11 Best Miniature Dollhouse Kits For Sale

best dollhouse kits


When you’re shopping for the best miniature dollhouse kits, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Price, color scheme, accessories, and light and sound effects are important factors to consider. These factors can make or break the perfect dollhouse kit.

Ready to get started? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best miniature dollhouse kits to make your search easy.

Greenleaf Pierce Dollhouse Kit

greenleaf pierce dollhouse

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The Greenleaf Pierce dollhouse kit is the biggest dollhouse kit on this list, coming in at a whopping 37 inches x 25 inches x 33 inches. This model is specifically designed so that, scale-wise, one inch is equal to one foot.

This dollhouse kit from Greenleaf has some charming details, including a wrap-around veranda with silk-screened windows, beautifully-designed pair of fireplaces, a secret tower chamber, and a cozy attic.

It’s also worth noting that you can put your trust in the Greenleaf brand, as they’ve been making high-quality wooden dollhouses since 1947. They’re a U.S.-based company with everything made right in New York.

If you’re looking to buy a keepsake dollhouse to use as a family heirloom, you can’t go wrong with the quality that Greenleaf offers.

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KavRave Miniature Dollhouse Kit

kavrave dollhouse

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The KavRave Miniature Dollhouse Kit features lights, music, and movement. This gorgeous dollhouse kit contains light pastel pinks and blues with a vintage interior design. While not overly childlike nor too formal, this dollhouse can perfectly suit a wide range of age groups. Teenagers and adults alike can enjoy this peaceful, calming dollhouse.

This kit is also highly affordable. You get the joy of music and light effects, as well as a lit-up swimming pool. The dollhouse features a piano, an outdoor play area for children, and other cute finishing touches.

The dollhouse includes the following house features:

  • Reading room
  • Parlor
  • Swimming pool
  • Slide
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Stairs
  • Piano

The dollhouse is 23.5 centimeters by 21.5 centimeters by 32 centimeters when fully assembled. It is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

This dollhouse kit is made of engineered wood and weighs in at 3.17 pounds. This kit is perfect for teenagers and adults who want to set up a light, cute dollhouse with realistic decor. It is best for collectible and display purposes.

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CUTEBEE Forest Tea Shop

forest tea shop

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The CUTEBEE Forest Tea Shop dollhouse kit has an air of natural elegance. The finished product contains natural shades of brown, earthy greens, and neutral tones. A gorgeous winding spiral staircase separates the upper and lower floors of this dollhouse. The tea shop dollhouse is also filled with plants to tie together the theme of forestry.

The Forest Tea Shop dollhouse kit contains soft LED lighting to match the natural ambiance of the tea shop. Each detail, down to every plant leaf and teacup, is designed flawlessly.

The Forest Tea Shop dollhouse has the following layout:

  • Open-concept lower floor
  • Winding spiral staircase
  • Tea and pastry counter
  • Reading area
  • Tea tables
  • Open front and back seating areas
  • Central seating area with sink

The dimensions are 22 centimeters by 18.4 centimeters by 19 centimeters. The kit weighs 2.65 pounds and contains wood, cloth, and paper assembly materials. These realistic and creative features make this dollhouse kit incredibly unique.

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Flever Wooden ‘Love You All the Way’ Dollhouse Kit

flever dollhouses

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Another one of the best dollhouse kits available right now on Amazon is this mansion-esque wooden dollhouse kit from Flever. It’s a bit fancier than the rest of the dollhouses on this list. It includes a pool, grand piano, front gate, and so much more.

It measures 17 inches x 12 inches x 13.4 inches and is a 1:48 scale dollhouse model.

The Love You All The Way Dollhouse Kits comes with the following:

  • pre-cut MDF wooden pieces
  • fabric and printed paper for decorations
  • plexiglass pieces for the dust cover
  • LED light wires and music
  • Assembly toolkit (includes scissors, knife, tweezer, ruler, and screwdriver)

It’s worth noting that this does not include the required (2)AAA batteries or quick-dry tacky glue that’s recommended.

Like many of Flever’s dollhouse kits, this one isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s recommended for 14-year-olds and up. So, if you’re looking for a slightly more complex assembly with a higher quality result than most of the other dollhouse kits on this list, check out what Flever has to offer.

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ROOMLIFE Coco’s Chocolate Store

roomlife chocolate shop

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The ROOMLIFE Coco’s Chocolate Store dollhouse kit displays an abundance of sweet treats and lights. This dollhouse kit contains LED lighting and musical movement, adding to the joyful essence of the chocolate shop.

Perfect for daytime or nighttime displays, this dollhouse adds an air of innocence and delight to any room.

Coco’s Chocolate Store dollhouse kit is normally listed at $45.99. This price is ideal for a detailed, fun dollhouse. The assembly is considered to be beginner-friendly. The kit provides detailed instructions for an estimated five-hour assembly time.

The dollhouse is crafted to feature an open-front chocolatier building with sweets on display in pastry cases and carts. The front left includes a darling welcome sign on a chalkboard, adding to the realism of this dollhouse kit. There is an outdoor cozy area for sitting, snacking, and reading outside of the chocolate shop.

The assembled dollhouse has some greenery wrapping around the front and side near the cozy area. Brown, white, and pink tones with warm lighting give this dollhouse a vintage, yet youthful look.

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Flever Fairy Homeland Dollhouse DIY Kit

best dollhouse kits

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If you’re looking for a bigger dollhouse that looks like something right out of the suburbs, check out this awesome dollhouse kit from Flever. It’s called Fairy Homeland, and it is a gorgeous two-story villa.

It comes in at 18.5 inches x 15 inches x 12.6 inches, and is a 1:24 model home that’s intended for teens and up to assemble; the little ones might have a bit of trouble with such a complex assembly.

A bit of warning, though: this kit does not come with the required silicone liquid glue or the batteries (two AA) it needs for the lighting to work.

This complex design even comes with DIY furniture pieces that you’ll have to put together, yourself in order to complete your doll’s new living space.

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CUTEBEE’s Cozy Time Dollhouse Kit

cutebee cozy time

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The CUTEBEE Cozy Time dollhouse kit is one of the more modern dollhouses on this list. It resembles an updated home with a lot of gray, white, pale blue, and black hues. Even the wall art near the staircase is done in a modern abstract style, making the dollhouse both realistic and relatable.

Complete with a luxe bedroom, bathroom, work desk, sunroom, kitchen, and open living space, this dollhouse could very well be based on the design of a real modern home.

This dollhouse kit could work well for real estate modeling. The elements are all highly realistic and highlight the best parts of owning a home. It’s the perfect touch when you want to fantasize about your dream home with modern decor, comfortable furniture, and a trendy atmosphere.

The floors have realistic gray paneling with white trim all around the dollhouse. The colors mesh well together and create a cozy, comfortable living space throughout. The dollhouse also contains lifelike LED lighting.

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GuDoQi Blue Sea Legend Dollhouse Kit

gudoqi blue sea legend

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The GuDoQi Blue Sea Legend dollhouse kit is like a mini-vacation in a box. This beach-themed dollhouse features nautical blue and white hues with a realistic-looking water’s edge. All of the decor is suited for lovers of the sea, featuring accents like anchors, beach chairs, sea stars, and more.

The Blue Sea Legend dollhouse kit is listed at $32.99, which is a great deal for a themed dollhouse like this one. In the kit, you’ll discover a multi-story beach house with plenty of outdoor beach decor surrounding the house itself.

The open-style bedroom on the second floor features a wrap-around balcony and skylights. There is a telescope for stargazing in the midst of the night. There is even a lifeguard-style tower next to the large beach house overlooking the imaginary water.

For those who want to add to a sea-themed display or simply want to bring a sense of fun in the sun to their homes, this dollhouse kit is the perfect choice.

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Flever Christmas Eve Dollhouse Kit

flever christmas dollhouse kit

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Calling all Christmas-lovers: the Flever Christmas Eve dollhouse kit is for you! This kit comes with a glass cover to protect your dollhouse display from dust and debris. This dollhouse captures the essence of the joyous Christmas spirit in a comfortable, cozy living room.

This kit delivers quality well beyond its price point. The dollhouse is complete with a fireplace display and a decorated Christmas tree. Green tinsel lines the walls and LED lighting provides a soft glow to the home. It is perfect for Christmas displays or a year-round reminder of your favorite holiday.

The piece has plenty of focal points that highlight the Christmas spirit. If you like to go over the top when decorating for the holidays, you can probably relate well to this festive dollhouse kit!

The dimensions are slightly smaller than some of the other options on this list at18 centimeters by 18 centimeters by 7.1 centimeters. However, the petite size of this Christmas Eve dollhouse kit provides a convenient size for everyday display.

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SPILAY Time Apartment Dollhouse Kit

spilay dollhouse kit

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The SPILAY Time Apartment dollhouse kit is elegant and luxurious. It comes with a dust-proof box and LED lighting to provide a sense of movement and vibrance. All of these elements only highlight the gorgeous design and modern luxury of the dollhouse itself.

The Time Apartment dollhouse kit is listed for $39.99. This is quite a steal for a beautiful dollhouse with modern elements. You can enjoy the sweet pleasure of a luxury apartment in miniature form.

The star feature of this dollhouse is the lit-up infinity pool at the front edge of the display. The texture of this pool mimics an authentic infinity pool and adds to the high-end aura of the dollhouse. Two lounge chairs layout by the pool to further emphasize a theme of luxury and relaxation.

The lit-up infinity pool truly draws the display together. It symbolizes high-end living and modern design. You can imagine yourself relaxing in this luxurious swimming pool after a long day. Bring your vacation into your home with this stylish, luxe dollhouse kit.

The apartment-style dollhouse is complete with a comfortable living room and a cozy dining area. The staircase leads up to a stylish master bedroom with an attached bathroom. Live out your luxury life fantasy in style with this detailed dollhouse kit.

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Rylai L022 Pink Dollhouse Kit

pink doll house

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The Rylai L022 pink dollhouse kit is feminine with a friendly decorative style. This dollhouse is filled with light pink, white, and cream-colored hues. The style is modern with a few vintage elements and versatile pink tones.

The L022 pink dollhouse kit is listed at $31.99. In it, you’ll enjoy all of the traditional dollhouse elements you expect: a bedroom with an attached bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and dining space, and a lounge area with floating shelves. When complete, this dollhouse resembles a stylish modern home.

This dollhouse kit comes with LED lighting and plants that accentuate the feminine flair of the piece. Where you would find plants in a real home, this dollhouse kit includes them. The bathroom and bedroom are open-concept, making the second floor eye-catching and modern.

The combination of hues and modern decor combines childlike design with modern realism. It is the perfect display to symbolize your dream home, your favorite decor, or even your favorite color – which is probably pink!

For those who love girly, feminine dollhouses and realistic home elements, this is the perfect miniature dollhouse kit. Any teenage girl or young woman would love this as a gift to add to their own home.

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ZQWE Roller Coaster Dollhouse Kit

pink doll house

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The ZQWE Roller Coaster dollhouse kit is unique and eye-catching. This fun-filled dollhouse kit has all of the amusement park essentials to add a touch of youth to your display. Complete with a tall roller coaster, carousel, and colorful candy stand, this kit is a wonderful imitation of a real amusement park.

The Roller Coaster dollhouse kit is listed for $26.99 and it is a perfect piece to display. The price just makes it even better. As an added bonus, this kit is made entirely from environmentally-friendly materials. This piece combines cost efficiency with a low impact on the planet.

The large roller coaster resembles a real amusement park attraction. The tracks and cars are designed to give off an air of innocence and family fun.

The child-like aura of this dollhouse kit is perfect for a variety of uses. You can show off a sense of whimsy in your child’s bedroom, craft a childhood-themed living room display, and much more. The dollhouse kit features music, movement, and LED lighting.

From park benches to cute umbrellas, the details on this dollhouse kit will add a fun vibe to any room it’s featured in.

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UniHobby Impressions Hawaii Dollhouse Kit

hawaii dollhouse

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The UniHobby Impressions Hawaii dollhouse kit is very unique. The finished piece combines aquatic life with a cozy, welcoming residence. This dollhouse consists of a blue-lit imitation aquarium on the bottom and a fully furnished house on the top.

The Impressions Hawaii dollhouse kit costs $32.99, so for a similar price point as some of the other suggestions on this list, you can get a dual-themed dollhouse. The combination of aesthetics works wonderfully in unique ways, as the aquatic landscape with blue light complements the calm vibe of the house that sits on top.

The bottom of the dollhouse contains aquatic plant decorations and fish fixtures. You can sprinkle beautifully crafted seashells along the seafloor for extra fun. Part of the residence rooms extend into the bottom portion, further delivering on the underwater house theme.

The house on top is welcoming with vintage flairs and an ivy-covered balcony. The two sailboats next to the house contribute to the illusion of life on the water. It appears as though the house itself floats partially above the water, where it is surrounded by gorgeous scenery on the surface. The top near the dust cover even features birds in action, flying all around the top of the house.

All in all, there is a lot to love about this dollhouse kit. Every detail is handcrafted and precise, making it full of unique elements. If you are crafting a display that you want to be able to look at for a while while you admire the architecture, this is the dollhouse kit for you.

This would also work well as a decoration in beach-themed rooms, aquariums, or next to fish tanks. The bottom of the piece resembles an aquatic habitat, making it an authentic addition to any sea-themed space or display.

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Rylai Queenstown Dollhouse Kit

rylai queenstown holidays dollhouse kit

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The Rylai Queenstown dollhouse kit combines many traditional dollhouse elements to make one aesthetically pleasing display. If you are looking for antiqued pastels, and cozy home elements in your dollhouse, this is the right dollhouse kit for you.

Priced at $78.99, this dollhouse is a luxury splurge. The abundance of detail, flawless design, realism, and nostalgia make this dollhouse kit well worth the price.

With this gorgeous dollhouse kit, you get a double-faceted display. The front of the dollhouse features a porch with a comfortable seating area, a table full of refreshments, and floral accents.

There is a balcony leading out from the second story of the house. This leads into the upstairs bedroom. You can see dreamy, sheer curtains in the picture window directly in front of the bedroom, as well. The front of this piece itself is an eye-catcher, but when combined with the back, it comes together to create a truly breathtaking dollhouse kit.

The back of the piece exposes a two-story home with vintage decor and furniture. Every part of the dollhouse has exquisite detail, like the living room, which features a fireplace, television, and multiple throw pillows on the furniture. You don’t get more detail-oriented than this!

There are stairs leading to the upstairs bedroom and a stunning chandelier on the ceiling. You can also find typical home decor like a nightstand with a light, a plush comforter, and a dresser. This room mimics a real vintage bedroom from the 20th century.

The side of this home has a vintage pink car and stairs leading to a side door. You’ll even discover a few dog figures to place within, bringing a sense of comfort and companionship to the home. This is truly a wonderful piece that you will enjoy assembling and admiring when you are done.

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