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35 Best Horse Toys for Kids: Your Ultimate List

Horse toys will always be in the running for their favorite gift of the year because horses occupy a magical space in all kids’ hearts. You pretty much can’t go wrong. These are the best horse toys out there for your little horse lovers. For more farm sets, check out the best tractor toys.

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Why Do Kids Love Horses So Much?

It's certainly a widespread phenomenon, enough that the term "horse girl" is part of our lexicon.

People have been obsessed with horses since we domesticated them 6,000 years ago according to the BBC, and that interest hasn't waned even though we're generally no longer reliant on horses for transport and agriculture.

There are different theories on exactly why. An NPR article suggests that horses, unicorns, and dolphins capture our little hearts because they encourage our imaginations. I would add mermaids to that list because mermaid gifts for girls are just as popular at some ages.

These animals represent speed, power, and independence as well as the ability to travel in ways children can't on their own. (And sometimes that's into fun, magical worlds too.)

I mean, horses are gorgeous, captivating creatures. Who didn't want a pony growing up?

The plus side to this obsessive love of horses is that nearly any horse gift you give them is almost a guaranteed winner. 

Is it Important to Buy Brand-Names like Breyer or Schleich Horses?

That really depends on who you're buying for. If you're finding a gift for a toddler or someone who likes horses but hasn't gone over into horses-are-life territory, you can probably get away with any brand you like.

If you're buying for someone who has a collection or who loves specific horses like a collection of Spirit horse toys, it's best to spring for the big names.

Another reason to buy brand names is if it's important to you where the toys are coming from. Most toys out there are going to be manufactured somewhere in Asia. Schleich horses are a German brand and many of them are manufactured in Europe.

What Are All These Scale Numbers?

On some listings, you'll be seeing numbers and symbols like 1:12 or 1/24 scale. That refers to the size of the toy. 

For example, 1:12 scale means that one foot in real life equates to down to 1/12 of an inch for the miniature.

Scale is important because you want the toy horses to be able to fit inside the barn or stable so you want to check to make sure they're the same scale. 

Just Miniature Scale has a great visual explanation of this if that's easier to understand.

What Differences Are There in Toy Horses for Boys vs Girls?

None. It's 2021. Kids of any gender can play with whatever toys they want. Girls playing with horse trucks and trailers? All good. Boys playing with pink little horses? No worries. 

Gendering colors and toys only isolate kids from each other and discourage sharing.

Kids like what they like. There's no harm in any of it.

What Do I Get Them If All They Want Is a Real Horse?

It's a cliche for a reason, right? If the only thing on their Christmas list is "pony" written 25 times down the pages, don't panic. 

The obvious answer here is to spring for horse riding lessons if you're able but not everyone has the money or location to make that work. 

For starters, get them books so they can learn about horse riding and everything it takes to care for horses. The book Horse Life: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Riding Horses for Kids is a solid option here. They may learn more and decide they don't actually want to care for a horse when they learn what "mucking stalls" means.

But chances are they'll still be gung-ho. Your options here are to get them a larger stand-in toy or break down and find a way for them to spend time with horses. 

I know there's a cost to it, but it's not really a bad thing. Horse Illustrated details lots of benefits to being a horse-obsessed kid. Caring for horses fosters a sense of responsibility and dedication. It helps them face their fears while engaging in an athletic sport outdoors. 

You could also try to shift their focus to something else horse-esque that you can't own with giraffe gifts.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Horse Toys on Amazon?

My top one is that I don't have to get up and go find your wallet because they already have your billing information. Plus there's always:

  • Prime shipping.
  • Easy returns.
  • Practically endless variety.
  • Not giving your info out to yet another website that will send you marketing emails daily forever.