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5 Best FGTeeV Toys: Your Ultimate Guide

Got an FGTeeV fan in the house but need some help finding the best FGTeeV toys? If so, we’re here to bring you all the best toys that need to be on your radar.

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What Is FGTeeV? 

FGTeeV is a family-first YouTube channel that started in 2012 and rose to fame in part thanks to its hilarious Skylanders videos, catchy rap songs, and love of all things fun.

Joined by their kid's Chase, Lexi, Mike, and Shawn, the channel launched by Vincent "Duddy" Carter currently sits atop 16.6 million YouTube subscriptions. 

Part of the charm of FGTeeV is its contemporary understanding of what's funny to kids while also keeping everything PG. 

Is FGTeeV Suitable for Kids?

Absolutely! As I mentioned above, everything is wrapped in a PG box, meaning while grossness and silliness aren't off the table, things like swears or adult themes are. 

Although there are a lot of YouTubers who aim their channels towards children, a vast amount simply aren't suitable for kids.

That's why whenever parents ask me about content suitable for younger and older kids, I've always got time to sing the praises of FGTeeV. 

What Kind of Video Games Do FGTeeV Cover?

This varies month-to-month. As I mentioned above, the channel grew substantially during the Skylanders video game craze. Since that game fell off, the channel continued creating original content focusing on other games kids show an interest in. 

Featured video games in the past include browser-based games like Agario, as well as indie jump-scare horror games such as Hello Neighbour and Granny, and Baldi.

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