Baby Shark Toys: Where to Buy These Hot New Toys (Updated!)

baby shark toys


Buy Them on Amazon Here

On the hunt for those awesome new Baby Shark toys that WowWee just announced? Wondering where the best place to buy them is? We’ve got you covered here at

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that Baby Shark is a song you’ll never be able to get away from. So, you might as well embrace the catchy tune and get WowWee’s new

Now, the hottest toys of 2018 are the brand new Pinkfong Baby Shark toys from WowWee. There are 3 variations available (one for Mommy Shark [pink], one for Daddy Shark [blue] and one for Baby Shark [yellow]).

So, where can you buy the new Pinkfong Baby Shark toys and who still has them in stock?

Amazon – Starting at $39.99

where to buy baby shark toys

Your first destination for toys now that Toys R’ Us is dead should be Amazon, as they not only have the biggest stock of toys but they also allow you to pre-order many toys before they’re actually released.

There are two different types of Baby Shark toys available right now: the full-size dolls and the baby shark song cubes.

The song cubes are all available. The full-size dolls are available as well, but the baby shark is sold out (only the daddy shark [$69.99] and mommy shark [$49.99] are still available).

Luckily, Pinkfong Baby Shark plush toys are already in the wild, and you can find them right on for $39.99.

As of writing this post, they’re now only available from third-party sellers, so they’re not Prime eligible. Bummer.

Buy them on Amazon here.


They’re not available at Target.

Walmart (Korean only)

Unfortunately, the only Pinkfong Baby Shark toys Walmart has right now is the Korean version for $46.90, so unless you and your baby speak Korean, you’re out of luck.

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