The Best Frozen 2 Cyber Monday Deal: Save $30 on This Amazing 3-Doll Pack

Frozen 2 Cyber Monday Deals


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As someone who’s written extensively about Frozen 2 toys these last few months, I’m very excited to bring you this killer Frozen 2 Cyber Monday deal. Three dolls, two figures, a sleigh, all for $30 off. What’s not to love?

So, let’s talk dolls. I’m amazed by how well Hasbro managed to capture each of the doll’s faces. Those big eyes aren’t always easy to translate onto a plastic head, there’s a lot of shaping that needs to happen so the eyes don’t look like they’re taking up the entire head.

And yet, all of the faces look like they do in the movies. There really isn’t much for me to grumble about, so thanks for making my job harder, Hasbro.

I’m a big fan of the clothing designs as well. Elsa’s dress looks nice and icy, the color of Anna’s dress has the right level of darkness, and Kristoff’s even has the fluffy fur on the shoulders.

While the Olaf and Sven figures may lack any meaningful articulation, they still look great and scale well with the other dolls.

That sleigh is a pretty clever inclusion, too. There isn’t much in the way of playsets for Frozen 2 toys, so to have something this meaty in the set is sure to lead to many a role-play story.

All in all, this is one killer set, hence why I think it’s the best Frozen 2 Cyber Monday deal around. Plus with $30 off, this is a great way to stock up on Birthday or Christmas gifts without breaking the bank.

Just, you know, everyone is going to be buying this, so if you’ve got a Frozen 2 fan in the house, I’d advise acting fast lest this deal evaporates like Elsa’s castle next to an oven.

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