Wicked Cool Toys’ Power Action Pikachu Is a Holiday Must-Buy

power action pikachu


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Pikachu made his first appearance in Pokémon Red and Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy over 20 years ago. And, since then, he’s been the most popular Pokémon creature in existence.

Naturally, because of how popular he has become, there have been many different Pikachu toys released since then. Over the past 22 years, we’ve seen a plethora of cool Pikachu figures, plush toys, and all of the backpacks and T-shirts you could ever possibly want.

But none of those compare to the coolness of Wicked Cool Toys‘ new Power Action Pikachu, which allows you to interact with our yellow friend like never before.

In fact, the Power Action Pikachu is, hands-down, the best Pikachu toy of all-time — as if all of the other Pikachu toys were stepping stones to what Wicked Cool Toys has created this year.

The Power Action Pikachu is officially licensed, and it’s the most advanced Pikachu toy yet, complete with 360 degree movement sensors that allow you to shake Pikachu to charge him up. It also has over 15 light and sound interactions for non-stop play, and it’s motion activated.

Power Action Pikachu


See the red cheeks? Those light up. But even cooler than that is his illuminating tail, which illuminates with moving lights when Pikachu is being shaken.

When you press his hands, Pikachu speaks his iconic phrases like “Pika! Pika!” and “Pikachu!”, and it’s also another way to get his tail and cheeks to light up.

I’ll also note that it’s a super soft plush toy, making it extra huggable and perfect for young Pokémon-lovers.

If you’re a Pokémon fan (or know a little certain someone who is) then you’ll be able to truly appreciate what Wicked Cool Toys has done here. Hopefully, we’ll see the toy company tackle other popular Pokémon creatures soon.

Wicked Cool Toys’ Power Action Pikachu is recommended for ages 4 and up, and its price is set at a $29.99 MSRP. You can buy it right now at Target.

Pokémon Power Action Pikachu by Wicked Cool ToysIntroducing the all-new Pokémon Power Action Pikachu by Wicked Cool Toys! Pika Pika Pika Chuuuu! This super soft and cuddly 10-inch Pikachu plush isn’t just for snuggling! Launch Pikachu into battle action and watch its tail and cheeks light up! With a truly interactive design, he reacts differently depending on how he lands, what direction…2018-08-13T17:47:31.000Z
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