11 Best Melissa and Doug Toys: The Ultimate List (2018)

With the weather being what it is right now, your kids are, unfortunately, stuck inside, staring out their windows longing for sunny days. Of course, when they’re cooped up inside of your home, it’s helpful if they actually have some cool toys and stuff to play with.

Sure, you could go to any big box retailer and blindly pick out a toy your kid may or may not enjoy. But — let’s be honest — toys are expensive, so buying them without doing a little bit of research first isn’t a good idea.

If you’re looking for quality toys, Melissa and Doug toys are some of the best in the business, especially when it comes to toddler toys. So if you’re looking for some toys for toddlers, here are the top 11 best Melissa and Doug toys available:

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  • Monster Plush Bowling Game

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    The Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game is a monster-themed bowling set designed for young children ages two and up. It includes six bowling pins and one bowling ball; each pin is crafted from soft, fuzzy, light-weight plush material in order to avoid injury for young children.

    The pins and ball are also designed in bright colors with a different funny monster face on each one. The bowling set is extremely durable and is designed to withstand the rough handling of babies and young children. Along with providing fun for children, the Monster Plush Bowling Game also helps children learn elementary hand-eye coordination skills.

  • Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant

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    One of our favorite new Melissa and Doug toys of 2018 is the Star Diner Restaurant Playset, which is a little diner booth themed with a ’50s diner aesthetic. It’s SUPER cute!

    On the other side, there’s a full kitchen, complete with an oven, stovetop and grill, a two-shelf fridge, drink dispenser, and a milkshake mixer — so they can pretend to make those iconic milkshakes from the 1950s that you see in the movies.

    It also comes with a cute sign that has clips on one side for orders.

  • Magnetic Farm Hide and Seek

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    The Magnetic Farm Hide and Seek is another toy with classic wooden construction that is rare within the modern toy industry but is a traditional feature of many Melissa and Doug products. The toy features a magnetic puzzle board with nine hinged doorways and nine removable animal magnets.

    Babies and children can entertain themselves by attaching the various animal magnets behind the hinged doors and then opening the doors to find the hidden animals. This hide and seek game can provide children with fun while also helping them learn their animal names and noises as well as improving their memory and fine motor skills.

  • Pounding Bench Activity Center

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    The Pounding Bench Activity Center toy features a wooden pounding bench which includes eight colorful pegs and a wooden mallet. The pegs are non-removable which prevents them from getting lost or injuring a child, and the mallet, while sturdy, is light-weight in order to eliminate the worry of children accidentally hurting themselves while playing with the toy.

    Each peg features a smiling face and is designed in a different bright color. Children can have fun pounding the pegs in and out of the pounding bench while learning the names of common colors and developing their fine motor skills with this toy.

  • Deluxe Latches Board

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    The Deluxe Latches Board is crafted from smooth and sturdy, durable wood. It features a wooden board with several numbered doorways that can be opened using metal locks, clasps, and latches along with colorful animal shapes that can hide behind the numbered doors and correspond in number to the number on each door.

    All edges of the board and removable pieces are sanded smoothly in order to ensure that children cannot hurt themselves on sharp edges during playtime. With this toy, children can hone their fine motor skills while opening the clasps and latches on the doors and improve their counting and math skills while counting the animals behind each door.

  • Magnetic Car Loader

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    The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader is a wooden vehicle set which features a large red loading truck with a trailer and a magnetic arm that can attach to four included magnetic wooden cars with real rolling wheels and load them onto the trailer. The wooden cars are designed in different unique colors and each display a different number in order to encourage children to develop counting and sorting skills as they play with the toy.

  • Cutting Fruit Set

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    The Cutting Fruit Set allows curious children to play pretend with a kitchen-themed toy that allows them to slice fruit while remaining one hundred percent safe. The toy features a wooden storage crate which holds seven different colorful, realistic wooden fruits that are pre-cut, allowing children to easily pretend to slice them with the included wooden, smooth-edged knife.

    The Cutting Fruit Set helps children hone their hand-eye coordination skills as well as their fine motor skills while encouraging imaginative, creative pretend play.

  • Pizza Party

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    The Melissa and Doug Pizza Party toy is another kitchen-play game that inspires imagination and creativity in young children. The toy includes a wooden pizza that is held together with velcro tabs but can be sliced into six equal pieces and dished up with the included sanded wooden rolling pizza cutter and wooden spatula.

    The set also features fifty-four small wooden disks designed to look like various pizza toppings, allowing children to slice their own pizza and get creative while decorating it with whatever topping they want. The Pizza Party set can be packaged neatly into a wooden box in order to promote easy storage and prevent the small pieces from getting lost.

  • Basic Skills Board

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    The Melissa and Doug Basic Skills Board allows children to learn hand-eye coordination skills that they can apply to real life. It features a wooden board with a picture of a bear in an undershirt, along with several clothing pieces and accessories that allow children to dress the bear and learn to zip, lace, snap, and buckle its clothes.

    This toy is great for children who are learning to dress themselves or tie their own shoes, as it allows them to apply these skills in a fun and entertaining way. The board and its various detachable pieces also help children learn about different shapes, colors, and sizes.

  • See and Spell

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    The See and Spell Toy includes sixteen wooden blocks with various pictures of common objects on them, including a bus, a fish, a car, and a bird. Each wooden block has indented letter shapes on it which spell out the word for the object on the block.

    The toy also includes colorful letter shapes that correspond to the words on the blocks, allowing children to attach the letter shapes to the indents on the blocks to spell out words. The See and Spell helps children learn about basic letter shapes and begin to develop spelling skills. All the pieces of the toy fit neatly into a wooden box to prevent the small letter shapes and blocks from getting lost.

  • Stack and Count Parking Garage

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    The Stack and Count Parking Garage is a toy crafted from high-quality wood in a traditional design. It includes ten small wooden toy cars, each of which is designed in a different bright color, as well as a wooden sliding counter designed to look like a classic parking garage.

    The toy’s wooden design is incredibly durable and features a drop-down counter that helps babies and children learn some of their first simple math and counting skills through a fun and entertaining toy. It’s one of the best wooden toys for kids available.