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5 Best Hasbro GI Joe Figures: Your Ultimate List

Whether you’re an adult looking to bask in nostalgia or a parent looking to share their childhood with their kids, the new Hasbro GI Joe figures are sure to be on many a wish-list. YO JOE!

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What Other Hasbro GI Joe Figures Are Coming?

As is the case with Hasbro lines (and in great news to geeks like us), fall sees the release of the second wave of GI Joe figures. 

The new wave is set to bring more villains into the fold in the form of Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, and Red Ninja

On the good guy's side of things, we've got Gung Ho to balance things out. 

I can't see people rushing to grab Gung Ho and Red Ninja, but Storm Shadow and the big bad Cobra Commander are almost certain to fly off the shelves. I'd definitely consider pre-ordering them ahead of time if you're in a position to do so. 

Also Check Out... Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends are currently my toy of choice. If you like the GI Joe line, and you're a Marvel Fan, you're going to love Marvel Legends. 

They scale perfectly with the GI Joe figures (I've tested it, don't worry) and feature the same level of articulation and detail. 

And, yes, they come in at a similar price-point, which is great if you're looking to start a collection. 

What's also cool about Marvel Legends is they each come with a build-a-figure piece, meaning if you end up collecting an entire wave, you can build an extra-large figure. 

And... Star Wars: The Black Series

As with Marvel Legends and the GI Joe ranges, the Black Series also come in on the six-inch scale and look awesome when you've got all three lines on display. 

The Black Series has gone through a bit of a redesign of late. They were great anyway, but Hasbro has found a way to implement butterfly arm joints and seamless connections, meaning you don't have those weird pegs showing on arm and knee joints. 

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different Star Wars figures to choose from, so be sure to check out the link above or below if you'd like to learn more. 

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