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15 Best Luxury Toys for Lucky Kids: Your Ultimate List

If you’re looking for the most exquisite luxury toys, you’re in luck, because we’ve scoured the Internet to bring you the very best money can buy. From the greatest Lego toys to the original teddy maker, we’ve got something for everyone. Even adults!

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Best Cool Toys for Boys

When it comes to picking out cool gifts, avoid anything with learning in. Sure, learning is important, but if it's cool you're after, ain't nobody got time for that. 

Instead, you want to be thinking video games and consoles, phones, tablets, and of course, Lego. 

Likewise, there's always the option of going with action figures if you're looking to save money. If they've got a tv show or movie they're obsessed with, chances are there's a toy range based around their favorite property. 

If you're after specific examples, check out the guide in the last answer on this page. Trust me, it'll save you a ton of time. 

Cool Toys for Girls

Honestly, a lot of the above answer applies here with one exception: You can consider some learning toys. 

Toys like grow your own crystal sets are affordable and they're cool to see in action. 

And let's not forget, even though this question is aimed at girls, girls still love a lot of stereotypical boys' toys. They love video games, and they love Lego. 

So when thinking of cool toys for girls, it's important to not focus too strongly on girls' toys. Just think about toys in general and you'll be fine. 

Educational Toys for Toddlers

Rather than reel off a very long list of ideas, I'd seriously suggest heading over to our 101 best toys for 3 year old boys or 101 best toys for 3 year old girls gift guides and having a look for yourself. 

I spent a lot of time researching what are the best toys for toddlers to help them learn so those guides are certain to have something for everyone. 

More Gift Guides You Should Read

We've got quite a few! In fact, we've got a special toys for kids hub set up with all our gift guides broken down by ages so finding the right gift doesn't need to be a chore. 

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