10 Best Cars 3 Toys: The Ultimate List

Cars 3 toys

One of the biggest new animated movies in recent memory happens to be from one of Pixar’s biggest movie franchises: Cars. Lightning McQueen and friends returned for Cars 3, an all-new tale in the talking car saga which will follow McQueen as he’s challenged by an all-new wave of faster cars.

Of course, with a brand new Disney movie came a new line of toys from some of the biggest names in the toy biz for your kids to play with, and there are already numerous Cars 3 toys available that your kids will love. Here are some of the best Cars 3 toys you’ll find on Amazon:

1. Cars 3 Deluxe Miss Fritter Bus

cars 3 toys

There are many great new characters added to the Cars franchise with the third movie, and one of the most memorable is Miss Fritter, the bus with attitude who is introduced at the demolition derby. The toy version of the demolition derby bus is an oversized die-cast vehicle that is part of the new collection of Cars 3 toy cars. It’s highly detailed, containing her signature slogan, ‘It’s Fritter Time’, right on the bank of the bus. You’ll also find numerous license plates on the side of her, with each license plate likely representing the cars she has demolished. She looks super cool, and any Cars 3 fan will be happy to have her.

Price: $6.99

Buy the Cars 3 Deluxe Miss Fritter Bus here.

2. LEGO Juniors Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race Building Kit

cars 3 lego

Of course, LEGO always has to have their hands in movie merchandising, and they’ve got a brand new building kit based on the movie as well. It’s the LEGO Juniors Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race Building Kit, and it comes with McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Broadside and Miss Fritter. It also has an Easy to Build Miss Fritter road sign that has movable barriers and two buildable floodlights. If your kids are ready to do some muddin’, this is the best Cars 3 LEGO set you’ll find as of writing this. It also comes with Miss Fritter’s rotating stop sign, three orange cones, three oil drums, four tires, and other assorted car parts. The kit comes with a total of 191 pieces, and it’s recommended for ages 4 to 7 years old.

Price: $27.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LEGO Juniors Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race Building Kit here.

3. Just Play Cars 3 Transforming McQueen Tool Kit

best cars 3 toys

If your kids love tinkering, and more specifically, if they love tinkering with tools, check out the Just Play Cars 3 Transforming McQueen Tool Kit. This kit comes with numerous replaceable parts and all the necessary tools they’ll need to replace those parts, allowing them to put together their own Lightning McQueen car. it comes with 32 pieces in total, including three different spoilers, two exhaust pipes, four wheels, wheel covers, and more. It’s recommended for ages 3 years and up, and it’s already a hot seller on Amazon.

Price: $24.99 (22 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Just Play Cars 3 Transforming McQueen Tool Kit here.

4. Cars 3 Mack Hauler

cars 3 mack hauler

Good ole’ Mack will always be there for Lightning McQueen, which is why this Mack Hauler is a great toy to have. It’s made to hold 1:55 scaled cars (your Hot Wheels, for example). The cab is die-cast and the trailer is made out of plastic, and it also comes with a tool chest, flip-down ramp, an air compressor, and a slide-out work area. The rear of the trailer opens up as you would expect, allowing your kids to haul their favorite cars while they’re playing. It measures 9 inches long, so it’s not as big as you might think. However, it’s still one of the best Cars 3 toys available because it’s one they can use with their other toys (and trust me — they’ll use it!).

Price: $25.00

Buy the Cars 3 Mack Hauler here.

5. Cars 3 Deluxe Die Cast Set Next Gen 5-Piece

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Die-cast cars are always a great option when picking out gifts for kids, and since Cars 3 is centered around, well, cars, it would only make sense for Disney to package some replicas up into a set and sell it to the masses. The set includes Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and Sterling, as well as two rookie racers (one orange, and one blue). They’re 1:43 scale, and they come in a display-ready case (although we doubt your kids will want to keep the cars in the display). These cars are highly detailed, and they’re long lasting (as most die-cast cars are).

Price: $29.95

Buy the Cars 3 Deluxe Die Cast 5 Piece Set here.

6. Cars 3 Travel Time Mack Playset

cars 3 travel time mack

There’s another Mack Playset available, but this one comes with Luigi and Guido and holds up to four vehicles. The Travel Time Mack Playset is 14.5 inches long and 7.5 inches high — much bigger than the other Mack hauler above. It features rolling wheels and it has a fully decorated interior that allows your kids to transport their crew in style. What’s more, there’s also a button on Guido’s rooftop that launches other vehicles.

Price: $16.99 (15 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cars 3 Travel Time Mack Playset here.

7. Smash & Crash Derby Playset

miss fritter cars 3 set

Many of the new characters come from the Crazy 8 Derby, and if they’re going to be roleplaying some Cars 3 stuff, this Smash & Crash Derby Playset is essential. The arena has three different configurations for three exciting courses, and it comes with some obstacles, including barrels, tires, and more. It also comes with a 1:55 scale mud-covered Lightning McQueen and Miss Fritter’s bus. The arena features signage that says ‘Fritter Time’ on them — cool!

Price: $29.97

Buy the Smash & Crash Derby Playset here.

8. Piston Cup Race-Off Playset

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Cars 3 is all about racing, of course, so let’s bring some of that competition right to the playroom! Check out the Cars 3 Piston Cup Race-off Playset, which is a set that pits two cars against each other. Oddly, only one car is included, but you can put any Hot Wheels or similarly-sized car in there to race against the one that is included. Basically, two cars are placed on a launcher attached to a track, and when you hit the button at the top, both cars are launched into a race to the finish. There are various themed playsets available, including Piston Cup, Willy’s Butte, Midnight Run, and more.

Price: $14.99 (save $5 when you spend $25 or more on Amazon)

Buy the Piston Cup Race-Off Playset here.

9. Cars 3: Driven To Win Game (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

Cars 3: Driven to Win | Gameplay TrailerBuckle up for some high-octane action in the new video game Cars 3: Driven to Win! Rev up your engines and race as Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and other beloved characters as you master the tricks, skills and combat techniques needed to become the Ultimate Champion. Prove you've got what it takes to…2017-05-24T13:00:05Z

Movie video games usually don’t fare well, but the Cars franchise has had some luck so far. Their first game, properly titled Cars, hit the Xbox 360 over 10 years ago, and actually did pretty well (being neither terrible nor great; well by movie video game standards). The newest is Cars 3: Driven to Win and its available for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s obviously no Forza, but if you’re looking for pure fun, it’s a great game for your kids with many options for playing.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Cars 3 Driven to Win Video Game here.

10. Cars 3 Trouble Board Game

trouble pop o matic

Trouble is a classic board game that kids love to play, thanks to the pop-o-matic roller. One of the best Cars 3 toys you’ll find right now is a Cars 3 Trouble Board Game which is obviously skinned with visuals from Disney’s latest. Players are tasked with getting their four cars all the way around the derby to the finish line before the rest of the players do the same. It’s a classic game that’s a lot of fun, and they’ll appreciate the Cars 3 skin if they’re big fans of the movie.

Price: $14.99 (12 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cars 3 Trouble Board Game here.

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