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11 Best The Child Toys: Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you know him as Baby Yoda, The Child, or even as Grogu, everyone loves the little green guy. But with so much merch around, what are the best gifts available to grab right now? Read on for the very best The Child toys even the largest collectors will appreciate.

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Baby Yoda, The Child, or Grogu - Which One Is It?

As an avid The Mandalorian fan, learning more about the little green goblin has been exciting. One of the biggest reveals of late comes from season two episode five and the revelation that The Child has a name, Grogu. 

Technically, all three names - Baby Yoda, The Child, and Grogu - have all been used to describe the little guy in some form over the years. 

After the first episode of The Mandalorian aired, the Internet promptly named Grogu Baby Yoda due to him being the same race as - you guessed it - Yoda. It's a pretty self-explanatory name, to be honest. 

But as that name made no sense (Yoda is a name, not the race, after all), the showrunners were keen to point out he was being referred to in the show simply as The Child. 

Fast forward into the here and now and we can officially start calling him by his proper name. He'll always be The Child to us, though. Well, until he grows up and starts leaving clothes on the floor and never washing. 

How Old Is The Child? 

Brace yourselves. Are you sitting down? Are you certain you're ready for this life-changing info? Okay. The Child is 50 years old. 

No, really. Cinemablend has an article on this but the basic gist is the Yoda species, of which have no name, age differently to humans. Although The Child is 50, he's still considered a baby, albeit a baby capable of understanding speech, walking, and controlling the force. It's probably best not to question it too much. 

To put things in perspective, Yoda was around 900 when he passed, while the third known member of the Yoda species, Yaddle, was just 483 when she died. 

The more you know, eh?

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