10 Best LEGO Friends Sets for Girls 2018

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Back in 2012, LEGO set out to create “legos for girls” by creating a new line of toys and marketing them to girls ages 5 and up. We’re not sure why LEGO did it, as LEGOs are for both boys and girls. However, it spawned the many LEGO Friends sets we have today.

The new brand launched with 23 sets at the time and they feature five main characters set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. Of course, each of those five characters — Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie — have their own distinct personalities and interests, giving young girls a new character to relate to. So whether your little girl liked to adventure at the beach or prefers to paint the landscape, the idea is that there was/is a LEGO Friends character for her to latch onto.

Here are the top 10 best LEGO Friends sets for girls available in 2018.

1. LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster

lego friends sets

Nothing says fun like a theme park, and that’s why this LEGO Friends AMusement Park Roller Coaster (#41130) is a great option. This mega-size kit comes with 1124 pieces and allows your child to build a push-along roller coaster and mini theme park. It comes with four Minidolls — Naya, Andrea, Emma, and Matthew — as well as some accessories you’d expect to find at a theme park, including tickets, popcorn boxes, a map, photographs, and more.

The roller coaster track, itself, measures 27″ long, and it comes with a coaster train that has four carriages. This LEGO Friends set also includes a rotating ferris wheel that stands at over a foot high.

Price: $79.00 (21 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster here.

2. LEGO Friends Heartlake Summer Pool

lego friends toys

It’s not officially summer until Andrea and Martina spend a day at the Heartlake Summer Pool (#41313). This set comes with a diving board, a wavy slide, an aquarium, and some other accessories. This is one of the new LEGO Friends sets of 2017, and it’s aimed at 6-12 year olds. It has 589 pieces, and comes with two mini figures, Andrea and Martina. It’s colorful, and there’s a lot going on. It can also be combined with the Heartlake Sports Center (#41312) for the ultimate leisure setting.

Price: $39.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Heartlake Summer Pool here.

3. LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe

lego heartlake cupcake cafe

The Heartlake Cupcake Cafe is frequented in the LEGO Friends TV series on Netflix, and it features a cute little cupcake cafe. It comes with baking accessories like numerous cupcakes and toppings, cake stands, and a revolving display. It comes with Stephanie and Noemi mini-doll figures, as well as a cute little cat (why a cat has any business in a bake shop is beyond me, but just go with it).

Price: $31.03

Buy the LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe here.

4. LEGO Horse Vet Trailer Building Kit

lego friends sets

Every little girl likes to pretend to be a veterinarian at some point, and we all know that all kids love horses. For these reasons, the LEGO Horse Vet Trailer Building Kit from the LEGO Friends toys line is a great option. It comes with an SUV-style car that can fit two mini-dolls inside of it, and it has a detachable horse vet trailer for roleplaying. It comes with a slew of accessories, including a horse stretcher, various vet tools, two medicine bottles, a horse blanket, saddle, and a carrot. It also comes with two mini-doll figures, Olivia and Sophie.

Price: $31.03

Buy the Horse Vet Trailer Set here.

5. Heartlake Pizzeria

lego friends toys for sale

This isn’t your hole-in-the-wall pizza place. No, instead, Heartlake Pizzeria is an impressively designed building built for a pizza-eating experience unlike any other. It comes with an open design that includes a pizza oven, worktop, sink, cash register, and an upstairs restaurant balcony, complete with tables and stools. It also comes with a pizza delivery scooter — similar to the Roblox toys pizza guy, which is also fun. This cool toy might make them hungry for pizza, but at least they’ll have fun playing with it.

Price: $23.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Heartlake Pizzeria here.

6. Stephanie’s House

lego friends toys 2017

The best LEGO Friends house for sale is the Stephanie’s House playset, and it’s probably the second most formidable set in this line that you’ll find (the first is a bit further down on this list). It’s a large house that comes with 622 pieces, measuring in at 8″ tall, 9″ wide, and 10″ deep. It comes with an impressive number of acecssories, including various kitchen utensils, a buildable vacuum cleaner, cupcakes, cakes, magazines, flowers, and a vase. It also comes with three mini-doll figures: Stephanie, her father (James), and her mother (Alicia). On top of that, it includes a mini figure of Chili, Stephanie’s pet rabbit.

Price: $55.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy Stephanie’s House here.

7. Heartlake Riding Club

lego friends heartlake toys

Last year’s big seller for the Lego Friends toy line is the Heartlake Riding Club (#41126). It comes with a two story stable building, complete with a turning weather vane. It also comes with some yard accessories like a rotating horse exerciser, a practice jump, and a feeding and drinking trough. There’s also a grooming station, and it comes with two horses: one black, and one white with brown markings. It comes with Stephanie and Mia mini-figures.

Price: $47.94 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Heartlake Riding Club here.

8. LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel

lego friends hotel

THE most formidable LEGO Friends sets on this list is the Heartlake Grand Hotel (#41101), which is one of the most popular kids toys for young girls. It’s a massive hotel, measuring in at 11″ high, 12″ wide, and 6″ deep, and it comes with a hefty serving of accessories. The Grand Hotel set also comes with five mini-doll figures: Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia, Nate, and Susan. It’s an impressively designed kit that includes a bellboy trolley, suitcases, perfume bottles, tables, chairs, room keys, a flag, a flat screen TV element, and a sliding door on the balcony. It has a lot going on, and it’s sure to keep your kids busy.

Price: $129.74

Buy the Heartlake Grand Hotel Kit here.

9. LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House

LEGO Friends tree house

Let’s all go on an adventure! Check out the LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House (#41122) which features a 3-level tree house and some truly awesome accessories. It has a turning bridge, tire swing, climbing wall, and a slide. It also includes a book, cup, lamp, helmet, trophy, fishing rod, camera, and so many other accessories that we’re not going to bother listing them all here. This is one of the coolest LEGO Friends kits available on Amazon right now.

Price: $99.90

Buy the Adventure Camp Tree House Set here.

10. Snow Resort Ice Rink Building Kit

lego friends snow resort

The Snow Resort Ice Rink Building Kit features an ice rink, and in that ice rink, you can place removable hockey goals. It also comes with a skating lodge that has a revolving stage, a pretzel shop, and a hockey equipment/skating shop so you can pick up ice skates.

It comes with two mini-doll figures: Stephanie and Nate, and it also comes with many accessories, including ice skates, hockey sticks, a puck, saxophone, microphone, pretzel, croissant, and a carrot.

Price: $26.07 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Snow Resort Ice Rink Building Set here.

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