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19 Best Transformers Toys: The Ultimate List

If you ask someone over the age of 35 about Transformers toys, there’s a high chance you won’t shut them up for a good three hours. Transformers are some of the best toys out there. What other toy can you race like a Hot Wheels then transform into battling robots?

That’s why we’re here to count down the very best Transformers toys you absolutely need to check out.

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Original Transformers Toys

Can you still buy original Transformers toys? In short, no. But it's a little more complex than that. 

The War For Cybertron range on this list is the closest you'll get to the original Transformers toys. The reason I mention them is that a lot of them look like how we remember them. 

They're not perfect 1:1 copies, but their overall style is more 80s and 90s Transformers rather than the more current Cyberverse. 

We've got both War For Cybertron Optimus and Megatron on this list so be sure to scroll up to check out what I mean.  

Transformer Prime Toys

You can still buy Transformer Prime toys, but I'm not entirely sure why'd you want to unless you're a collector.

They're pricier than the more current Transformer toys, and they look kind of weird. 

For collectors, sure, they're certain to jazz up any display. But for kids? I'd stick with pretty much anything else on this list. 

Best Bumblebee Transformer Toy

Well, as this is a best Transformers gift guide, that'd be without question the two Bumblebees on this list. 

The reason I've added two is because it all comes down to which style you prefer. 

The cartoon version is my favorite, but if you're coming off the back of the movies rather than the cartoon, the second Bumblebee on this list is worth considering. 

Where To Watch the Transformers Cartoon

Crikey! Pretty much everywhere!

Stations that show Transformers include Tubi, YouTube, Starz, Google Play, and Prime Video. 

It's well worth keeping in mind if you've got an active Amazon (Optimus) Prime subscription or 30-day free trial, that also nets you Prime Video. 

My advice? Go with Amazon Prime and kill two robot birds with one stone. 

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