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33 Best Bluey Toys Your Kids Will Howl For

If your children are anything like mine, Bluey has become one of their favorite shows over the last few years. There are a lot of great gift ideas for kids out there, but if they’re fans of the show, your kids will love Bluey toys too.

The Heeler family is replicated in lots of fun ways. And we have all of the best Bluey figures and Bluey plushes listed right here. So browse below and get something wholesome and fun for your little ones to enjoy.



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What is Bluey?

Some of you parents out there may have clicked on this story not knowing what or who Bluey is. To sum it up quickly, Bluey is an Australian-made animated series that began airing in 2018. It stars a six to seven-year-old Australian Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey, as well as her friends and family members (mostly other types of dogs) too. 

Typically alongside Bluey's younger sister Bingo, the duo typically embrace their curiosity and imagination to embark on adventures that often bring about constructive discourse and learning experiences. Unlike some other similarly themed shows, Bluey is lauded for its portrayal of Bluey and Bingo's parents. Throughout the series, Bandit (dad) and Chilli (mom) each help the girl pups develop healthy family values and support them through various emotional obstacles as they slowly grow up. Something all parents out there can likely relate to. 

Is Bluey Good for Kids?

After numerous seasons on the air, Bluey has become a bastion of quality children's television. In fact, Slate.com's Phillip Maciak published a fantastic article in August of 2022 entitled "Why TV’s Best Kids Show Is Also Its Best Show About Parents". It's quite insightful and surprisingly enlightening as to how much your children are taking in their parent's behavior even when you may think they aren't paying attention. In addition to that, Vulture's Kathryn VanArendonk penned an essay in May of 2021 explaining "How Bluey Became the Best Kids’ Show of Our Time". Pretty high praise stuff!

On top of the impressive parent/child relationship aspect of the show, the amount of awards garnered is clear proof that Bluey is good for kids. It has won the AACTA Award for Best Children's Program in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Bluey was awarded an International Emmy Kids Award in 2019. As well as Logie Awards in 2019 and 2022 for Most Outstanding Children's Program. 

These awards are just a few of many though. The program has tallied well over two dozen awards in total since it began airing in 2018. And it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

What Age Group is Bluey Aimed at?

Focusing on Australian Heeler pups that are six (later seven) and four (later five), preschool and younger elementary children is the age group Bluey is typically aimed at. Though it often depicts insightful situations that kids both younger and older can learn and grow from. In fact, parents around the globe can also attest to the ability the show has to make them reflect and make changes where needed in their own parenting style. 

Episodes are around ten minutes each (eight minutes typically). Which is a purposeful design choice to keep the attention span of the little ones that don't have much of it. 

Where Can You Watch Bluey?

Created and originally airing in Australia, it didn't take long for Bluey to make its way out to the rest of the world. The Walt Disney Company purchased the show's international broadcasting rights in June 2019, and it began premiering on its networks just a few months later. 

The show began its U.S. run on Disney Junior as of September 2019. Because of its popularity, Disney decided to promote the show to air on the Disney Channel beginning with its second season in July 2020. 

Though the most popular place where you can watch Bluey is undoubtedly the company's prominent streaming platform, Disney Plus. On the Disney Plus Bluey page, you can catch every episode of the series that has aired to date. 

Why is Bluey So Popular with Adults?

There's a clear reason why Bluey is so popular with adults. The show's writers and producers are parents just like us. And they've gone through difficult parental challenges that most moms and dads can relate to. 

USA Today's Kelly Lawler wrote a touching piece in August 2022 entitled "Why 'Bluey' is the animated show parents like even more than kids". In it, Lawler pulls an impactful quote from Bluey's Executive Producer, Charlie Aspinwall:

"The parents in the show also have their own lives and struggle with the same problems that any family has, which makes them and the stories very relatable. At times, Chili and Bandit get it wrong or spend time figuring things out which is reassuring, but in the end, they just like to spend time with their kids and enjoy playing with them."

Another August 2022 article, this time from NPR's Elizabeth Blair, explains "The secret behind why parents — and kids — love 'Bluey'. In it, a fun quote from David McCormack (the voice of Bluey's dad, Bandit), explains the show from a father's point of view:

"There's some episodes where he [Bandit] tries to invent games where he gets to just lie on the couch and read the newspaper or watch cricket or something. I find in real life as a dad, I try and invent games that involve me lying on the couch and watching TV as well."

Blair's article also explains that Bluey isn't afraid to tackle difficult scenarios for children too. Another quote from McCormack reflects on an episode in which the Heeler family must deal with the death of an injured bird they've found:

"In most kids' shows, the bird would miraculously recover and, you know, be the comedic family pet for the rest of the series. But in this episode, the bird doesn't recover and dies, and for a kids show to be dealing with the death of an animal is pretty unusual. But it's good that it deals with real stuff."

On top of just having real, relatable parents, Bluey also has guest stars from time to time that mom and dad can appreciate popping up. For instance, Rose Byrne has voiced Chilli's older sister Brandy on the show. And Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda too has voiced a character in the series too. 

Is Bluey Like Peppa Pig?

Many people see the cultural status the show has achieved and ask is Bluey like Peppa Pig. And the answer is, well, sort of. Series creator Joe Brumm stated in a 2019 article that his intention was "to make the Australian version of Peppa Pig." However, Brumm and his team decided that Bluey would benefit from better-written parents. And parents would appreciate not being depicted as incompetent too.

Stuart Hertiage of The Guardian published a piece in 2021 explaining that Bluey is "Peppa Pig, with better parenting". Hertiage lays out the following comparison between the two shows:

"Bluey’s secret weapon is Bandit, arguably the best screen dad of all time. Unlike, say, Peppa Pig’s Daddy Pig – a blundering, clueless, stereotype-enforcing fool – Bandit is playful and engaged and patient, no matter how tired and crotchety he gets."

We say all this not to disparage Peppa Pig, of course. The program is still one of the most popular children's shows in the world. In fact, there are a ton of great Peppa Pig toys out there if your children are fans of Peppa and her family too.