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55 Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boys

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the very best toys for 9-year-old boys around they are guaranteed to love. With toys ranging from Marvel to Fortnite, and everything in between, we’ve got something for everyone, for every kind of child. Even the ones who turn their nose up at everything.

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Shopping for kids can go one of two ways. Either they know what they want and it's easy, or they're indecisive and stuck for inspiration. 

Don't worry though, we're here to help.  

Best Toys for 9 Year Olds

The best toys for 9 year olds are the ones they can interact with. 

Playing with toys promotes social skills through role-play and aids in their motor development. 

So in terms of toys you can interact with, what are we talking about?

We're talking Lego, video games, action figures - the most popular toys are the most popular for a reason. 

My only advice when buying action figures is make sure it does something.

If they come with accessories to put in the figure's hands, or clothing that can be removed - great! Those kind of features help with a child's development and move kids away from just smacking two toys together. 

For video games, it's always really important to keep an eye on the age rating. Moreover, it's worth keeping in mind the age rating isn't how hard the game is to play. The age rating dictates the type of content and themes inside the game. 

While a 9 year old could play an M-rated game, that doesn't mean they should. 

Best Educational Toys for 9 Year Olds

Education toys for 9 year olds can be a great way to get kids thinking deeper about how the world operates. 

But before we jump into the best, a word of warning: If it's not fun, do not buy it. They'll grow bored of it and it may make it harder to get them into something educational that is fun. 

The best educational gift at the moment is the National Geographic Science Kit

The main hook to this set is the dual-LED microscope which lets kids view biological specimens on slides with the lower scope then move over to the upper lights to examine 3D objects in ridiculously clear detail. 

There's also 50 accessories to play around with and this kit also comes with a - wait for it - shrimp experiment, whereby kids can hatch shrimp eggs in brine. 

That is certain to get thinking about life and the wonders of the science world! It almost makes me want to be a kid again!

9 Year Old Boy Birthday Ideas

Okay. Let's stop for a minute. Think back to when you were a kid. What was the gift that made you go WOW!? For me, I've got memories of opening a Super Nintendo on Christmas day and freaking out as the wrapping came off. 

What you want to recreate is that feeling of awe; that feeling of WOW!

However, there isn't a one-for-all answer to this question because no child is the same. I'd love to tell you to buy them a pet bear, but what works for one child won't work for another. 

It all comes down to what kind of child your kid is. If they like Lego, we've got all the latest and greatest on this list. Likewise, if they're into playing games, the Nintendo Switch (or the games we mentioned) is well worth checking out. 

And if they're into action figures, thankfully this list has all the figures kids care about. 

Fun Gifts for 10 Year Old Boy

Again, this isn't an easy answer. I could say Buy This, but one-for-all doesn't work when it comes to kids. We do have a breakdown of the best toys for 10 year old boys or the best gifts for 10 year old boys to check out though, if you get stuck. 

What I can tell you is to think about what fun means to them. If they're an outdoors kid, go with a jungle gym. If they love role-playing adventures, a costume of their favorite character. If they're into making toys battle one another, some of the action figures on this list are sure to excite. 

Fun has very different meanings depending on what your child likes. So ask them what makes them happy and go from there. 

I Need Even MORE Gift Ideas!

Don't panic, Heavy is your best-kept secret.

Head on over to our toys for kids hub and you'll find a host of expert gift guides broken down by individual ages that's sure to take away all of the guesswork.