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Pomsies are one of the hottest new toys of 2018, and with good reason: they’re ridiculously adorable.

In fact, some are dubbing Pomsies as the next Fingerlings (and we all know how explosively popular those were last year).

Skyrocket Toys, the company behind Skyviper drones, mebo, and more, now has a brand new line of toys called Pomsies that are already growing exponentially in popularity.

We’re fully expecting Pomsies to be low on stock here heading into the holiday season, so we’re going to be keeping an eye on where you can buy them, how much they are, and what stores have which exclusive and rare Pomsies.

Pomsies react with you touch or pet them, and their eyes change colors to show their different feelings. It’s a unique spin on the stuffed animal market, and that’s one of the reasons they’re going to be so popular this holiday season.

They also have tails that can wrap around your child’s wrist or backpack, making them usable as a fashion accessory.

It’s a super cool idea, and it appears to be catching on, as they’re already getting hard to find in-stores.

So, if you’re wondering where to buy Pomsies and who still has what Pomsie in stock, we’ve got you covered below.

Pomsies Toys

Amazon – $14.99

So now that Toys R’ Us is gone, it’s probably best that you check Amazon first for your toys. Not only do they have an obviously large stock, but they also carry most things you would’ve found at Toys R’ Us, anyway.

You can buy Pomsies on Amazon starting at $14.99, and you can preorder some of the ones that aren’t out yet and they’ll ship November 1st, with plenty of time to spare for Christmas.

Here’s what’s available to buy right now:

  • Pink Blossom
  • White/Blue Snowball
  • Lavender Speckles
  • Pink/White Pinky
  • Purple Boots
  • Pink/White/Mint Patches
  • Purple/White/Orange Kali
  • Sherbert – $29.00

Here’s what you can pre-order right now:

  • Pink Dragon
  • Purple Koala
  • Teal Puppy

As of writing this post, they’re still in stock, as well. So, ordering is super easy.

They’re all also available with 2-day Prime shipping, so if you have an Amazon Prime account, you’re golden.

Buy them on Amazon here.

Target (in-store and online)  – $14.99

Pomsies are now available at Target as well. However, there are only four varieties currently available.

Here’s What’s Available Now:

  • Lavendar Speckles
  • Patches
  • Pink/White Pinky
  • White/Blue Snowball

Target Stardust Pomsies Exclusive

stardust pomsies

It’s not listed yet, but it’s coming soon. More details to come.

Check if they’re in-stock at Target.com.

Walmart – $14.82

Yes, good ‘ole reliable Walmart is also carrying these Pomsies toys, and they’re already starting to see a couple out of stocks.

Here’s What’s Available Now:

  • Pink Blossom
  • Purple Boots
  • Patches (OOS)
  • Sherbert Exclusive (OOS)
  • Pink/white Pinky
  • White/Blue Snowball
  • Lavendar Speckles

Walmart Pomsies Sherbert exclusive

sherbert pomsie walmart exclusive

We’ll keep an eye on their listings to see if they come back any time soon, and we’ll update this post accordingly.

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