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21 Best Harley Quinn Figures: Your Ultimate Guide

Everyone loves Harley, which is why we’re counting down the best Harley Quinn figures. We’ve found everything from Birds of Prey Pops to Harley Quinn toys and action figures. There really is something for everyone, complete with a mini-history of the character down below.

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Harley Quinn Real Name

Fun fact: Harley Quinn's real name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, but how did she come into existence? Let's dive into it. 

Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. It wasn't until one year later, in 1993, when Harley Quinn made her debut in The Batman Adventures number 12. 

In another twist, it wasn't until 1994 in The Batman Adventures Mad Love Graphic Novel when Harley got her very own origin. 

As the story goes, Dr Harleen Quinzel was a psychologist at Arkham Asylum tasked with treating The Joker. You can imagine how well that went. 

As time went on, and in a desperate bid to be the person to cure Joker of his psychopathic tendencies, Harleen ends up becoming obsessed with Joker to the point where she convinces herself she's in love with him. 

After helping Joker escape, the clown prince of crime is eventually returned to Arkham, which is when Harleen ditches the lab coat and dons the harlequin outfit, completing her transformation into the maniacal Harley Quinn. 

The more you know, eh?

Harley Quinn Jacket

What's the best Harley Quinn jacket? That all depends what you need it for. 

If it's for a costume, and you're going for the Suicide Squad look, then you'll want This Harley Quinn Jacket. It's got the bright glow to it, meaning it's the most authentic on the market. 

However, if you're after a Suicide Squad style jacket for general wear and not for a costume, then I'd recommend This Harley Bomber Jacket. It's of a much higher quality than the first and isn't shiny. It looks like a normal jacket people wear rather than someone trying to base their image on Harley. 

Finally, if you're after a stylish jacket with Harley on, go with This Harley Quinn Hoodie. It's an original design and falls into branded clothing rather than a copy of movie clothing. It's pretty killer, too!

Harley Quinn Costume

The first rule of dressing up: Pick a budget. Buying individual pieces will result in a better costume but will cost more. Likewise, a one-pack outfit will be cheaper, but won't look as good as creating your own costume from available parts. 

If you're on a budget, there's the Rubie's Suicide Squad Costume. Rubie's is the go-to place for costumes. Everyone loves them, and despite being affordable, they're the best costume packs on the market. 

The above costume comes with a jacket with an attached-top, shorts, fishnets, and a belt. Pair this with the Rubie's Harley Wig and you're pretty much good to go. 

If you're after more inspiration or fancy checking out other Harley Quinn costumes, head on over to our 11 Best Harley Quinn  Halloween Costumes.

Harley Quinn Merchandise

Honestly, if we're counting down the best Harley Quinn merch we'll be here all day.

Some personal picks? There's the Factory Entertainment Harley Mallet, the Harley 3D Wall Poster, this rather stylish Birds of Prey Necklace, and these ultra-cool Harley Knee-high Socks

If you've got a specific person in mind, below are links to Harley merchandise by gender. Have fun!

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