WowWee’s New Buttheads Are Out to Make a Stink

buttheads by wowwee

Chances are that you’ve heard of WowWee by now. The company has a few great toy lines under its belt, including Fingerlings and the Untamed line. This year, the company has another hot new toy line, and we’re lucky enough to be able to exclusively reveal them here at They’re called Buttheads, and they’re quite possibly our favorite line yet.

Buttheads are highly-stylized figures that each have, well, a butt as its face. There are currently four characters that will be available in late January. You can meet the buttheads below:

Buttheads Wowwee

  • The Grim Ripper – Silent But Deadly: You won’t hear him approach, but The Grim Ripper’s scent will stop you DEAD in your tracks!
  • Tushi (Ninja) – Master of the Martial Farts: Tushi’s blade always remains sharp for cutting the cheese! He is the master of cheek to cheek combat!
  • Robutt (Robot) – Artifical Inflatulence: Artificial Intelligence? More like Artifical Inflatulence! Meet Robutt: the ULTIMATE fart machine!
  • Brainfart (Zombie) – The Farting Dead: A true “can-ibal,” Brainfart’s farts can chew through just about anything. You can’t kill him…or his smell!

Each toy stands at roughly 5-inches tall and comes with 20+ sound effects (the majority of which are fart-related). For example, the Grim Ripper has a sound effect where it briefly plays creepy music and at the end of the little diddy is a comedic fart noise. Tushi, the ninja, has one where he does a nice, hearty “Hi-yah!” karate noise, but instead of the typical ‘yah’, it’s a giant fart.

Pricing & Where to Buy Buttheads

They each have an MSRP of $9.99, and they’ll be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart starting later this month until March, at which point they’ll be introduced at other retailers. Recommended for ages 5+.

**Update 1/27/19: Buttheads are now available on Amazon!

Our Thoughts on Buttheads

These are seriously great, all-around. Not only are they going to be a hot item for 5-10 year old kids — who undeniably love fart humor — but they’re also going to be a hit for some nerdy adults, such as myself. Look, I’ve got an entire office filled with Funko Pops and other cutesy toy figures, and these Buttheads are going to make a great addition to my shelves.

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