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Treasure X Toys


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On the hunt for those awesome new Treasure X toys from Moose toys that you’re seeing commercials for? Wondering where the best place to buy them is? We’ve got you covered here at

Moose Toys is a company that’s on fire in 2018, having created the Shopkins brand, the new Disney Doorables, and Little Live Pets. So, safe to say that the toy maker knows what its doing when it creates toys.

Now, they’ve just introduced a brand new line called Treasure X toys, which are new collectibles with a unique multi-layered unboxing process involving a surprise reveal. Instead of just ripping open some packaging, you’ll have to dig out each individual piece of the figure from a small block of compacted sand.

Then, assemble.

There are 24 unique collectible figures available now at the time of writing this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a second wave on the way. Each of the figures also comes with a unique weapon that has to be assembled.

There are 8 different teams of characters to collect, and each figure comes with a treasure map, coin, and a digging tool.

It’s a super cool idea, and it appears to be surging in popularity.

So, where can you buy Treasure X toys and who still has them in stock?

Amazon – $9.99

Remember, Toys R’ Us is gone forever now, so your first stop for great toy deals should be Amazon, as they not only have the biggest stock of toys but they also allow you to pre-order many toys before they’re actually released (and they’ll arrive on release day).

Luckily, these Treasure X toys are already widely available, and you can find them right on for $9.99. There are currently just two options available: a single pack for $9.99 or a 2-pack for $19.95.

As of writing this post, they’re still in stock, as well. So, buying Treasure X toys on Amazon is super easy.

They’re all also available with 2-day Prime shipping, so if you have an Amazon Prime account, you’re golden.

Buy them on Amazon here.

treasure x toys

Target (in-store and online) – $9.99

If you’re looking for Treasure X toys at Target, you’re in luck, as the big-box retailer is carrying them as well.

As of right now, however, they only have the single pack of Treasure X toys available, but when you think about it, you can just buy two single packs for the exact same price.

Check if they’re in-stock at

treasure x collectibles

Walmart- $9.84

Yes, good ‘ole reliable Walmart is also carrying these Treasure X toys with a price tag of $9.84.

Walmart tends to sell out the quickest, so we’ll keep an eye on the listing to see if they’ll remain in-stock.

Buy Them at Walmart.

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