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19 Best Toys Under $100 for Boys: The Ultimate List

We here at Heavy know everyone loves a good bargain. And with our guide to the best toys under $100 for boys, you’ll be able to make them smile and save some money in the process. So shop smarter, save, and grab yourself a great deal.

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Cheap Baby Toys

Thankfully, the vast majority of baby toys are fairly affordable. Great news or what? 

If you're in search of a plushie they'll love, go with the GUND Bedtime Elmo. GUND is one of the best plushie makers out there and Elmo is always a hit with kids. It's a match made in heaven. 

As for something they can play and learn with, the V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Walker is a huge hit. 

As a baby, there are lots of different buttons to push and sounds to uncover. But as they get older and more independent, this toy aides them with learning to walk. 

One of the biggest problems I had when my kids were young was any toy I'd buy would become useless in a few months, so it's good to see toy companies making toys that are built to last them a few years at the least. 

Biggest Toys of 2022 for Boys and Girls

According to a panel conducted by DreamToys in the UK, the hottest 12 toys of 2022 are set to be a mix of Barbie, Star Wars, and LOL. 

Some of the biggest highlights from the list are below to give you an idea of what kids are asking for this year. 

Also mentioned in the report are the PAW Patrol Dino Patroller and the Lego Super Mario Starter Cause reviewed further up the page. 

One Quick Tip: Don't Leave It Too Late

Obviously when it comes to grabbing gifts, you don't want to leave it until the last minute. Everyone knows that. But, given how crazy this year has been, it's now more important than ever to keep in mind shipping is going to be more chaotic than usual this year. 

“We implore consumers not to leave their Christmas shopping to the final few weeks of the year,” says DreamToys chair Gary Grant.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions across the country, retailers will simply not be able to service as many people in-store due to social distancing.

"In addition, couriers are already overloaded and will struggle to meet the demand to get presents to people before Christmas. Added to this is the limited availability of stock compared to previous years; our advice is to shop early to avoid missing out.”

While the above was said in relation to the UK market, the US likewise is facing a similar situation, albeit on a much larger scale.

Our advice? If you can avoid leaving it until the last few weeks, we'd strongly recommend acting early to avoid the disappointment of stock shortages and shipping delays. 

If you do suddenly remember you've forgotten something at the last minute, definitely grab Prime for quicker shipping. You won't regret it. 

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