11 Best LED Gloves: Compare & Save (2018)

LED gloves


Whether you’re a glover (I guess that includes Childish Gambino, too!) or someone who just wants a sick party accessory, you’re here for the best LED gloves.

For the TLDR; version, our top pick is the GloFX Skittles LED Gloves. For the price, you’re receiving comfortable gloves, with different-colored LEDs in each finger. They’re a big step-up from cheap light up gloves.

How do we determine the best light up gloves? We consider the following:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Number of LEDs
  • Any extras
  • Quality of glove itself

Something else to keep in mind: Gloves with LEDs come in both children’s and adult sizes. So be aware of this, when placing an order.

As mentioned above, we aim to save you the most money. Thats’s why this list is set-up via price.

Below, you’ll find a handy list of links, along with prices. Click on one you’re interested in, and it’ll bring you to the capsule to dive in for more information. Or, go directly to purchase them.


What are the best LED gloves?

1. Amazer Light Glove – $7.97

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Amazing price
  • Comes with backup set of batteries
  • Loaded with 7 colors & 6 modes
  • Should fit most adults
  • Not much fabric separating fingers & wires – may be uncomfortable

When you’re looking for a pair of LED gloves, you should never settle-for-less. In other words, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive something quality.

These Amazer Light Gloves give you incredible bang for your buck. For under-$8, you’ll receive a pair of gloves, installed batteries, and a pair of backup batteries.

Once you flip them on, you won’t be disappointed in their mesmerizing light show. It comes fully loaded with seven colors, including:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

And, it flashes in an impressive six modes, like:

  • Color strobe
  • Color morphing
  • Color trailing

As for the gloves themselves, one-size-should-fit-most-adults, both men and women.

Before you use them for the first time, remove the insulated pull tab on the battery pack.

Cheap LED gloves are about to make you pleased as punch.

Buy the Amazer Light Glove here.

2. Vitalismo LED Gloves – $8.89

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Programmed with 6 modes
  • Gloves are comfortable & stretchy
  • Fits big kid & adult hands
  • Shine very brightly
  • Wires shift a lot when you take gloves off – difficult to put back in-place

When it comes to finding the best light up gloves, there are a number of ways to determine said “bestness”.

In this situation, we’re going with Amazon’s opinion. After all, they’re the world’s largest retailer, so why not go with their pick?

These Vitalismo LED Gloves are your best bet, according to Amazon. With over-270 5-star-reviews, the masses would agree.

Switching modes is easy, with a literal click of a button. The lights shine brightly, once you flip them on.

These gloves shine in three colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

And, it’s loaded with six modes, including:

  • Color morphing
  • Color trailing
  • Color strobing

As for the gloves themselves, they’re made with a blend of stretch nylon, spandex, and cotton.

One-size-should-fit-most, with the addition of an elastic band, for a snug fit.

Buy the Vitalismo LED Gloves here.

3. Fun Central LED Gloves – $9.45

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • 3 LEDs in fingertips – ideal for light show flow
  • Programmed with 8 modes
  • Gloves are warm – ideal for cold nights
  • Stretchy & comfortable
  • Don’t come with backup batteries
  • Can’t make individual fingers different colors

When it comes to light up gloves, there are a number of uses for them. First, of course, is pure fun. Second, is as a flow toy, by creating a beautiful light show.

If you’re interested in the latter, you’re looking for LED gloves, where only the tips are lit up. The Fun Central LED Gloves are your best bet.

The cool thing about this pair, is that each fingertip is loaded with three LEDs:

  • One red
  • One blue
  • One green

They come loaded with an impressive eight modes, including:

  • Red-blue-green constant
  • Color morphing
  • Flashing

In terms of the actual gloves, they’re comfortable and stretchy. One-size-should-fit-most.

Put on a unique light show, with this awesome LED pair of gloves.

Buy the Fun Central LED Gloves here.

4. Luwint LED Flashing Gloves – $10.99

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Manufacturer focuses on safety – use top-quality electronics
  • Comes with pre-installed batteries & backup set
  • No-questions-asked return policy for first 3-months
  • Controlled separately on each hand
  • Battery pack may occasionally short out
  • Lights are located more on fingers, than fingertips
  • White fingertips get dirty

When you’re purchasing a cheap light up pair of gloves, you have to keep in mind they’re, well, cheap.

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t always be on top of safety. Luckily, the producers of Luwint LED Flashing Gloves agree.

Their top priority is your safety, thanks to their use of high-quality electronic devices.

The gloves flash in an impressive seven colors, while cycling through six different modes. Switching between modes is a quite literal press of a button, handily located on the wrist.

Whether you’re a large person, or a big kid, these gloves are a comfortable fit. They’re made with a very stretchy, well-structured material.

Powered by four included batteries, you’ll also receive a backup set.

Should you end up hating these gloves, you can send them back for a no-questions-asked-guarantee for the first-three-months.

Buy the Luwint LED Flashing Gloves here.

5. LED Rave Sequins Gloves – $11.99

led gloves

The Electric Mammoth

Pros: Cons:
  • Not just a plain light up glove – it has sequins
  • Flashes in 7 modes
  • LEDs shine exceptionally bright
  • Easy to change between modes, with button on wrist
  • Batteries not included – pick them up here
  • Not washable – only light spot cleaning

Take a step back for a second, and think about all of the light up gloves you’ve ever seen in your life. They all look pretty similar, right? Like that basic knit glove look?

Yeah, it gets overplayed after a while. But, how exactly do you spice up a pair of gloves with LEDs?

With some dang sequins, of course! These LED Rave Sequins Gloves are totally what you’re looking for.

The gloves themselves are crafted with polyester and cotton, and are covered to high-heaven in sequins.

They’re powered by two CR2032 batteries, although they’re not included. Remedy that, by purchasing some here.

It lights up in a brilliant seven modes, including:

  • Quick flash
  • Slow flash
  • Continuous on

Switch between modes with ease, with the click of a button, on the wrist.

Keep in mind, like other glow gloves on this list, they’re not washable. Keep ’em clean.

These sparkly light up gloves are like compliment magnets–you’ll have a blast with them.

Buy the LED Rave Sequins Gloves here.

6. The Noodley LED Gloves – $12.95

led gloves

The Noodley

Pros: Cons:
  • Gloves come in other fun colors & kids sizes
  • Glow in 3 colors, in 6 modes
  • Comes with preinstalled & backup batteries
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Gloves may run small – will stretch over time, though

As I already mentioned in the capsule above, most glow gloves are made with the same basic knit glove.

If sequins aren’t your thing (and they’re obviously not for everyone), then changing up the color of the glove is a great route to take.

Luckily, The Noodley LED Gloves cater to that desire.

Moreover, they’re not just a manufacturer of LED glove options for adults. Instead, they have a great line of kids light up gloves, too.

Adult gloves are available in purple, while kids gloves come in pink, purple, and white.

In terms of the actual LEDs, they flash in three colors:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

And, they flash in six types of modes, including:

  • Solid
  • Flashing
  • Alternating patterns

These babies are powered by two CR2016 batteries, which are pre-installed. You’ll also receive a backup set.

When they arrive, remember to remove the battery tab.

Kid or adult, these are a great choice in glowing gloves.

Buy the The Noodley LED Gloves here.

7. Fuzzy Fingerless Glow Gloves – $14.99

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Unique twist on gloves with LEDs
  • Shine in 6 different modes
  • Come with super-straightforward instructions
  • Batteries are replaceable & meet CPSIA standards
  • Can’t perform a “traditional” light show

When I say the phrase “light up gloves”, you probably think of full-fingered gloves, with the LEDs housed in the fingers.

While that’s usually the kind of LED glove you’ll encounter, they’re not the only kind. Light up fingerless gloves do, in fact, exist.

Instead of rocking a pair of typical glow gloves, change up your look with these Fuzzy Fingerless Glow Gloves.

They’re loaded with six different light up settings, including:

  • Strobe
  • Color change
  • Steady light

And just in case you’re worried about figuring them out, the instructions are so straightforward, a kindergartener could do it.

The batteries are replaceable, and contain low mercury levels. Moreover, they meet CPSIA compliance.

Safety and uniqueness meet in this pair of LED fingerless gloves.

Buy the LED Fuzzy Fingerless Glow Gloves here.

8. Tritechnox LED Gloves – $25

led gloves

Your Store

Pros: Cons:
  • Comes pre-loaded with 6 modes
  • LEDs shine brilliantly & are higher-quality
  • Gloves are breathable
  • Battery installed in a pouch – more comfortable
  • Not ideal for larger-sized hands
  • LED colors may not exactly match what’s shown

The more you travel up the LED-glove-scale, the higher the quality you’ll receive. What’s an increase in quality, though?

For one, the LEDs shine more brightly. So, you can perform more brilliant light shows. Second, the LEDs themselves are a higher quality, which means they last longer before burning out.

So, if you’re looking to take a tiny step up, in terms of gloveuxry (glove + luxury…I know, dorky), then you need the Tritechnox LED Gloves.

When you flip on these quality gloves, you’ll be thrilled with their brightness.

It’s pre-programmed with six modes, including:

  • Three color strobe
  • Three color morphing
  • Slow flash

The gloves themselves are made with polyester, and promote breathability. That means you can wear them to outdoor shows, without sacrificing your hands to the sweat gods.

An elastic band sits on the wrist, for stretchiness. In turn, this keeps them solidly on your hands, without any unwanted slippage.

Unlike other gloves on this list, the battery is nestled in a pouch inside the glove. This promotes comfort for long-term wear.

Whether you’re at an EDM show, or just playing with some kids, these light up gloves are a solid choice.

Buy the Tritechnox LED Gloves here.

9. GloFX Skittles LED Gloves – $29.95

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Fingers contain different-color LEDs
  • Come pre-loaded with batteries – last up-to-10-hours
  • Easy to switch-out batteries
  • Comfortable to wear
  • More expensive than other glow gloves

Oftentimes, the use of glow gloves is associated with raves accessories. It’s an extremely accurate association, so you know what that means: Rave companies are on the list.

If you know anything about flow toys (and it’s totally ok if you don’t), then you probably know the name GloFX.

They produce quality light-up products, which you’ll often see for sale at shows and festivals. Well, there’s a reason their “Skittles” glove set made the list.

As I mentioned above, the more you spend on a pair of gloves that light up, the more you can do with them. In the same vein, quality and quantity of LEDs go up, too.

On top of that, though, investing slightly more means you have more glow options. Instead of each finger being loaded with the same red, green, and blue LEDs, these babies have a twist:

  • Thumb 1 contains pink ribbon
  • Thumb 2 contains green ribbon
  • Index fingers contain pink, green, warm white 3-color strobe
  • Middle fingers contains blue, white, green 3-color strobe
  • Ring fingers contains pink, orange, green 3-color strobe
  • Pinky fingers contain pink, orange, green 3-color strobe

Because each finger contains different-colored LEDs, your light shows have an entirely new dimension.

The batteries are included, and provide about 10-hours of glow. Replacing them is a cinch.

These GloFX gloves are your first step towards elite gloving models.

Buy the GloFX Skittles LED Gloves here.

10. EmazingLights eLite Chroma CTRL LED Gloves – $59.95

led gloves


Pros: Cons:
  • Loaded with 30 different colors
  • Can customize modes & order of modes
  • Change the brightness with Tint Control
  • Compatible with 1616 & 1620 batteries
  • Far more expensive than the average LED glove

Alright, alright, I know. Above, you saw that we’re covering eMazing Lights twice. But, they produce such high-quality LED gloves, they’re worth mentioning twice.

While the pair of GloX gloves from above are amazing, these EmazingLights eLite Chroma LED Gloves really take it up a notch.

The gloves above had different colors in each finger. Well, you ready for a jaw-dropping 30 different colors? These babies have just that.

With five pre-programmed light modes, you have the ability to create brilliant light shows. Customize the modes with the click of a button.

Take it up a step further, by controlling the LEDs’ brightness. Tint Control is an all-new feature, which also allows you to personalize the order of modes, too.

As you’d expect of a luxury light up glove, its installed with 20 CR1620 batteries. But, they’re also compatible with 1616 batteries, too.

A handy dandy carrying pouch is also included, to keep your precious glow gloves safe.

Should the unfortunate happen, you can send these hand covers back with a lifetime warranty.

EmazingLights is, well, amazing. Happiness is just a glow glove away.

Buy the EmazingLights eLite Chroma LED Gloves here.

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11. EmazingLights eLite Spectra LED Gloves – $143.94

LED gloves

Emazing Lights

Pros: Cons:
  • Comes with 48 pre-programmed modes (25 are never-before-seen)
  • First LED Glove model EVER to be bluetooth compatible – hook up to an app
  • Loaded with Flux Motion Reactive Accelerometer – reacts to your movements
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Very expensive
  • Not ideal for most people – generally for experts/hardcore glovers

Look, if you’re a glover, you truly know the importance of a solid set of gloves. You could spend a bit less money, but that reduces your quality and LED color selection.

You already know you enjoy this type of flow. Invest in a pair of phenomenal gloves, that’ll last for years to come. In fact, by opting for a top-notch pair of LED gloves, you’ll end up saving money over-time.

That’s because you’ll no longer be buying a new, not-so-quality pair every-so-often. In the long-run, these semi-frequent purchases add up.

Your best bet is to consider the EmazingLights eLite Spectra LED Gloves.

Yep–they’re made by the same guys as above. They’re a well-respected producer of flow toys, and are backed with an impressive lifetime warranty.

Aside from the incredible 48 pre-installed patterns (25 of which have never been released before!), what makes them stand out is their bluetooth capabilities.

In fact, they’re the first bluetooth-compatible light-up gloves on the market. And, they come with an app–iOS and Android–to make programming a snap.

Instead of just a few colors, you have access to millions of them. With the EmazingLights eLite Spectra LED Gloves, you literally create your own palette–entirely unique to you and your flow.

With the aforementioned pre-programmed modes, you have the ability to edit them with options, like:

  • Gap length
  • Strobe length

On top of that, these babies are fully-loaded with Flux Motion Reactive Accelerometer. In other words, these gloves react to your moves, moving in-sync with you.

Naturally, the batteries are replaceable. You can use both 1616 and 1620 batteries.

While these gloves may not be the best choice for most people, if you’re serious about gloving they’re, without a doubt, the best LED glove for your flow.

Buy the EmazingLights eLite Spectra LED Gloves here.

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