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7 Best Christmas Squishmallows to Cuddle Up to This Fall

Squishmallows remain one of the hottest Christmas toys going. Kids love them. Adults love them. Everyone loves them! But what are the best Christmas Squishmallows worth checking out? Read of to find out our best picks along with all the info you need to know.

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What are Squishmallows made of?

With all kids' toys and especially plushies, it's important to know what the thing you're buying is made from. Not just to gauge how soft it'll be, but also in case your child has any allergies.

According the official Squishmallows site, these plushies are made from and filled with polyester fibers. There's also no toxic chemicals used, nor are any added to the outside layer of the fibers on the inside. 

Just keep in mind they're not flame retardant

How Much Do Squishmallows Cost?

Squishmallows generally cost between $15 and $45 depending on the size of the 'mallow you're picking up. 

Pricing is generally broken down by size, though sales will drop that price further and when a Squishmallow becomes rarer, third-party sellers have a habit of jacking up the price. Boo.

As a guide, prices normally work out to the following: 

  • 8-inch: $19.99
  • 10-inch: $24.99
  • 12-inch: $34.99

How Popular Are Squishmallows?

In short, Squishmallows are everywhere. You can't walk into a good toy shop without seeing them everywhere. 

Originally released in 2017, Squishmallows gained a cult following thanks to the social media site TikTok, where videos of the toys and owner's collections have racked up over 20 million views. 

Since then, more than 50 million Squishmallows have been sold and that trend is showing no signs of slowing down.