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21 Best Lego Duplo Sets for Kids to Build

Lego is one of the most popular toy brands in the world. There are numerous themes of blocks developed by the company, with Lego Duplo being reserved for the toddlers in your home. But with tons of Lego Duplo sets out in the wild, what sets do you choose to go with your child’s Lego table? That’s where we come in. Our list of the Best Lego Duplo Sets presents you with a wide range of options for a wide range of children. Check them out below and find some Duplo blocks that your little one will love. But be sure to consider these Lego Architecture sets to give yourself some playtime too.

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Duplo Legos

Duplo blocks have been keeping younger children engaged and creative for over 50 years now. The blocks are designed to be more accessible for children in the 1 1/2 to 5-year-old range. Thus these pieces are twice the length, height, and width of traditions Lego blocks. 

Because dimensions are doubled, Duplo blocks are still compatible with the smaller traditional Lego bricks. Duplo Legos have proven to be immensely popular over the last half-century, with well over 1,000 different Duplo sets hitting the market. 

Disney Lego

Disney and Lego have collaborated for years now to provide some of the coolest sets you'll find across the majority of your favorite franchises. The 4,080-piece Disney Castle Set has been one of the most popular for quite a while. Though it's definitely designed for more experienced builders.

The Lego Disney Train and Station Set is also quite impressive with its 2,925 pieces. As is the Frozen-themed Elsa's Magical Ice Palace that's comprised of 701-pieces. And, of course, you have all of the Star Wars based Lego sets at your disposal too. 

Lego Duplo Train

Little boys love trains. And Lego Duplo has numerous sets that they'll assuredly love. The 105-piece Cargo Train Set is already one of our favorites on our list. It's loaded with cool accessories and utilizes the smartphone app to give the set even more functionality.

The Steam Train Set is really cool too. It also uses smartphones to control and interact with the train. And the 59-piece set has great accessories like stations, plants, and animals too. 

Lego Duplo Tables

If your child is really into their Duplo blocks, you might as well purchase a Lego Duplo table for their playroom or bedroom. These tables have surfaces that are designed to be a base for all their building needs. Providing both stability, as well as a clean area for the blocks to be spread. And more importantly, not on your floor. 

Fun Builder has a well-built option that measures 32" long x 32" wide x 21" high. The company also has a longer (and cheaper) option with built-in storage which may fit certain Lego-filled rooms even better.