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21 Best Lego Christmas Sets

As is always the case, with every Christmas comes a bazillion new Lego Christmas sets. Thankfully, we’re here to guide you through the most in-demand Lego toys for this holiday season. Here are the best LEGO Christmas sets available right now:

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When Does Lego Release Christmas Sets?

Good news! All the Lego Christmas sets are out now.  Hurray!

I will say, however, Lego often sells out during Christmas, so make sure you buy early to avoid any disappointment. There's nothing worse than your child having their heart set on something only for it to sell out. 

Best Lego Sets of 2019

That's a really subjective issue, but for me personally, the Frozen 2 series has been top-notch, as have the Hidden Side sets. 

Likewise, the Stranger Things set is amazing, and the Harry Potter range continues to churn out some killer designs kids love. 

Lego Gingerbread House Set

Was there a Lego Gingerbread house set? Yes! Well, there was. Back in 2013. 

You can still purchase it from Amazon resellers, but it comes in a generic box, and to be honest, given the size of this set it's not worth the over-the-odds asking price. 

It's cute, sure, but it's also very small. And given how many other sets you could buy for that price, I'd suggest a hard pass. 

Cheap Lego Sets

One of the best things about Lego is even the cheap Lego Sets are well worth checking out. 

Conveniently, we've already covered the best cheap legos sets for under $50. In that article, you'll find a breakdown of all the best Lego sets for if you're on a budget. 

We really have selected the best as well. There's no rubbish sets with tiny builds that'll end up getting lost after a few weeks. 

I'm also very into the cheap Marvel Legos sets. It is crazy how much fun Lego manages to pack into the smaller sets. Seriously, check out the Venom kit!

Cheap Lego Star Wars Sets

I couldn't plug our cheap Lego sets gift guide without also plugging our cheap Lego Star Wars sets guide. 

All of the above answers applies, but, you know, I love Lego Star Wars so I did a specific gift guide for that. 

If you're after an affordable Lego Star Wars gift, do be sure to check out the Lego Yoda hut in the guide above. My eldest bought it and it's just pure awesomeness. 

Oh, and before I wrap this question up, if you've got a kid who loves everything Star Wars, I'd check out our best Black Series figures gift guide. 

I know that's another plug, but Black Series is my personal pick for Star Wars figures. They're six-inchers, highly-detailed, and feature a much better likeness compared to the four-inch classic Star Wars figures, so definitely check them out. 

Okay, I Need More Gift Ideas. HELP!

Don't worry, we're here to help.

Just head on over to our toys channel where we've got gift guides broken down by individual ages as well as a look at all of this year's must-have toys

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