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43 Best Paw Patrol Toys Your Kid Will Love

Kids will always go straight to Paw Patrol. It is pure timeless, wholesome fun for younger kids. So if you looking for some new Paw Patrol toys for your kids, look no further than this expert guide below. Kids. Love. Paw Patrol. Here are the very best Paw Patrol toys for sale right now.

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Paw Patrol is to kids what the Avengers are to comic book nerds like myself. While the Avengers are essentially the rockstars of the Marvel universe, Paw Patrol are the rockstars of kids television shows.

So, it should be no surprise that Paw Patrol toys are all the rage in 2018, as just about every child under 5 likely has an obsession with Skye, Ryder, Chase, Zuma, or any of the other heroic pups.

Unfortunately, it's not like you can walk into a Toys R' Us anymore and just head to the Paw Patrol section.

Luckily, we're in the know here at Heavy.com, as we've been hands-on with many new toys this year in preparation for the rest of the year - after all, you've likely got birthday gifts and holiday gifts to buy, right?

What Age Are Paw Patrol Toys For?

The Paw Patrol TV show is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, but as far as the toys are concerned, you can find some that are available for 2 year olds.

We'd say that the acceptable age range for Paw Patrol toys is from 2 to 5 years old.

What Are the New Paw Patrol Toys of 2022?

There are three major brand new Paw Patrol toys this year:

Where to Buy Paw Patrol Toys

You can find some of the best Paw Patrol toys on various online stores like Amazon and Target. As far as in-store, you can find many of the toys above at Walmart, Target, Kohls, and even Kmart.

What Company Makes Paw Patrol Toys?

That would be the ever-popular Spin Master. The same company also makes nail stampers, DC and Batman toys, Etch a Sketch, Hatchimals, and a whole range of really awesome toys. 

Which Paw Patrol Toys Fit in the Patroller?

Spin Master says any of the basic Paw Patroller Vehicles fit in the Paw Patroller. Here are a few that fit:

  • The Chase Cruiser
  • Marshall's Fire Fightin' Truck
  • Rubble's Diggin' Bulldozer
  • Skye's High Flyin' Copter
  • Rocky's Recycling Truck
  • Zuma's Hovercraft


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