toys, and one of their best offerings is the action figure 4 packs, with our choice being the one that includes Mewtwo Y, Meowstic, Pangoro and Kirlia.

Other packs include Mega Heracross, Diancie, Gengar and Helioptile or Mega Ampharos, Manaphy, Teddiursa, and Scyther. Whatever your choice, you’re getting one 3″ mega figure and three 2″ smaller figures with four attack tags. That’s a pretty solid deal for under $20.

Price: $16.09

Buy the TOMY Pokemon Super Action Figure 4 Pack here.

6. Monopoly Pokemon Kanto Edition

Pokemon board games

Monopoly has so many special editions, we couldn’t possibly keep track of them all. But, for Pokemon fans, the only choice is the Pokemon Monopoly, which comes with 6 metal tokens (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and Jigglypuff — we can’t forget Jigglypuff).

Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers replace houses and hotels, and the game board itself is Pokemon-themed. For example, Nidoking and Nidoqueen take up the typical Boardwalk and Park Place spots, while each former Railroad is now a different Pokeball (Master, Ultra, original, and Great). The board is much more colorful than the original game by the USAopoly company, and it’s the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

Price: $37.34

Buy the Monopoly Pokemon Kanto Edition here.

7. Pokemon Nanoblock Diamond Blocks

Pokemon figures

For those who love building toys and tinkering with things, check out the Pokemon Nanoblock Diamond Blocks collection. There are numerous Pokemon currently available, including Pikachu, Charmander, Squirttle, and more.

Each kit comes with 120pcs that you have to put together (instructions included) to form your Pokemon. Once completed, these figures make the perfect addition to any desk, cubicle, or night stand.

Price: $6.89

Buy the Nanoblock Pokemon Pikachu here.

8. Pokemon Lights and Sounds Poke Ball

Pokemon ball toys

There are many different Pokeball toys on the market, but the best that we’ve found is TOMY’s Lights and Sounds Poke Ball. It’s 3″ in diameter and it has authentic lights and sounds, so you’ll feel like a real trainer when you throw it.

If you see a green light when it lands, you have successfully captured a new Pokemon. If the light is red, you have failed and you’ll have to try again. It comes with a 2″ Pikachu figure.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Pokemon Lights and Sounds Poke Ball here.

9. Pokemon Interactive Pokedex

pokemon pokedex

Pokémon Pokedexes are a dime a dozen on sites like Etsy and eBay, but for a really top-notch option, the best choice is the one by TOMY (surprised?). It’s the highest quality and most authentic-looking Pokedex on the market right now. It comes with a full-color LCD screen, and it has ten modes of play and two additional unlockable play modes.

It comes with more than 1,300 quiz questions, and it comes packed with information on over 450 Pokemon in the Kalos Region. It’s the perfect gift for any aspiring trainer, and it’ll take playtime to an entirely new level of cool.

Price: $79.97

Buy the Interactive Pokedex here.

10. Pokemon Plush Pikachu

pokemon stuffed animals

Pokemon stuffed animals should be legally required for every childhood. But since it’s not, I’m going to push them onto your children as best I can.

This Pokemon plush toy of Pikachu is a cute as it is cuddly, and it’s inspired by the Pokemon X and Y design. There are other Pokemon plushies available, but Pikachu is always a solid choice (because he’s the most universally recognizable Pokemon).

Price: $12.99

Buy the Pokemon Plush Pikachu here.

11. Mega Charizard Pokemon Plush

pokemon stuffed animals

Another great plushie comes from the Pokemon Company, itself, with their rendition of a Mega Charizard Y. It’s based on the Mega Charizard from Pokemon Y. It’s incredibly well-stitched, and doesn’t look like a cheap replica.

Its top-notch quality is expected, of course, since it hails from The Pokemon Company. The bright orange and yellow dragon-esque Pokemon might look fierce, but he’s just as cuddly in plush toy form as the rest of his kind.

Price: $13.60

Buy the Mega Charizard Pokemon Plush here.

12. Pokemon Center XY Monster Collection

Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center XY Monster Collection is intended for the true Pokemon fan who wants an authentic experience since the cardboard game and sound effects are all in Japanese.

But, all of that goes out the window when kids start playing with it and pushing buttons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any actual Pokemon, so if you do buy it, you’ll need to provide your own. Still, it’s an incredibly fun toy to play with.

Price: $45.97

Buy the Pokemon Center XY Monster Collection here.

13. Stuffed Dragonair

pokemon stuffed toys

Dragonair is a popular dragon Pokemon which has the ability to shed its skin. It evolves from Dratini and evolves into Dragonite. The fact that it’s a cute plush toy only makes us want this stuffed Dragonair even more.

Like the Charizard above, it also hails directly from The Pokemon Company, so you know you’re getting officially licensed merch and not some knock-off or homemade creation from an Etsy seller. Its ice blue color and tall earwings only make us love it more.

Price: $34.75

Buy the Stuffed Dragonair here.

14. Rare Pokemon Card Grabbag (20 Rare Cards)

rare pokemon cards

Everyone is on the hunt for Pokemon right now with Pokemon Go, but the original Pokemon hunt was for rare cards. Now, thanks to the power of a massive online shop at your fingertips, getting rare Pokemon cards is easier than it has ever been. With this Pokemon Rare grabbag from The Pokemon Company, you’ll get a random selection of 20 rare cards.

All of the cards are genuine and in the English-language, with standard borders and backs. Contents will vary, so it’s likely that if you bought two or three lots you’d get a nice hefty serving of great rare Pokemon.

Price: $8.95

Buy the Pokemon Rare Grabbag here.

15. Charizard X Pokemon Vinyl Figure

pokemon figures

The best-looking Pokemon vinyl figure available right now has to be this Charizard X Pokemon. There are also others available, including a Charizard Y, Mega Evolution Blastoise, and Mega Evolution Venusaur.

Still, the fact remains that the black and ice blue-colored Charizard X looks the coolest. It comes in at 7.8 inches tall, and there are multiple points of articulation.

Price: $19.72

Buy the Charizard X Pokemon Vinyl Figure here.

16. How to Draw Pokemon Kit

how to draw pokemon book

Kids love to draw, so it’s no surprise that one of our favorite Pokemon toys is a How to Draw Pokemon starter kit. It comes with all of the needed essentials to make over 15 classic Pokemon characters, including a 32 page project book, 16 page practice pad, 4 color posters, and blank sticker sheets.

It also comes with a Pokemon wrapped drawing pencil with a sharpener, 4 twist crayons, 2 custom Pokemon erasers, and a travel pencil pouch to hold it all with. It features over a dozen different classic Pokemon to draw and color.

Price: $11.99

Buy the How to Draw Pokemon Kit here.

17. Zygarde Special Pack

pokemon figures

Every Pokemon master needs at least one legendary Pokemon in their arsenal, so picking up this 4 piece Zygarde special pack is a great choice for those looking to add to their collection of Pokemon toys. It features four creatures, including a Core Zygarde, 10% Forme Zygarde, 50% Forme Zygarde, and a Complete Forme Zygarde.

Price: $46.02

Buy the Zygarde Special Pack here.

18. Ash and Pikachu Action Figures

Pokemon toys

Of course, we can’t possibly talk about Pokemon without Ash, the trainer we’ve all been following since Pokemon started. Soon, you’ll be able to buy this great Ash action figure that comes with a 2″ Pikachu. It includes a cool-looking backpack as an accessory, and Pikachu can be attached to the backpack easily. He’s bendable at the knees and elbows, and he has thirteen points of articulation.

Price: $24.02

Buy the Pokemon Ash and Pikachu Action Figures here.

19. AmazingOS 6 Pack Pokemon XY Series Poke Balls


There isn’t just one pokeball around, and this set has six in total. The AmazingOS 6pack Pokemon XY series Pokeballs include some of the coolest Pokeball designs available, as well as the original Pokeball. It comes with six figures, each of which can be found in one of the spheres. These balls have a 2.7″ diameter.

Price: $25.62

Buy the AmazingOS 6pk Pokemon XY Series Poke Balls here.

20. Pokemon Origami

Pokemon Toys

On top of having your very own Pokeballs, Pokemon figures, and plush toys, you can also learn how to fold your own Origami Pokemon with this book. Turn your favorite Pokemon characters into folded art. It comes with over 80 full-color pages featuring enough special origami paper to complete 10 Pokemon.

What’s more, it comes with 48 pages containing simple step-by-step instructions for creating each one. Whether your favorite is Pikachu or Charizard, there are easy to understand instructions within this great book.

Price: $10.98

Buy the Pokemon Origami book here.

21. Pokemon Clip N Carry Pokeball Belt

pokemon toys

In order to be the best Pokemon trainer you can possibly be, you’ll need the right garb, and one of the most essential aspects of any trainer’s outfit is a solid Pokeball belt. This Pokemon Clip N Carry Poke Ball Belt comes in either red or blue, and it comes with two poke balls, two 2-inch figures, and two attack tags, as well as the adjustable belt, itself. The balls are randomly chosen, too, so it’s possible you’ll walk away with an Ultra Ball with Hawlucha or a Premier Ball.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Pokemon Clip N Carry Pokeball Belt here.

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