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101 Best Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Looking for the best toys and gifts for 7-year-old girls for a birthday party, holiday, or just because you’ve got a bored 7-year-old on your hands? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find our 101 of the top toys for 7-year-old girls that they’re sure to absolutely adore.

And don’t forget, if you’re after a rundown of the best new toys of the year, we’ve got you covered.

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How We Evaluate and Review The Best Toys for 7 Year Old Girls

We take a unique route when identifying and reviewing the best toys available that we think are great for 7 year old girls. Instead of just aggregating other lists of the best toys from around the web, we make sure that we get a lot of hands-on time with each toy, test them with kids and observe their enjoyment and excitement level, and read up on what other users have to say (if the toy has been around for awhile).

We also do a quick cost vs. benefit analysis for each toy, determining if the price is worth a child's enjoyment and usefulness they'll get out of each specific toy. After all - I can't tell you how many times I've purchased a toy only to find that my daughter will play with it for 20 minutes and then never touch it again.

We're here to eliminate all of that - to ensure that you're not wasting your money on toys that your child won't actually play with much.

We also take into account what other benefits kids might get from each toy (if there are any), along the lines of educational and developmental value.

What Are the Best Outdoor Toys for 7 Year Old Girls?

A lot of the toys you'll find above are aimed at indoor play, as we have a mega list containing solely the best outdoor toys. After all - we recognize the importance of kids getting outside.

From that mega list, some of our favorite outdoor toys for 7 year old girls are Boochie, Sumo Bumper Boppers, and the Iron Kids Playground.

What Are the Best Educational Toys for 7 Year Old Girls?

There are tons and tons of great educational toys for 7 year olds nowadays (in fact, we have a list for that, too). From that list, our favorites for 7 year old girls include the Smart IQ Mind Puzzle Games Kit, the Grow and Glow Terrarium, and the My FIrst Mind Blowing Science Kit.

What Other Toys and Gifts Are Great for 7 Year Old Girls?

Your 7 year old girl is definitely going through a lot at this age, and it's one of the most important ages for their mental health development. Not only are they learning that some words have dual meanings, understanding new concepts like multiple-step directions, and losing some teeth, they're also beginning to really develop a sense of self and a sense of body image.

To foster that, really try to lean into things they've started to show an interest in already. If your child can't seem to stop singing and listening to music, maybe branch out and see if they might have an interest in learning piano.

Also, definitely look into expanding their home libraries by adding new kids books that are equal parts challenging and fun to read (like the Never Girls collection mentioned above).