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7 Best 24-Volt Ride On Cars: The Complete Guide

As a general rule of gift shopping, you can never go wrong with ride ons. Seriously, whether it’s for a boy or a girl, they are sure to get an endless amount of fun from cruising in the latest ride on.

Ride ons are the hottest toys about, so if you’re looking to discover more about the best 24-volt ride on cars, here are the best picks along with everything else you need to know.


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What's the Difference Between a 12-volt and a 24-Volt Ride on Car?

The main difference between 12-volt and 24-volt ride on cars is power. 

When comparing the two, a 24-volt ride on will be able to reach greater speeds, traverse steeper surfaces, and is better suited to older kids. 

12-Volt Pros

  • Better suited for outdoor use as opposed to indoor
  • Suitable for younger kids
  • Often cheaper than 24-volt cars
  • Can drive on most surfaces

12-Volt Cons

  • Uses twice the power of 24-volt ride ons
  • Will struggle more with steeper surfaces
  • May have a shorter uptime
  • May not be able to tackle uneven surfaces 

24-Volt Pros

  • Better suited to older kids thanks to the extra power
  • Longer battery life
  • Can drive on almost any surface
  • Generally more powerful

24-Volt Cons

  • Can be more expensive
  • Higher speeds require more parental supervision

How to Know If Your Car Is 12v or 24v?

Any company worth considering will clearly state what voltage their ride on is. 

This can be in the main title area or in the description. 

If you're having to look for the info longer than 20 seconds, close the tab and move on. The big companies, like Kidzone or Power Wheels, will clearly state what voltage their cars are. If a company isn't being clear, they aren't worth your time or money. 

24-volt Ride on Car Battery

Should you run into any issues down the line, the first thing you want to do is contact the company who made the ride on. 

Some ride ons come with a warranty covering the battery, so it's worth checking in first. There's every chance you can get it replaced at no cost, which is always a better option. 

Should you need to purchase a new battery, you'll want to safely take the battery out of the ride on to work out what type it is. 

Then it's just a case of heading to Amazon and searching for the type you need. 

Generally speaking, ride ons use a VAIX battery, but always be sure to double-check the manual before making any decisions. 

Why Buy a Ride On?

Why buy a ride on? That's simple. Fun!

Pedal carts are great, but there's something amazing when you're a kid about being able to put your foot down and blast along the sidewalk. 

Not only that, it also gives kids a sense of responsibility. Kids love pretending they're adults, and having their own car opens up the potential for role-playing adventures. 

Yes, they are pricey, but the amount of happiness a ride on will bring them can't be quantified in money.