Barbie Made to Move Doll: Everything You Need to Know

Barbie Made to Move Doll

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If you’ve got a kid who loves Barbie, the Barbie Made to Move doll is definitely worth picking up. It’s unique, modern, and super affordable. What more could you ask for?

The main hook of this doll is the extra movement. Normally with a Barbie doll, you expect movement in the shoulders and hips, but the arms and legs are in a fixed position.

With the Made to Move doll, the articulation has been greatly improved. You’ve got rotator swivels in the shoulders, legs, and wrists, as well as elbow, ankle, and knee joints along with a rotator in the neck connecting to the head.

All of the above is seamless, too, meaning there are no joints showing on the outside.

Contrast this with a Hasbro action figure (which is the current holy grail of articulation) and this doll feels a lot more modern than those that came before. Kids can really get in there and play.

How Much Does the Barbie Made to Move Doll Cost?

Thankfully, this doll isn’t going to break the bank. It comes in at just $14.99.

In terms of pricing, that ticks all the boxes. Barbie dolls range from $9.99 to $29.99, so $14.99 prices this one at the lower end of the spectrum.

Pair this doll with the Barbie Glam Getaway House and I’d say you’ve got the makings of a great gift set on your hands.

Where to Buy

This is the important bit. This doll is exclusive to Amazon, meaning you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

I’d also point out, given delivery services are currently doing their best to keep up with demand, it’s worth ordering this item as early as possible to avoid disappointment if it’s for a Birthday or Christmas gift.

You do not want to leave anything to the last minute right now, simply because it’s hard to predict when or how delivery services will be affected moving forward.

Are Other Versions Available?

Yes! In fact, there’s the Barbie Made to Move Doll with a blue top, brunette hair and brown eyes. 

It’s pretty much the same doll as the blonde version. It’s got the same 22-points of articulation and comes with the same clothing options, it’s just some of the colors have been switched.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this version as well as the blonde one, but it’s worth considering instead of, for sure. Especially if you’ve already got a blonde Barbie doll.

Age Recommendation

Barbie, generally speaking, is geared for ages 36 months and up. The main reason being you don’t want babies or toddlers playing around with tiny accessories or chewing the hair. There’s also an upper age limit of seven years, but to honest, I tend to ignore those. If an eight-year-old is enjoying playing with Barbie, why stop them?

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