11 Best Christmas Toy Deals on Amazon

Why spend more when you can spend less with these tempting Christmas toy deals? We’ve found everything from Imaginext to LeapFrog in a bid to save you as much money as possible going into Christmas.

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Fortnite Toys for Sale

There are a lot of Fortnite toys for sale. Like, seriously, a lot! Some are excellent and worth every penny, but others? They're kind of meh. 

The best of the best at the moment are the action figures from Jazwares, McFarlane, and Moose Toys

The McFarlane range is the most premium out of the three, with a price-tag to match. The Jazwares four-inch and six-inch series come slap-bang in the middle, while Moose Toys offers lower prices but also the smallest figures at two-inches. 

Personally, the way I see it is McFarlane for older teens, Jazwares for tweens and teens, then Moose Toys for younger kids. 

So, with that out the way, what Fortnite toy deals are there? Quite a few, actually. I'll break down everything below, but first, it's worth remembering there's currently an offer where if you spend over $50 on select products (which includes Fortnite toys like figures and NERF among other toys) you get $10 knocked off. Neat!

Every other Christmas Fortnite toy deal I'd recommend is below for your reading pleasure. 

New Frozen Toys

Before we jump into the best Frozen toys, I need to point out I've written extensively about the best Frozen 2 toys before, so I've got a good idea of what is and isn't the most sought after newcomers. 

The heavy-hitter at the moment is the gorgeous Ultimate Arrendale Castle playset. If you've got either of the Elsa and Anna dolls, or the premium two-doll-pack, this is the dollhouse to go with. It really is stunning. 

For younger Frozen fans, I'd go with this Baby Elsa Doll. It's cute, affordable, and easy to play with due to its chunkier design, making it perfect for toddlers and young kids. 

New Toys for Christmas 2019

For a breakdown of all the hottest Christmas toys of 2019, I'd suggest checking out our article for a detailed understanding of what's what.

If you're in a rush, the big seller this Christmas is almost certain to be the Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are the best video game consoles for kids. The majority of Nintendo games are designed with kids in mind. If you don't want your child playing games with guns and violence, Nintendo is the way to go.

Most of Nintendo's games are bright, colorful cartoon-like affairs that are very family-friendly. 

The only problem with the original Nintendo Switch is the high buy-in price of around $300. The Nintendo Switch Lite, however, comes in at a much lower $199.99. 

What's the catch? There isn't one, really. The Switch Lite is purely a handheld, as opposed to a handheld and device that hooks up the TV. But, because the Switch Lite is a dedicated handheld, it's got a much stronger battery than the original Nintendo Switch. 

Plus, most kids play their original Nintendo Switch as a handheld anyway, so if you're a fan of saving money (who isn't at this time of year?), I can't recommend the Switch Lite enough. 

Just keep in mind, a small percentage of motion-controlled games won't work on the Switch Lite. You're not missing out on much, though, so it's all good. 

Top Selling Toys

What are the top-selling toys of 2019? While exact numbers haven't been released, I can tell you what I've seen selling this year. 

The above Nintendo Switch Lite and Frozen toys are the obvious ones. But don't forget this year also saw the release of the super-popular Kindi Kids range, Boppi the Booty Shakin' Llama, and the absolutely excellent Rainbocorns Giant Big Bow Surprise

If you're ever in need of more gift ideas, be sure to check out our Toys for Kids hub where you'll find all our expert age-specific gift guides. There's sure to be something they'll love in there. 

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