10 Ridiculously Cute Baby Toys: The Ultimate List (2018)

cute baby girl toys

Looking for some incredibly cute baby toys? We’ve got you covered with the list below.

Finding gifts for little people who can’t talk to you (at least, intelligently) and let you know what they want is hard. It’s not that babies are completely incapable of communicating what they want, but they’re unable to physically tell you exactly what they need.

So, finding the perfect soothing toy that makes your baby girl happy can be a bit like grasping at straws. Luckily, with two kids of my own, I’m no stranger to the wonderful world of toys and have observed first-hand what sorts of cute baby girl toys work the best for keeping your baby amused.

Here are 10 cute baby toys for them to play with in 2018:

1. Gund Pusheen Snackable Ice Cream Plush Stuffed Animal

pusheen unicorn

When you’re looking for cute toys for your baby girl, you can’t go wrong with plush stuffed animals. In fact, there are thousands of different types of plushies out there, and chances are, if you’re looking for a plush based on a certain movie or TV franchise, you’ll be able to find it.

This cute Gund Pusheen Plush Unicorn is as adorable as it gets. It’s based on the internet famous comic cat. It measures 9.5 inches tall, and it’s super soft. There are many different varieties, but we love unicorn toys, and the plushie shown in the picture above is a best-seller on Amazon.

Price: $14.78 (41 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Gund Pusheen Plush Unicorn here.

2. TOMY Jumbo Jamboree

Cute baby girl toys

TOMY has a lot of great toys for little kids, and one of their best is the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree, a musical toy with the look of an elephant. Well, the look of a ridiculously cute toy elephant, of course.

Each body part functions as its own instrument, with sounds including bells, a xylophone, a harmonica, a horn and a drum. It’s basically the toy elephant version of a one man band. Each of the instruments are removable, except for the xylophone, which serves as the elephant’s base. See the toy in action in the video below.

Price: $22.89

Buy the TOMY Jumbo Jamboree here.

3. Little Tikes Scoot Around Hippo Ride-On

cute toys for baby girls

You know what’s considered highly cute? Colorful hippos, like the purple hippo ride-on toy above. This Little Tikes Scoot Around Animal Ride-On will be loved by your baby girl, thanks to its adorable design that serves as both a ride-on and a walker.

It also has shape-sorting blocks that fit into the hippo’s nose, helping them to learn their shapes. There is a little bit of extra storage space under the seat. There are also other colorful animal ride-ons available in the same vein, including a bright blue elephant and a yellow rhino. These kid-powered ride-on toys for toddlers are as cute as it gets.

Price: $34.99

Buy the Little Tikes Scoot Around Hippo Ride-On here

4. OK to Wake! Owl Night-Light

cute baby girl toys

The big-eyed look of owls is always mega cute, and when you pair that general look with a soft, cuddly shell, it makes for the perfect baby girl toy. The OK to Wake! Owl Night-Light is the perfect sleep buddy for your child that helps them be more independent by illuminating when it’s “time to get up.” If you have an early riser, this Owl is a huge help in correcting their sleep cycle and telling them when it’s ok to rise.

You can set it for a certain time, and when that time comes — the one in my house is set for 6:45AM — the owl glows in green, indicating that it’s okay for them to climb out of bed. The OWL is highly huggable, too, so they’re going to want to sleep with it every night. It’s a genius design that will help you get more sleep — what’s not to love?

Price: $38.29

Buy the OK to Wake! Owl here.

5. Fisher-Price Kira Plush (Exclusively on Amazon)

Cute plush toys

The Fisher-Price Kira Plush is an Amazon exclusive plush toy that provides bilingual fun with sing-alongs and learning content. In fact, it has two different modes (Music and Learning) that each inject a bit of Spanish into the mix. It has a heart that they can press, as well as an ABC Paw and a Games Paw.

It’s a great way to introduce early learning concepts to your baby girl. It’s a great way to introduce basic Spanish phrases to your child at an early age, and it’s incredibly cute to boot.

Price: $14.99 (40 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fisher-Price Kira Plush here.

6. Grumpy Cat Unicorn Stuffed Animal

cute plush toys

Grumpy Cat is the most famous cat on the internet, and bringing its so-ugly-it’s-cute face into stuffed animal form is brilliant. But what’s even better about this Grumpy Cat Unicorn Stuffed Animal is there are numerous other costumes available for it, including couture, cowboy, jester, shark, and superhero editions.

Each measures 5-inches in height, and this version comes with a sparkly unicorn horn and pink mane. Being so grumpy has never looked so adorable, which is why we believe it’s one of the best baby toys available.

Price: $11.95

Buy the Grumpy Cat Unicorn Stuffed Animal here.

7. BRIO 130 Anniversary Pull Along Horse

cute baby girl toys


If you want a toy that will make your heart melt every time your baby or toddler plays with it, check out the Brio 130th Anniversary Pull Along Horse toy. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing your toddler pull along a wooden horse behind them with aimless intent.

This horse toy rocks and its head bobs up and down as its pulled along. It’s a simplistic-looking toy that’s great for ages 12 months and over.

Price: $21.79 (16 percent off MSRP)

Buy the BRIO 130 Anniversary Pull Along Horse here.

8. Rockabye Patch The Giraffe Ride On

baby girl toys

Kids love rockers, and Rockabye has the rocker toy game on lock with various types of ride-ons for your young ones. Our personal rocking toy of choice is the Patch the Giraffe rocker, but there’s also an elephant, a sheep, an owl, and more great, colorful designs.

Each rocker features four songs that are written and performed by Rockabye — meaning you won’t hear them anywhere else. Each rocker is made up of the highest quality fabrics and use maple hardwood sourced from right here in North America. What’s more, they’re hand crafted in the USA.

Price: $149.95

Buy the Rockabye Patch The Giraffe Ride-on here.

9. LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

cute baby girl toys

This LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic basket is one of my little girl’s favorite and most-used toys. Aside from its cutesy design, it also plays sounds. Every time the lid is lifted, sweet instrumental music and sound effects pour out of the speaker. The basket comes with a 14-piece picnic set that includes six food items, two plates, two forks, two cups, and a pink-checkered blanket.

What’s more, it’s surprisingly cheap for what you’re getting — it’s under $20. It’s one of the best cute baby girl toys on the market this year.

Price: $15.99

Buy the LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket here.

10. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

cute toys for girls

Fisher-Price has an awesome unique toy idea that they’re calling the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages chair. It plays over 50 sing-along songs, tunes and phrases, and it becomes slightly more sophisticated as they grow older (you just have to adjust its settings via a switch).

The seat activates songs and phrases when the baby sits and stands, and it’ll help to teach them their first words, numbers, shapes, colors and more. It’s a chair they’re going to love to own, and they’ll use it and play with it frequently.

Price: $28.99 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair here.

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