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Waving Pikachu Funko Pop


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Looking to grab yourself the super cute waving Pikachu Funko Pop? If so, you’re in luck because we’ve got everything you need to know below along with what other brilliant Funko Pop Pokemon there are to collect.

Waving Pikachu Funko Pop! – $6.89

Waving Pikachu Funko Pop

Pikachu has become an icon in the video game industry, so it’s no surprise Funko got in on the action.

The Waving Pikachu Funko Pop is so freaking adorable. Pikachu’s face works on pretty much anything. You could make a Pikachu-shaped car hood and it’d still be recognizable.

What I love most about the waving Pikachu Funko Pop is just how utterly happy the little electric mouse looks. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and seeing his stupid little face staring back at you? Tell me that wouldn’t put a smile on your face.

The other thing I love is the waving Pikachu Funko Pop is slightly smaller than other Pops. This Pikachu Pop stands at three-and-three-quarter inches, which is around a quarter of an inch smaller than the regular, human-size Pops (the giant Pops come in at six-inch, fyi).

While that’s not a massive difference, it’s enough to distinguish the Funko Pop Pokemon from other Pops. Imagine if Pikachu looked the same size as, say, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. It’d look so weird!

One word of warning I need to impart, the Funko Pop Pokemon range sells out fairly quickly. Most Pops sell fast anyway, but as Pokemon is one of the most popular properties in the world, it’s best to grab this one early lest it disappears into the void (read: third-party sellers jack the price up).

The above goes for all Pokemon Pops, by the way. So if there’s any you’ve been holding off getting, act fast. Believe me, no one wants to pay third-party-seller prices for Pops.

Funko Pop Pokemon

What other Funko Pop Pokemon are available? Can you get all the Kanto, Gen One starters? Is there an Eevee? Those are good questions, and you bet we’re going to count them down right now.

Following the success of the Pokemon anime and the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, everyone and their dog loves Eevee.

And why wouldn’t you? Eevee is so freaking cute. She’s like a tiny dog with the power to transform into something more powerful.

The Eevee Funko Pop is, like Eevee, super cute. She looks ready and perched to jump up for a cuddle, which is all you really want from a Funko Pop Pokemon.

As I mentioned with Pikachu, there’s a high chance this is going to sell out fast, so, you know, don’t hesitate if you’re looking to add Eevee to your collection.

Bulbasaur is, objectively, the best Pokemon, and I’m not just saying that because I chose him as my starter. OK, maybe I am. He’s still great, though.

The Bulbasaur Funko Pop met a bit of a mixed response from fans. Some (wrongly) think it’s nightmare fuel, others (correctly) love it. As president of the Bulbasaur fan club, I fall into the latter. I think it’s great!

His face is so derpy! Plus he’s so underrated in his vegetable-like cuteness. He’s like an onion you can cuddle up with (minus the smell, of course).

I think this Pop is wonderful and would look excellent with a selection of other Pokemon Pops displayed around it. Or if you’re after something different, you could just buy an army of Bulbasaurs and only display them. Don’t you just love having choices?

Funko Pop!: Pokemon – Squirtle – $6.63

Squirtle Funko Pop

Everyone loves Squirtle. Ever since the episode in the anime where Squirtle forms a gang and goes around causing mayhem, people fell in love with this not-so-ninja-turtle.

The Squirtle Funko Pop manages to capture what makes him so cute effortlessly. It’s the way his lips are pursed ready to scream SQUIRTLE, right? Derpy Pokemon Pops are the cutest.

The open arms are a nice little pose choice as well. Stand Squirtle opposite a Charmander and it’ll look like they’re about to hug. All together now, D’AWWWWW!

Funko Pop! Games: Pokemon – Charmander  – $8.78

Charmander Funko Pop

Charmander may be the third most popular Pokemon after Pikachu and Eevee. Why? It’s a freaking baby dragon! What could be cuter? (Bulbasaur)

The Charmander Funko Pop manages to capture the cheeky, mischievous expression we’d expect from the fire-type Pokemon, which is the most important factor here. If Charmander had a blank expression, it’d look super weird. It doesn’t though, so it won’t keep you up at night.

Funko even did their research. The tail has a flame on the end, which means it’s alive. No fire means it’s dead, so that’s a really important feature Funko needed to know. Good job Funko.

Plus as I mentioned above, that open arms pose has to be teamed up with the Squirtle Pokemon Pop so it looks like they’re about to embrace. How cute would that look?!

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