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15 Best Backyard Water Slides for Kids in 2022

backyard water slides

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Looking for the best backyard water slides available to get your summer off to a rollicking start? With the weather heating up, we’ve got a full fun lineup of great family waterplay options that are guaranteed to keep your kids and their friends entertained and outside playing.

Summer’s right around the corner and that means it’s time to get everyone’s swimsuits ordered, and your whole family ready to get out in the yard and get wet! Of course, to do that, you need to get your kids some awesome yard toys to entice them. No worries, you’ll convince them to ditch their devices when you load up their space with irresistible entertainment.

From zip lines and slacklines to trampolines and these awesome backyard waterslides, the neighbors will be jealous of the wicked fun you’re all having without ever having to leave home.

From great brand names like Banzai, Blast Zone, Intex, and more, we’ve found the absolute best waterslides for a backyard blast this summer.

These Are the Best Backyard Water Slides for Summer 2022:

backyard water slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Up to 6 kids
  • Awesome design
  • Premium materials
Price: $349.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
bounce house and water slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Entertainment combo
  • Dual water cannons
  • Fun design
Price: $599.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
inflatable backyard water slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Extra activities
  • Four kid capacity
  • Climbing feature
Price: $476.42 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
inflatable backyard water slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of activities
  • Netted sides for safety
  • Climbing wall
Price: $299.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
backyard waterslide and splash pool Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bounce house
  • Wet/dry slide
  • Easy setup
Price: $1,299.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
inflatable backyard water slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Inflatable climing wall
  • Basketball hoop
  • Quite large
Price: $335.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
backyard water park Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of activities
  • Inflates in three minutes
  • Extra tough construction
Price: $421.29 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
inflatable waterpark Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of activities
  • Fast inflation
  • Accommodates up to five kids
Price: $399.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
two slide inflatable waterpark Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Huge
  • Great for lots of kids
  • Long slide
Price: $482.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Steep incline
  • Quick setup
  • Heavy duty construction
Price: $349.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
wow super slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Simple but Effective
  • 25 Feet
  • High-Quality, Thick PVC Material
Price: $95.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
intex surf n slide Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fun shark design
  • Great for ages 6+
  • steps with handles
Price: $79.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
inflatable water slide and pool Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two pools
  • Extra toys
  • Adjustable water flow
Price: $52.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
long water slides Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 50 Feet
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
Price: $119.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
backyard water slide and bounce house Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sizeable
  • Commercial grade
  • Colorful graphics
Price: $1,349.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Blast Zone Hydro Rush Backyard Water Slide

    • Colorful and fun design
    • Sprayer at the top
    • Spash pool at the bottom
    • Cooling water cannon
    • Not as durable as some
    • Water attachment tends to leak
    • Short cord on blower

    There’s definitely an influx of brand new backyard inflatables over the past couple of years, and if it’s quality you’re looking for, check out the Blast Zone Hydro Rush water slide. This sizeable slide is perfect for the hot summer days ahead, as it also has a large slide, side mounted water cannon, and sizeable splash pool as well.

    At the top of the slide, there are two streams of water. At the bottom of the slide, there’s a pool for splashing around. It inflates in less than two minutes, so you can have it up and running in the time it takes your kids to get their swimsuits on. It’s recommended for ages 3+.

    Measures: 18’L x 8’H x 11’W

  2. 2. Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable Combo Slide

    • Big enough for up to six kids under 100 pounds
    • Dual water cannons make for lots of cooling spray
    • Fun pirate theme
    • Includes a bounce house as well as a slide and crawl through tunnel
    • Not as durable as some for the price
    • Patch kit is lacking
    • Too large for smaller yards

    The Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable is an awesome water slide and bounce house combo – perfect for multiple kids (it has a max occupancy of 6 kids or a weight capacity of  600 pounds.) Not only does it have a great water slide, water cannons, and a sizeable pool, it also has a great bounce house and crawl through tunnel incorporated into the design that kids will absolutely love!

    Its setup is also super easy, as it inflates in less than two minutes. Storage is also not an issue as it rolls up to the size of a standard sleeping bag. When you pair all of that with its well-designed pirate aesthetic, your kids will be playing with it for years to come.

    Measures 20′ x 12′ x 8′

  3. 3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide Bouncer

    • Very well made
    • Two slides plus a splash pool at the bottom
    • Surprise dump bucket for added water fun
    • Climbing wall in the center
    • More expensive than some
    • Can be difficult to empty completely
    • Hard to get back into carrying bag

    The #1 best-selling backyard water slide comes from Little Tikes, and it’s their Rocky Mountain River Race. It includes a climbing wall, two different slides, and a splash pool at the bottom. It has a maximum number of kids of 4 and has a total weight limit of 350 pounds. It also has a surprise dump pocket atop the water slide which fills on its own and dumps water on the kids climbing up the wall!

    It measures 161″L x 169″W x 103″H. As it’s the most well-known brand name on this list, you should expect super high quality. In fact, it’s the highest-reviewed of the backyard water slides on Amazon.

    Note: Little Tikes has this very same model with an L.O.L.Surprise skin on it, but that model is higher priced with relatively few in stock from a third party seller. 

  4. 4. JOYMOR Inflatable Water Slide Park

    • Big enough to accommodate quite a few kids at once
    • Fun climbing wall as well as an obstacle wall
    • Can be converted to a play area for cooler weather without using water
    • Built with safety in mind
    • Occasional pump issues reported
    • Some appearances of loose seams
    • Doesn't come with water guns or balls

    If you’re “those cool parents” who don’t mind having all the neighbors’ kids playing in your backyard, the JOYMOR inflatable backyard waterpark is going to make your place the most popular on the block. This is a backyard water slide that is so much more. It features a large wading pool at the bottom of a water slide where your kids will be greeted by a a ton of fun activities! 

    This inflatable waterpark also has a super fun bounce house to keep active kids busy that features a climbing wall inside. Multiple sprayer tunnels make sure kids keep cool despite their robust play, with sprayers built into the arches at the top and bottom of the slides. In addition to the climbing wall there is also an obstacle wall as well as a trampoline area which is netted in for safety. This big waterpark offers plenty of room for kids to play and share.

    Easy to set up and sturdy enough for most water play, this setup comes with a blower, ground stakes for the waterpark and blower, a patch kit, hose assembly, and a carrying bag to store the whole lot of it during the off-season.

    The pirate theme is always a fun design for kids who love to make believe, and you can use this as a dry park as well. In fact, you might want to turn the pool into a ball pit in the cooler weather with these crush proof plastic balls.

  5. 5. Pogo Inflatable Bounce House and Wet/Dry Slide

    • Dual entertainment option
    • Bounce house feature thick mattress for high jumps and soft landings
    • Water slide can be used wet or dry
    • Detachable splash pool available separately
    • Super durable PVC vinyl
    • Heavy to move
    • Quite expensive compared to many
    • Not enough water play unless you add optional splash pool

    No matter what the weather, this fun backyard attraction will keep your kids entertained with a variety of activities. At 12 x 12 feet, The inflatable bounce house is fun for jumping and all manner of kid hijinx and it inflates in just two minutes. Made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl, it’s made to stand up to the most rambunctious play. The extra tall mattress in the bounce house makes for high jumps and soft landings.

    But we’re here to talk about water slides and that’s what’s so cool about this fun unit. You can use the slide with or without water, so slippery kids can bounce and play inside and then slither down the slide when you add water to the mix. A built-in water sprinkling system makes things simple because there aren’t any parts to keep track of. 

    This setup includes everything you’ll need to give your kids a summertime distraction including the blower, anchor stakes, and a storage bag. You can even get a detachable splash pool for this bounce house to add to the water play. You can also get this design with a double slide combo for a few hundred dollars more.

  6. 6. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

    • Inflatable climing feature plus a big slide
    • Splash are includes a basketball hoop
    • Large splash area
    • Open design make parental supervision easy
    • For kids 10 and under
    • Requires continuous power to maintain inflation
    • Bright colors may attract bees

    We all know the brand Little Tikes, and it’s likely that you have one or two of their toys already in your child’s toy box. The Slam n’ Curve Slide is a great backyard water slide that also serves as something for them to climb on, thanks to its inflatable rock wall. The gentle curve slide leads right into a landing pool (we put lots of plastic balls in ours as well for some added kid fun).

    It also has a small hoop so that they can play a game of basketball. It uses stakes to anchor the bouncer to your lawn, and it can hold up to 3 kids and/or a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

    Measures: 14’L x 9’W x 7’H


  7. 7. Banzai Aqua Sports Backyard Water Slide Park

    • Great for kids up to 120 pounds
    • Quickly inflates and uses water from your garden hose
    • Features basketball, soccer and water polo areas with hoops and nets
    • Large splash pool at the bottom is great for toddlers and small kids
    • Too large for smaller spaces
    • Lower total weight capacity than some others
    • Among the more expensive options

    Just when the neighbor kids thought you couldn’t get any cooler, you order up this Banzai Aqua Sports waterpark for the backyard and you’re guaranteed to be the center of all kid activity! At 15 feet long by 13 feet wide by eight feet tall, this inflatable waterslide features tons of fun activities when the weather turns warm.

    A big splash pool is the perfect landing place for the beefy waterslide that has two (yes two) water fountains from up top. There’s also a climbing wall, as well as a full mini-basketball/soccer/volleyball area on one side. Heavy-duty dura-tech construction means this waterslide will stand up to the rough play kids are going to give it.

    The included blower inflates this fun water park in under three minutes and water fills from any attached garden hose. It also comes with a storage bag and repair kit so at the end of season you can toss it up in the rafters and it’ll be ready for another summer ahead.

  8. 8. Costzon Inflatable 7-in-1 Jungle Water Park

    • Combines a bouncy feature along with the water feature
    • Two slides plus a climbing wall
    • Splash pool and ball pit
    • Inflates completely in under two minutes
    • Water slide is quite steep for smaller kids
    • Better for toddlers and younger children
    • Pool bottom is quite slippery

    When versatility is what you’re looking for, the Costzon inflatable waterpark gives your kids seven different activity zones to make the most of their summertime fun. Loaded with fun options for up to five kids at once, this waterpark includes a smooth short slide for littler humans, as well as a larger water slide with a big water cannon at the bottom. 

    A large jumping area provides hours of bouncy fun, while a climbing wall provides extra challenges. A soft basketball hoop adds another layer of fun inside the bouncy area and both slides land into a shallow splash pool that offers a separate ball pit in the corner. This portable waterpark is quick to set up and comes with all the necessities including the blower, patch kit, water hose, stakes, and a carrying bag.  

    That blower is definitely worth a separate mention as this waterpark can be completely inflated in just two minutes. Perfect for any family with a group of impatient kids. The durable construction resists punctures and tears so your kids will get lots of years of play.

    Dimensions: 169.5 x 148 x 81 inches

  9. 9. BANZAI Sidewinder Blast Water Park

    • Allows for many kids to play at one time
    • Long curving water slide
    • Sizeable splash pool
    • Two water cannons
    • Vortex tunnel
    • Pricey
    • Requires a sizeable space
    • Some issues with blower shelf life

    Another great outdoor Banzai water slide is their mega-sized Banzai Sidewinder Blast. It’s the ULTIMATE backyard inflatable that your kids will use for years to come. Not only does it have an ultra-long curving water slide, but it also has a crawl through vortex tunnel, two awesome water canons, a climbing wall, and a clubhouse.

    This water park will keep your kids entertained for hours every day because it offers so many different options for water play. 

    It’s perfect if you frequently have a lot of kids at your house over the summer, as it can accommodate many kids at a time. Best of all is its super easy setup; you’ll have it fully inflated in less than three minutes total. 

    Measures: 15 feet long x 16.8 feet wide x 10.4 feet tall (also known as massive!) Banzai has another inflatable giant water slide with a slightly smaller footprint if this one is just too large. (Is there even such a “thing” as too large when it comes to backyard water slides??)

  10. 10. Sunny & Fun Inflatable Water Slide

    • Steep and fast equals fun
    • Water cannon and splash pool at the bottom
    • Heavy duty polyester denier
    • Inflates in just two minutes
    • Too big for smaller backyards
    • Lower weight limit than many
    • Splash pool is very small

    The Sunny & Fun Inflatable Water Slide has the steepest decline you’ll find on any of the inflatables you’ll find on Amazon. It’s also super durable, made out of 600D, 300D, and 200D polyester with a PVC coating. The colorful slide has a stream of water at the top and a small splash pool at the bottom. What makes this slide even more fun is the fact that it has a little climbing wall on the back instead of a ladder so ascending to the top is an additional challenge for your kiddos.

    What’s more, there’s a water cannon aimed right at the slide. As far as bang for your buck is concerned, the Turbo Slide is probably the best option if you have room for it in your yard, and it’s an inflatable that they’re going to use for years to come. The inflatable measures 15.5’L x 6.6’W x 7’H. It’s recommended for ages 3 years to 8 years, and it has a maximum weight limit of 135 pounds.

  11. 11. WOW Super Slide 25′

    • Simple but Effective
    • 25 Feet
    • High-Quality, Thick PVC Material
    • No Frills
    • Would Like More Color Options
    • Only Connects to Other WOW slides

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going basic, and if you’re looking for a no-frills-necessary water slide, the WOW Super Slide is probably your best option.

    It’s great for backyards, especially if you have a slight hill. It doesn’t come with any bells-and-whistles, it’s just a super basic water slide. But it’s super effective, with 25 feet of sliding potential for your kids. The slide, itself, is made up of extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC material that will last for multiple summers. It also comes with two sliders and a pump for easy inflation.

    What’s great about the newer WOW slides like this one is that they can all be connected to each other, allowing you to build one that’s the perfect size for your yard. Connect two and you’ve got a 50′ slide; connect three and you’ve got 75′ of non-stop sliding action.


  12. 12. Intex Surf N’ Slide Inflatable Play Center

    • Kids will love diving through the shark mouth
    • Hand holds add more stability for younger kids
    • Includes two inflatable surf riders
    • Padded landing area
    • Mostly for younger kids
    • Requires a running hose at all times
    • You'll need your own compressor

    Intex has a lot of great backyard water toys for your kids, and one of the favorites that we’ve seen is the Intex Surf N’ Slide Inflatable Play Center. If you’re looking for a cheap water slide that won’t break the bank, this one from Intex is a great option. It measures roughly 13’L x 5.5’W x 5.3’H, so it’s not super huge, making it great for smaller yards. It comes with two inflatable surfboards to slide on, but it can be used with or without (some kids actually prefer it without the boards).

    Your kids will love jumping through the maw of the giant shark to cool down. It’s recommended for ages six and up, but we’d say the cutoff is around ten years old, although it says it’s viable for kids up to 176 pounds. It doesn’t come with an air compressor, so if you don’t have one already, keep that in mind (you can get a decent one for a very small investment on Amazon).

  13. 13. Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center

    • Easy to adjust pressue to keep sprayers gentle on little ones
    • Two pools in one including a tiny shaded pool that's great for infants
    • Comes with extra toys to use inside or outside the pool and waterslide
    • Pretty much for smaller kids only
    • The slide isn't very slippery
    • Slide is very short and steep

    Perfect for families who have babies and toddlers, this clever Intex Ocean Play Center has everything you’ll need to keep them cool and happy in the heat of the summer. It features two pools in one with a tiny wading pool hidden under a shady inflatable palm tree and a larger pool adjacent to the water slide feature. That tiny pool is perfect for giving your infants a dip thanks to the shade. 

    The larger pool features water sprayers all the way around that deliver a gentle stream on anyone near. It has an adjustable control valve to ensure it’s set at the right level for even the youngest users. The pool also comes with an inflatable turtle, whale, and ring toss game that can be played with either inside or outside the pool. 

    Drain plugs in both pools make it easy to empty and put away for the season. It also comes with a patch kit just in case you have an unintended puncture. The Jungle Island Play Center is a similar design sans the inflatable palm tree but with a few additional activities built in. The Candy Zone Play Center is another fun choice for smaller kids with a ball toss and other activities and accessories as well.

  14. 14. Wahii Waterslide 50

    • Good for kids and adults
    • Durable UV protected plastic
    • So simple your kids can get it set up
    • A super affordable option
    • Basic compared to the inflatables
    • Difficult to keep slide secured to the ground
    • You'll need a running start if your lawn is level

    For slightly smaller yards, Wahii has a 50 foot version of their water slide that’s 12 feet wide. Kids love it for cooling down, and set up is super easy, so literally the kids can do it themselves. It works especially well in yards that have a bit of a downhill slope, but it’s super fun, even in level spaces, because it’s so seriously slippery.

    This slide is constructed of thick specially formulated, UV protected plastic. Because the surface is extremely smooth, once it’s wet there won’t be any friction irritation on bare skin. And since it’s rated to hold 256lbs per square foot, parents can experience the same slippery fun as their kids. For a budget buy, this one’s a keeper for sure.

  15. 15. HeroKiddo 13 x 17 Foot Tall Bounce House & Water Slide

    • Big and perfect for packyard parties
    • Durable commercial grade materials and quality construction
    • Playful graphics with inflatable palm trees
    • Fun double water slide with a bouncy house too
    • Too big for small yards
    • Pricey
    • Not enough extra amenities for the cost

    If you’re looking to go all-out, your best option is this commercial-grade water slide from HeroKiddo: the 13 x 26 foot Bounce House and Water Slide.

    Now, you’ve probably seen these types of mega water slides at graduation parties or family reunions in the summer, as they’re most common at parties. But they’re actually quite easy to take down and put up as needed, so there’s no reason you can’t throw this in your backyard this summer and let your kids go wild.

    At 13 feet tall, this dual-purpose structure features a double slide that delivers kids into a fun wading pool that will have them splashing to their heart’s content. It also features a seriously fun bounce house for kids where they can play, and then slide down into the water to cool off. Fun graphics and inflatable palm trees will make this a centerpiece of your family’s summer of fun. The bounce house features a soft basketball hoop to add another level of play and adds to the overall quality of this piece.

    Measures: 26’L x 12′ W x 13.5’H

Why Is Outdoor Play So Important for Kids?

If you're shopping for a backyard water slide, it's likely you're looking for ways to convince your kids that playing outside is more fun than sitting in front of a screen. But heaven forbid, you'd tell them to do it because it's healthy!

Of course, you know there are lots of ways your kids benefit from being outside, and if you need even more convincing, the experts at Harvard Medical School say that in addition to exercise, playing outside helps kids learn to take risks, be aware and make decisions. 

What Should I Look For in a Backyard Water Slide?

Since these waterslides vary greatly, you'll first want to consider the age of the kids you're shopping for. You can literally find water slides that accommodate tiny ones and toddlers from 2 years old and up, but if you're shopping for bigger kids there are definitely some items that should be on your checklist. 

Materials - What is the slide made of, and can it stand up to the rough wear and tear of bigger kids? If you want durability, we'd highly recommend heavy-duty PVC vinyl as the best and most durable puncture-resistant material for all sorts of applications per the experts at Herculite.com.

Accessories - Many of the best backyard water slides come with added features, from vortex tunnels to water cannons and climbing walls. Those keep bigger kids occupied and having fun for longer periods of time, but keep in mind, they generally have a larger footprint so you'll want to consider your space limitations before buying.

What's Included - if the water slide is inflatable, does it require a compressor or a blower to maintain that inflation and does the slide come with that included? Does it come with a repair kit? How does it maintain stability once inflated? Are there included ground stakes to secure it? And, lastly, how easy is it to deflate, clean, and store?

Backyard water slides can be a blast, and as the adults in the house, you can still sit in the pool section of the larger ones while your kids splash around you, so snag one early this year as these have a tendency to sell out long before the hottest days of summer have arrived.

Have fun!

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