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We’ve got the lowdown on where to snag the highly sought after range of Blippi toys.

The short version is beloved kids YouTuber launches toyline. Of course, we’re here with all the details you need to know down at the bottom of the page, but if you’re in a rush and want to jump straight to the good bit, all the info about your next toy purchase is directly below.

The toys are due for release at the end of January, so if some of the prices seem inflated, that’s probably because of third-party sellers. Just hit bookmark and check back in with us at the end of the month once more people have access to them to see what the real RRP is.

Blippi My Buddy Feature Plush with Sounds – $45

Blippi - My Buddy Feature Plush with Sounds

The My Buddy Blippi is the perfect friend for your little one.

Coming in at 16-inches, this is one cutesy plushie kids will be able to carry around wherever they go. Imagine the adventures they can go on!

The floppy legs and arms are sure to result in giggles as they flail Blippi around hilariously.

But this isn’t just another plushie. Squeeze Blippi’s belly and he’ll say one of his 15 recognizable phrases and sounds.

This is by far the cutest of the Blippi toys. If your child loves to watch Blippi on YouTube, they’re going to love snuggling on the couch next to this guy.

Blippi Be Like Roleplay Set – $14.99

Be Like Blippi Costume

How freaking adorable will your little one look in the Bippi Be Like Roleplay Set?

What amazes me about this is how very affordable it is. Normally licensed costumes cost a bomb, so this is a welcome change indeed.

This set includes the iconic Blippi hat, suspenders, orange glasses, and a clip-on bowtie. Everything you need to transform your child into their favorite YouTuber.

What’s not to love about this set? It’s fun, affordable, and sure to put millions of smiles on faces as they run around the living room singing their most beloved Blippi songs.

Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack – $21.65

Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack

If you’re after an affordable option – maybe for allowance money? – check out the super-cute Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack.

Each of the balls come with a little Blippi toy inside as well as a letter building block and letter card. What I love here is every Blippi toy has it’s own theme, be it artist, schoolboy,  or even Blippi missing a shoe. Which one will your child get? That’s part of the surprise! 

If you’re after affordable, Imaginext-like Blippi toys you know they’re going to get a lot of roleplaying fun out of, this is the one to go with.

Blippi Mini Vehicle 2 – $29.99

Blippi Mini Vehicle 2 Pack

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best. Kids love Blippi and they love whizzing vehicles around the floor. Combine the two, and I’d say you’re onto a winner.

There are two different sets here. One set features a Firetruck and Excavator while the other boasts the Blippi Mobile and a Garbage Truck. Both are equally as great, but the Blippi mobile is sure to have a special place in kids’ hearts.

Never underestimate the joy of blasting a car-like toy around the floor. Plus it aids development by getting kids moving and extending their arms. Don’t you just love when awesome toys also have beneficial properties?

Blippi Surprise Boxes: Learning Colors or Learning Numbers – $9.99

Blippi Surprise Boxes

These Blippi Surprise Boxes are super fun. 

Each of the nine boxes helps teach your child about numbers or colors, respectively. So it’s learning AND fun!

You also get a Blippi figure along with nine mystery accessories to collect. If you’ve ever purchased L.O.L, you’ll know all about the fun surprises that come with the toys. Think little animals, food, hats, that sort of thing.

These packs are great. Kids love opening each of the surprises and seeing what they get, the figure is sure to lead to exciting games, and the price is very desirable, which given how much of a cheapskate I am, is always going to get bonus points.

There really isn’t much to find fault with. These packs are everything you could want from a toy.

Who is Blippi?

Created by content specialist Stevin John, Blippi is a hugely-popular colorful character who posts child-friendly videos to YouTube.

Blippi’s content spans songs, cartoons, teaching kids about numbers and colors, and even trips outside. As I mentioned above, they really are some of the most child-friendly content around. Even comments on the videos have been disabled, presumably in a bid to keep the space around the video suitable for kids.

With just under seven million subscribers, Blippi has become the go-to YouTuber for kids aged two to seven. The biggest surprise, for me, is that it’s taken this long to get Blippi toys! How has this not happened sooner?

If you’re yet to check out Blippi and want to see him in action for yourself, feel free to give the video below a good watch. It’s fun, educational, wholesome content kids absolutely love.

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