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21 Best My Hero Academia Toys: The Ultimate List

We’ve been searching the Internet to bring you the very best My Hero Academia toys. So if you’ve got someone in the family who’s a fan of the beloved anime series, we’ve got something for just about everyone.

With that out the way, let’s go look at some killer toys!

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My Hero's One Justice 2 - The Perfect Gift for My Hero Gamers

If you've got a child who loves the My Hero Academia cartoon or you're looking for a fighting game that's accessible for all ages, My Hero One's Justice 2 is the way to go. 

I've been playing this game recently and it's blown me away with how easy to understand it is. Although it's rated T for Teen, my 10-year-old has been able to pick it up easily. 

Attacks are broken down into three main buttons - combos, quirk attack one, and quirk attack two. On PS4, that's square to punch and kick into fluid combos, triangle to launch a quirk combo, and circle to perform a more sustained quirk attack. 

Comparing this with the likes of Street Fighter, which requires kids to memorize different flicks of the stick and multiple button combinations, My Hero One's Justice 2 really is perfect for jumping straight into the action without any prior knowledge. Even parents can grab a controller and get in on the fun - that's how simple it is. 

And yet, even though it is simple to pick up, watching matches play out is a delight. Combos are simplified in the input department, but on-screen, they look intricate, and you'll feel like a pro. 

Aside from the brilliantly accessible combat, My Hero One's Justice 2 also packs in a meaty story-mode spanning the recent series of the anime (up until the Overhaul saga) and has a huge cast of the characters every fan of the show loves. It does have Mineta in, though, so I'm knocking points off for that. 

As I say, if your child loves the My Hero tv show, and they want to play as their favorite heroes in a vibrant world where you can even fight on the sides of buildings (!!!!), My Hero One's Justice 2 is one of the best family games to play when your kids are at home. It'll keep them going for hours at a time as they master this easy to pick up jaw-dropper.  

Oh, and it's a two-player, so if your child has an older or younger sibling, they'll be able to jump in and battle one another. Or, you know, you could even join in on the fun!

Recommended Ages: T For Teen

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