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Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave

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Hasbro’s flagship Marvel toyline is coming out the gates strong with the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Demogoblin wave. So much so, even the random ‘who asked for those?’ figures are looking killer.

In terms of pure genius, this one is almost the perfect set. Loads of figures you’ll want to add to your collection all backed by what looks like one of the best build-a-figure (BAF) in recent memory. Seriously, just look at it! That Demogoblin BAF is going to have a lot of collectors salivating.

For those unfamiliar with Marvel Legends, the short version is it’s a mid-range toyline that mixes affordability with quality. The head sculpts are some of the best in the industry – often besting the more premium offerings – and they come with well thought out accessories like extra hands, heads, or weapons.

Plus if you collect all the toys in the same wave, each comes with a piece to create an extra, more deluxe toy known as a build-a-figure.

For me, they’re the best Marvel toys on the market. At around $20 a pop, and given the high-quality of each toy, there’s very little to grumble about.

Buy Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave: Spider-Man Velocity Suit – $19.99

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Velocity Suit

This Velocity Suit Spider-Man Figure is INSANE! PlayStation players have wanted more Marvel Legends based on the Spider-Man game and we’re finally getting them.

What’s especially great about this figure is it isn’t just a quick Spider-Man repaint. The pieces here have a more Iron Man feel to them, making them nice and chunky while still retaining Spider-Man’s slender physique.

It’s a shame there aren’t extra hands packed in, but given how great this figure looks, it’s hard to grumble too much. There’s still a ton of posing potential here.

Buy Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave: Spider-Man Spider-Armor Mk III – $19.99

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Spider-Armor Mk III

I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but this Marvel Legends Spider-Armor Mk III Figure is another great example of great piece selection. As with the Velocity Suit, this too is from Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, and the pieces once again have a more Iron Man feel to them.

The chunkiness I mentioned above really helps bring these figures to life, or more specifically, make them look like the design they’re emulating. This could have easily been a Spider-Man repaint, but instead, Hasbro opted to create something accurate to the source material. You can’t fault them for that.

The end result here is another stylish figure that’s going to look excellent on display. Even though this is another Spider-Man toy, it’s simply too cool to pass on. And let’s face it, you can never have too many Spider-Man figures.

Buy Marvel Legends Demogobin Wave: Superior Octopus – $19.99

Marvel Legends Superior Octopus

The Superior Octopus Figure is going to be The One for a lot of Marvel Legends collectors.

On the articulation side of things, this one ticks all the boxes. It’s got everything you’d expect, as well as the shoulder swivels, which, as I’ve said elsewhere, is one of the best new additions to Marvel Legends figures. You can really crank the arms back, leading to better posing options.

Although the octopus arms aren’t bendy wire, Hasbro at least opted to add spinning claws at the end and each of the arms has a different shape to them. They’re good. Not perfect, but they will get the job done.

Buy Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave: Vulture – $19.99

Marvel Legends Vulture Figure

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this Marvel Legends Vulture Figure is one of my favorite figures in this wave. I know, right. Who saw that coming?

It’s such a simple figure, but where there is detail, it’s magnified. Take the head, for example. Those liver spots on his head and the maniacal face really elevate what could have been a boring old man head.

Then there are those grabby hands, which I can’t recall seeing before. They fit this figure perfectly.

And the wings! Hasbro found a way to include wings without needing to create a more expensive solo pack. Wonders will never cease.

There is an extra, helmeted head, but I have a feeling most will stick with the first head, simply because of how great it is.

I know a lot of folks who collect the Spider-Figures are chomping at the bit for a decent Vulture toy to add to their display. If you’re one of those people, definitely check out these affordable flight stands. You’ll never ground a flying figure again.

Buy Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave: White Rabbit – $19.99

Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave: White Rabbit

As is customary with Marvel Legends, there’s always some choices that make you scratch your head. That said, while this White Rabbit Figure is one purely for collectors or people who just want to finish the wave for the Demogoblin BAF, there’s no denying this is one cool figure.

There are a lot of what I assume are custom pieces in here. I can’t place those furry boots, and the pocket watch and umbrella look new to me.

I’ve also got to give a shout out to whoever sculpted that hair. It’s phenomenal. The face is sure to keep you up at night, but then that’s kind of the point isn’t it?

All in all, I’m excited to get some hands-on time with this figure. It’s a really bizarre choice for a Marvel Legend, but if it looks this good in-hand, I can’t see many people having much to pick fault with.

Buy All 6 Figures + Demogoblin BAF – $129.99

Entire Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave

If you’d rather pick up the entire wave in one go, from one seller, this is the route to go. Just keep in mind, I’d only really advise buying in bulk if you’re picking these up at a later date. As most of the figures retail for around $20, you’re losing money (the math breaks down as 20 x 6 = 120). In short, double-check the price when buying.

That said, if you’re not buying at launch or when all the figures are readily available, and the figures have become super rare, buying in bulk is well worth considering if you’re looking to grab the build-a-figure.

When Is the Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave Out?

According to Amazon, we’re looking at February 21, 2020. However, these dates aren’t always set in stone and have been known to change, so if you’re a collector or buying for one of your kids, definitely consider grabbing these early to avoid disappointment. The Demogoblin figure is so darn good I can see a lot of Marvel Legends fans buying up the entire wave.

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