5 Best New Trolls Toys (2018)

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The brand new Trolls movie releases today, and it’s going to be one of Dreamworks’ biggest animated movies of the year. Of course, with every new kids movie comes new toys, and luckily for Dreamworks, Trolls’ release date is super close to Christmas. This means that parents are going to be scrambling to find their kids Trolls and toys related to the movie universe to put under the tree this year.

With the Trolls reviews being overwhelmingly positive, it’s likely that your kids are going to LOVE this movie. So, what better way to celebrate its greatness than to check out some of the cool toys that have released alongside the movie. Here are the top 5 best new Troll toys just in time for Christmas 2016:

1. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Pod

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DreamWorks’ newest animated Trolls movie has a lot to love about it, and one of the most noteworthy aspects is its colorfulness. It uses a unique palette of colors that add up to give the movie a unique aesthetic, and that idea also translates well to all of the Trolls toys on this list. Check out Poppy’s Coronation Pod, for example, which looks like a box of crayons basically threw up onto some toys. It comes with 11 colorful accessories, as well as two Troll figures and a bug critter. The round pod opens up to unveil a small play area for the two Trolls to play in, and it’s a fun little playset that the younger crowd will love to play with.

Price: $17.57 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy Poppy’s Coronation Pod here.

2. Trolls Wild Hair Pack

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Of course, we can’t talk about Trolls without talking about their ridiculously wild hair, which is what the Wild Hair pack focuses on. It comes with four characters from the movie, as well as two accessories, a hair fork and a bow. What makes these Trolls toys so fantastic is their bendable and extendable hair, which allows your kids to shape their hair into virtually any form imaginable. Twist it, braid it, tie it in a knot, or extend their hair straight into the air. The hair is also super colorful, like the Trolls, themselves.

Price: $16.96

Buy the Trolls Wild Hair Pack here.

3. Poppy’s Hair Salon Pack

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Poppy’s Hair Salon Pack is currently the biggest Trolls playset being offered right now, and it offers tons of accessories. Your child will not only get four Trolls from the movie (Poppy, Maddy, Satin, and Chenille), but they’ll also get numerous hair options, a mirror, a wig stand, hair accessories, and more. It’s the most substantial offering out of the new Trolls toys being offered, and it’s worthy of being gifted this Christmas.

Price: $55.98

Buy the Poppy’s Hair Salon Pack here.

4. Trolls 6V Dynacraft Light-up Super Coupe Ride-On

trolls ride on toys

If they REALLY love the new Trolls film, they’re going to freak-out when they see this ridiculously cool Light-Up Super Coupe Ride-On, which has a Trolls theme. It’s bright pink, with light purple seats, and generally speaking, it just looks cool. It has a sporty look, complete with wall to wall rims and a large “chrome” grill in the front. Like most ride-ons, it has a max speed of 2.5mph. And even better, it has an mp3 input and a speaker so that they can listen to to tunes while they drive.

Price: $199.99

Buy the Trolls Light-up Super Coupe Ride-On here.

5. Set of 5 Trolls Collectible Figures

Trolls figures

Instead of buying each Troll individually, you can by the set of five for $44.95. The set will include Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, Harper, and Guy Diamond. Each figure stands approximately 4″ tall, and they’ll look good standing next to the rest of their Trolls collection. Each of these Trolls figures is super cute, and it’s one of our picks for the best Christmas gifts for girls in 2016.

Price: $44.95

Buy the Set of 5 Trolls Collectible Figures here.

Bonus: Trolls Pillow Pets

trolls pillows

So I wouldn’t necessarily call Pillow Pets a toy exactly, and I’m sure most of you would agree. But, they basically serve as plushies, and kids are going to love the Trolls Pillow Pets. They were first introduced at this year’s Toy Fair in February, but now that the new movie is out, they’re going to be a popular pick for the gift-giving holiday season ahead of us.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Trolls Pillow Pets here.

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