Festival Kit: Your Guide to a Successful Experience


Setting up a festival kit can feel intimidating, which is why you’ve come to this article. Here, I’ll show you exactly how to put together a festival kit, in order to have an awesome time.

The kit is meant specifically for your in-venue experience. So, it’ll cover everything from the type of bag you should carry, down to how exactly to pack it.

But, before you put together your bag, you should ensure the rest of your festival life is taken care of. Your outfits are an important piece to it. Light-up shoes are just one type of stand-out piece to consider. Another would be sequin bodysuits.

Your campsite is an important piece to focus on, if you’re attending a camping festival. A camping kitchen, camp chairs, and camping tables are all something to consider, in addition to a tent.

Once you’ve got those big pieces covered, you can give your full attention to setting up a festival kit. This list is set-up in order of how you should think about packing your bag, starting with the bag and ending with small things that can fit almost anywhere.

Use this list to your advantage, to hack your way into an awesome time. I’ve laid out exactly where to buy your festival kit essentials, and how to put it together. Dive in below.

1. Festival Backpack

festival kit


Your backpack is arguably one of the most important pieces in a festival kit. After all, you have to wear it all-day…and into the night.

So, if you choose a bag that chafes or is uncomfortable in any way, you may regret your decision. Instead, I’ve got an awesome festival bag for you: The Solo Peak Backpack.

I want to thank the team over at Solo for sending me a bag to review. I’ve always had a weird backpack obsession, and this guy surpassed my geekiness standards.

First of all, it’s ridiculously lightweight. And it has a laptop compartment, which doubles as a big storage compartment for your set-up.

It’s made of a smooth nylon fabric, and has a super unique zipper design. Accessing the bag is easy, even if you choose not to unbuckle the clip. It’s the perfect size to fit all of your festival essentials.

And if you’re interested in another color, burgundy is available. Awesome price, awesome backpack.

Price: $34.95 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Solo Peak Backpack here.

2. Hoodie

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Baja Direct

Pretty much no matter what festival you attend, the temperature will drop at night. If you’re not prepared, you’re going to end up chilly. That leads to unhappiness, or a super expensive unplanned hoodie purchase–both of which are less-than-ideal. So, bring your own warmth, like a drug rug.

This Mexican Baja Hoodie Pullover is entirely unisex, so you don’t need to worry about the cut. And it’s made from recycled material: A cotton/polyester/acrylic blend. The inside is fully lined with a soft cotton, and it’s machine-washable.

Throw it on to layer, or use it as a sole source of warmth. Regardless, you need a hoodie in your festival kit. Fold it up, and place it right in the bottom of your bag.

If you’re not feeling this color scheme, there are more than 15 other colors to choose from.

Your festival kit is not just limited to drug rugs. Consider these weed hoodies, too.

Price: $25.99 – $29.99

Buy the Mexican Baja Hoodie Pullover Sweater Unisex here.

3. Rain Poncho

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Nobody wants to think about the crap that could occur at a festival. But if you truly want to have a good time, planning for the bad parts is just as necessary as planning for the good ones. And you really don’t want to get stuck in the rain, without some type of rain jacket.

The Totes Hooded Pullover Rain Poncho is the perfect addition to your festival pack. It’s small, lightweight, and can easily be folded into a compact size.

Made of vinyl, it’s totally water-proof. There are side snaps and a hood, as well. One size should fit most. Don’t be left soaked after a freak rainstorm.

Once it’s folded, slide it right next to your hoodie inside your festival essentials kit. It’s out of the way, but still easy-to-access.

Price: $10.89

Buy the Totes Hooded Pullover Rain Poncho here.

4. Sunglasses

festival kit

WearMe Pro

When it comes to a festival kit, sunglasses are a bit of a no-brainer. After all, if it’s sunny outside, you want to protect your eyes. But if you forget to bring your regular sunglasses, your SOL.

Instead, invest in a pair of festival-specific sunglasses. You’ll always know where they are, and you’ll never forget them.

The Classic Small Round Retro Sunglasses are an awesome choice. Aside from the price (hello under-$10), they’re stylish and comfortable. Thanks to 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, they keep your eyes safe.

The lenses are made with polycarbonate, and the frames are plastic. Slide the sunnies into the included pouch, and place them inside the folded hoodie. Or, wear them on your head for extra easy access.

Not feeling this color-scheme? Choose from an additional eight colors.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Classic Small Round Retro Sunglasses here.

5. Sunscreen

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Waxhead Sun Defense Foods

I’m always the Mom friend in my group, so I’m going to say the same thing to you: Wear some dang sunscreen. If you don’t, you’ll fry like a crisp. And once you’re burnt, your stoke-level is going to plummet.

It’s no fun having to care for your burns, while attempting to see your favorite set. Mitigate that entirely with some strong SPF.

The Waxhead Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is an awesome choice. Many common sunscreens contain toxins, but not this brand. It’s made with eco-friendly, 100% reef-safe components.

Ideal for facial areas, it’s meant for more sensitive skin. With only nine ingredients, there’s zero oxybenzone, or other scary chemicals. Keep your face (and body) looking awesome for years to come.

Put on sunscreen at the beginning of the day, and reapply throughout. Make sure the cap’s on when you toss it back into your bag. For ease of mind, place it in the bag pocket, to keep from rattling around.

Price: $15.25

Buy the Waxhead Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen here.

6. Socks

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Much like in the capsule covering hoodie, warmth is key to an awesome experience. If you’re cold, shivering, or even just uncomfortable, your attention won’t be entirely on the set you’re watching. And let’s be honest, that sucks. There’s an easy way around that, though, (in addition to a hoodie): Socks.

You don’t want to bring just any socks, though. Fits socks are your best bet. They’re made with a merino wool blend–73% merino, 21% nylon, four-percent polyester, and two-percent lycra–for maximum breathability.

Merino wool keeps your feet warm when it’s cold, and cools them when it’s hot. And, it has anti-stink properties, so you can wear them multiple days in a row…there’s a reason outdoorsmen love merino.

You don’t even need to wear them all day. Simply toss them in your festival survival kit, and you’ll be set if you catch a case of the chills.

If you’re more into 420 style, consider bringing along some weed socks instead.

Price: $13.60 – $16.99

Buy the FITS Light Runner here.

7. Charging Block

festival kit

How do you communicate with your friends at a festival? Probably via cellphone…although you might have some intricate smoke signal system–no judgment.

More than likely, though, it’s the former. But if you’re camping–and subsequently don’t have access to an outlet–or use your phone a lot, you need a charging block.

Yes, there are charging stations at festivals. However, you generally need to stay with your phone, so someone doesn’t swipe it.

That’s where the Anker PowerCore 10000 steps in. It’s one of the most widely-used portable chargers, with good reason. If you have an iPhone 8, it’ll charge it almost 3.5 times, and if you have a Galaxy S8, it’ll charge 2.5-times over.

In addition to it’s charging capacities, it also boasts PowerIQ and Voltage Boost; in tandem, they deliver the fasts possible charge. A protection system is in-place, so you won’t ruin your batteries.

And if you hit the end of festival season, and it didn’t work out, simply send it back, thanks to a worry-free warranty.

As far as placement, it’s best to place it inside of the folded hoodie. However, if you’ve already placed your sunglasses there, either slide it into the back pocket, or in-between the hoodie and poncho. Don’t forget to throw in a cord.

If you’re not down with the black, choose from red or white.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Anker PowerCore 10000 here.

8. Cash

festival kit


Cash is king. I don’t care where you are, who you know, or what your background is. If you’ve got cash, you’re ahead of the game. But why do you need cash in your festival kit? Consider this scenario: You leave your bag by a tree to go flow, and someone steals it. Would you rather lose your debit card, or a bit of cash? I’d gamble on the latter. Losing cash sucks, but that’s the end of the road. Losing your debit card may mean you can’t get gas to go home.

In order to keep your cash nice and safe, do not bring your regular wallet. I’m going to repeat that again: DO NOT BRING YOUR REGULAR WALLET INSIDE OF THE VENUE. If you lose it, you’re seriously screwed. Instead, get some cash before the festival, and pull a little bit of it each day. Store it in a small carrier, like this ZORESS Leather RFID Card Case. It’s large enough to hold cash, and an ID. Shove it at the bottom of your bag, and only remove it when necessary. Have cash. Keep it safe.

Price: $15.79

Buy the ZORESS Womens Leather RFID Blocking Slim Credit Card Case here.

9. Water Bottle

festival kit

Hydro Flask

You may or may not already know this, but purchasing food and beverages inside of a venue is expensive as all get out. Heck, a single bottle of water can cost you more than a 24-pack in the grocery store.

And you can’t just skip the hydration–you need to drink something. Rather than dropping $20 on a bottle for you and a friend, come prepared with a reusable water bottle. There are always free hydration stations.

Hydro Flask is easily one of the best names in the water bottle game. They’re made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastics, and 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.

Thanks to double-walled, vacuum insulated TempShield Insulation, your water will stay nice and cold for up-to-24-hours. A Powder Coat prevents any outside condensation, so you can toss it in your bag, without soaking the inside.

Throw your water bottle on top for easy access. Just make sure it’s totally empty when you enter the venue.

Green not your thing? Choose from loads of other colors.

Price: $18.75 – $70

Buy the Hydro Flask Water Bottle here.

10. Small Trinkets

festival kit


Music festivals are unlike any other event on the planet. People are more relaxed, the crowd is stoked to be there, and it’s super easy to make new friends.

Oftentimes, people hand out awesome items like they’re trying to get rid of liquidated store inventory. Don’t be left out by solely receiving, and never reciprocating. Bring trinkets or other small gifts to hand out to your new festie besties.

There’s just something about temporary tattoos. Were they cool as all get out when you were five? Yes! Are they cool as heck now that you’re 25, 35, 45, or older? Can I get a heck yes? Heck yes!

Aside from the fact you can use them on yourself, you can hand over these metallic temporary tattoos to anyone. They’re non-toxic, and can be applied in less-than-a-minute. Wear them anywhere on your body, including your face. Remove by rubbing baby oil on them. Slide the tattoo sheets into the pocket to keep them from crinkling.

Price: $9.95

Buy the Terra Tattoos Metallic Tattoos here.

*Bonus* Eye Glasses

Festival kit


I realize this isn’t applicable for everyone, but it needs mentioning to those it affects. If you’re a glasses-wearer, like myself, then you may want to consider bringing a pair of “festival-only” glasses.

It might seem a bit extra, but what happens if you break your everyday glasses headbanging to your favorite set? Well, you’re left SOL.

Instead of bringing your fancy schmancy, coated-to-reduce-screen-glare glasses, bring a pair you won’t scream bloody murder, in the off-chance they break.

I want to thank Liingo Eyewear for sending me a pair of glasses to review. This is actually my second pair from the company and I am in LOVE. I wear glasses 24/7–no contacts for me.

So, having a pair that’ll stay on my face during an intense workout, or sprinting to shelter during a downpour is a must. On both occasions, the glasses have passed with flying colors.

They’re extremely comfortable, to boot. No more mini-headaches from the arms digging into your head. It’s only smooth, clear vision, from the second you put them on your face.

And if you’re not a fan of making doctors appointments, then you’re seriously in luck. Liingo recently teamed up with Opternative Inc!, to bring an eye doc right to your living room.

For just $30 and 10-minutes of your time, you’ll have a ophthalmologist-issued prescription…without having to take off your PJs. Heck, that’s less than I pay when I go into the office.

Want in on this awesome service? Head over here, and snag a new pair of glasses and a fresh prescription. Convenience at its finest.

Price: $129

Buy the Draft House Golding Glasses here.

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