17 Best Building Toys for Kids: Your Ultimate List

Every year, around the holidays, it can be a scramble to find great ideas for all of the gifts for boys and girls that you need to buy Christmas gifts for. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, crunch time is upon us, as we’re already seeing some of the year’s hottest toys selling out (like Hatchimals and the NES Classic).

Luckily, there’s one toy category that never seems to sell out because of the sheer number of toys available; I’m talking about building toys!

Do your kids love to tinker? Does he/she love to build things? If you stick LEGOs in front of them, are they able to create masterpieces without any instructions? If this is the case, your child is in love building and construction toys, and these types of toys can not only be super fun but also useful in their development.

For example, LEGOs teaches kids to think in three dimensions, improves creative thought, boosts motor development, and more — all while they’re having fun building cool stuff.

But what type of tinker toys are right for your child? Here are the top 17 best building toys for kids:

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