Top 10 Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Boys 2017


Buying last minute gifts for brothers, son, nephews, and young cousins is easy with this quick list. We’ve included a broad array of options for boys of all ages. These gifts are bound to please young dudes that are adventurous, fun-loving, and/or electronically-inclined. Some of these gifts are popular, others are just plain awesome. No matter what you choose, the recipient of your gifts will open something up Christmas morning that will leave them with the joy of Christmas!

Here’s the 10 best last minute Christmas gifts for boys.

1. Anki Cozmo – 31% Off


For those looking to interest the young men in their lives in robotics and software development, the Anki Cozmo is an awesome way to do so. It includes “Code Lab” a platform that allows kids to program the robot to do tasks like express emotions, play games, lift cubes, and more. Also, Anki is constantly updating Cozmo’s skills to add new and exciting features. This is a great gift for the STEM-minded.

Price: $124.99

See more information and reviews about the Anki Cozmo here

2. Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game – 57% Off


If you’re looking to interesting the receipient of your mangnamity in programming or video game creation, this Bloxels kit offers an extremely fun way to do so. It is a winner of numerous toy awards and is shockingly robust for a toy. The app works with Android, iOS and Kindle and can be used to develop levels, characters and more. Plus, creators of levels within the games can be shared online, adding a social element to the process. This is a great kit and an extremely exciting unique gift.

Price: $30.69

See more information and reviews about the Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game here

3. Holy Stone Predator Drone – 20% Off

Holy stone predator drone, best gifts for boys, last minute gift boy, last minute present boy

Holy Stone

For those boys looking to get started playing with drones, a better starter drone does not exist. This Holy Stone model is dirt cheap and offers a ton of fun and value for the price. Sure, it’s not quite a Phantom 4, but it will really set one up to establish themselves as a drone dabbler or someone who is ready to take the plunge to the real thing. As someone whose father loves drones, I can strongly vouch that as fun as they are, one should definitely start with a beginner model to get a feel for them. This will also help set up the right expectations for the real deal.
This drone offers solid speed and good control. That said, it’s not exactly easy to fly. It does take some learning and practice. Needless to say, it’s not wind resistant either. That said, it beats a kite! Users love it for its durability (it can take a fall or a hit) and the fun that comes with it. Again, this is the perfect toy to get started droning with.

Price: $44.99

See more information and reviews about the Holy Stone Drone here

4. Leapfrog My Own Laptop:


For younger boys, the Leapfrog laptop is the gift of the moment. It offers a fun, tactile way to learn things like the Alphabet, play games, and to learn animal games. Parents love it for its solid durability, and a great teaching tool for young kids (toddler age). The games and activities are very accessible and fun for the preschool crowd and bound to keep even picky kids busy Christmas morning and hopefully afternoon.

Price: $23.99

See more information and reviews about the Leapfrog Laptop here

5. LEGO NinjaGo Movie Destiny’s Bounty

Lego NinjaGo

Legos are a timeless Christmas tradition. This set is amazing evoking Pirates of the Carribean and other classic ship dwellers. This set boasts tons of figurines, a variety of accessories, and of course, a mind-blowing watercraft to please even the most discerning Lego enthusiasts. It’s praised for its intricate details, high number of pieces (over 2000), and legendary Lego durability.

Price: $159.95

See more information and reviews about the Lego NinjaGo Set here

6. Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 (47% Off)

hero droid bb8, best gifts for boys, last minute gift boy, last minute present boy

Star Wars

For Star Wars fans, BB-8 has captured many of our hearts. This particular version of him is about 16″ tall and can be controlled in a variety of ways. He can respond to multiple voice commands, and can be steered around with a remote control. This model also has authentic Star Wars sounds and lights, so you know it’s something George Lucas would approve of. Buyers praise it as a robust toy, but also as a high-quality collectible.

Price: $135.27

See more information and reviews about the BB-8 Droid here

7. 2-in-1 LED Light Double Bladed Light Sabers

Liberty Imports

Every boy wants a light saber. That’s just a fact! These light sabers offer great value as they are not Star Wars official merchandise, and hence, sell at a considerably cheaper price. They have a great range of sounds and are praised as superb for Halloween costumes, light sword-fighting and having solid quality sounds.

Price: $24.95

See more information and reviews about the Light Saber here

8. Nerf N-Strike Elite Blaster

nerf n strike elite blaster, best gifts for boys, last minute gift boy, last minute present boy


Nerf guns are the gift that keep on giving. They are loved by boys of virtually all ages for executing lighthearted pranks (no one likes to be shot by a nerf gun, but it’s not very damaging) and for playing games like cops vs. robbers. These blasters have a rotating barrel and hold up to six darts. They can shoot up to 50′. The bang for the buck on this toy is tough to beat!

Price: $11.50

See more information and reviews about the Nerf N Strike Elite Blaster here

9. Joking Hazard Board Game (17+)

joking hazard game, best gifts for boys, last minute gift boy, last minute present boy

Joking Hazard

For the fans of web comic, “Cyanide and Happiness,” this card game is a ton of fun. Three or more players compete to make comic strips about a variety of subjects. Over 350 cards are included and setting the tone for the sense of humor here, the manufacturer says, “high quality cards can be burned for heat when society collapses.”

Price: $20.00

See more information and reviews about the Joking Hazard board game here

10. 100 Assorted Pokemon Cards

assorted pokemon cards, best gifts for boys, last minute gift boy, last minute present boy


This Christmas, give the gift of Pokemon cards. This pack of 100 cards includes all the goods from Pokemon’s official trading card game. That said, at this price, do expect a few caveats:some users had issues with duplicate cards, but for the most part, this is a great value for getting a ton of Pokemon cards. It may be best to taper one’s expectations to expect 50 great cards, which is still an awesome value.

Price: $10.74

See more information and reviews about the Pokemon Cards here

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