Top 5 Best Vape Mods: Which Is Right for You?

best vape mods

Customization is key to vaping. There are literally millions of combinations of various accessories. You can choose to pick up a vape starter kit, which gives you everything you could possibly need to vape. Most starter set-ups include a battery, cartomizer, charging cord, wall adapter, and many come with a bottle of vape juice.

A starter kit is great for well, starters. Once you get into vaping, however, you begin to see all of the amazing ways you can personalize your vaping experience. Starter kits provide a great base for vaping, but they’re quite lacking in modifications. Mods, of course, come in many shapes and sizes. They range from a single device, all the way up to an entire kit full of modifications.

In order to determine what type of mod is best for you, you need to consider a few things. Do you prefer a super easy, straight-forward vaping experience? Or, do you prefer to tweak your set-up depending on how you’re feeling? Regardless, take a second to decide what’s important for your vaping experience. Once you’ve established your requirements, you’re ready to shop for your new vape mods.

I’ve compiled a list of the top five best vape mods. Check it out below!

1. Best Vape Box Mod: Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit

best vape mods


Body modifications have many different faces. A box mod is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a mod in the shape of a box. When disposable e cigs first came out, they were pretty much availably solely in a cylindrical-shape. What happens when things are round? They roll–oftentimes right off a table. So, a box mod fixes that issue. It also permits for additional components, such as a digital screen or variable power control.

The Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit truly embodies the awesomeness of box modifications. This is not just the box mod itself, though. It’s a whole set-up, which includes the Vogue box mod, a mini riptide tank, a charging cable, and a bottle of Ultimo Vapor e juice. It supports tank coils from 0.2 ohms to 2.5 ohms, as well as cartomizers. It provides a constant output of 4.2 Volts, until it begins to drain down to 3.7 Volts. If you’re looking for a box modification, then you definitely want the 50W Box Mod by Vogue.

Price: $64.99

Buy the Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

AMIGO Vogue + Mini Riptide Kit ReviewAMIGO Vogue + Mini Riptide Kit Review If you would like to check out their website please visit: Thank you for the continued support and please don't forget to subscribe! #DTVM Check me out as well on: Facebook at: Instagram at: Also Live on Vapers TV Tuesday nights 8pm Est — Giveaways…2016-03-06T02:58:03.000Z


  • Very easy-to-use and fill
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Produces loads of vapor
  • Super impressive battery life


  • May leak over time
  • Design houses a bottom-fill tank

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2. Best All-In-One Vape Mod: Kanger Cupti 2 Mod Kit

best vape mods


If you’re a vaper, you understand the pros and cons of both 510 and 808 threads. For years, an 808 thread was considered the be-all, end-all. Thanks to its super consistent airflow, vapers would often choose the well-known threading. As of late, though, 510 threads have surged in market share. In fact, they’ve actually become the most popular thread-type available. The Kanger Cupti 2 Mod Kit truly brings out the best parts of a 510 thread, to make it the best all-around vape mod.

Just like the Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit, the Kanger Cupti 2 is a mod kit, as well. It’s fully decked out with the Cupti 2 all-in-one mod, a second connector–for attaching 510 vape tanks, a CLOCC SS316L 0.5 ohm coil, and a USB charging cable. Plus, you have the choice to purchase up to two 18650 batteries. Choose between black and silver. Once you start using the mod, you can update the system, as firmware updates become available. Control the temperate between 200-600F. You truly set up the Kanger Cupti 2 to your tastes. You don’t want to miss it.

Price: $59.99 (14 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Kanger Cupti 2 Mod Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

CUPTI 2 BOX MOD by Kangertech ~Review & First Look~Thanks for watching our video! Watch our video of the Kangertech CUPTI 2. Here’s what our e-cig expert had to say about this starter kit: “Going to be a longer battery life than the original.” “Little easier to mess with.” “I really do like the Kanger starter including these coins.” “You can fit any drip…2016-10-07T12:16:47Z


  • Creates massive clouds of vapor
  • Tantalizes your tongue with delicious vape juice flavor
  • Has a temperature modification system with a wide range of temps


  • Heavier than expected
  • Not ideal for travel – works best at home, or in the car

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3. Best ‘Customizable Appearance’ Vape Mod: Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Mod

best vape mods


Once you’ve found what type of mods you prefer, you can delve into the aesthetics of your set-up. Naturally, there are tons of ways to customize a mod. You could easily choose the color of it–many offer black, silver, red, pink, and a variety of others. Well, the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Mod takes it a step further. This mod has changing LED lights. And no, you don’t need to be in a dark space to see them. These puppies are bright.

In addition to an awesome appearance, the Kaos Spectrum Mod works like a charm. This device has an output of 230 Watts, in addition to a temperature control system. There are three overall settings for the LED lights: always on, always off, or pulsating. It’s a 510 thread, so it’s sure to fit with your other vaping gear. If you want your vape set-up to truly stand out, don’t miss the Kaos Spectrum Mod.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Mod here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

Sigelei KAOS Spectrum First Look 😍This is the latest dual 18650 from Sigelei and it features 230 watts of power with a wattage range of 10-230 watts. This mod also has temperature control for Ni, Ti, SS, and TCR functionality. This is a great dual 18650 for people that want to use larger tanks, as shown in this video with…2017-03-21T22:25:19Z


  • Exceedingly lightweight, given its size
  • Provides an incredible light show, as you vape
  • Houses an awesome electronic chip


  • Doesn’t permit for discreet vaping
  • Vape juice not included

Find more Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Mod information and reviews here.

4. Best Mini Vape Mod: SMOK R-Steam Mini Vape Mod

best vape mods


What makes a mini vape mod so awesome? The fact that it’s min–duh! When you think about “mini”, a few expectations come to mind. First off, it should be small. But, it should also function just as well as a “regular size” vape mod. Keep in mind, however, it won’t be as powerful. Regardless of its size, though, it should function extremely well. Otherwise, it would be considered a huge waste of money.

The SMOK R-Steam Mini Vape Mod is extremely powerful, given how small it is. Its compact size makes this vape mod perfect for traveling, or as an everyday set-up. Plus, you have the ability to update everything when firmware updates are available. Choose from 1-80 Watts in your output, thanks to an easy-to-see digital screen. It runs on an external 18650 vape battery. You definitely don’t want to miss this small-but-mighty mini mod.

Price: $34.99 (30 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SMOK R-Steam Mini Vape Mod here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

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  • Adjustable wattage
  • Crazy lightweight design
  • Shows how much battery is charged when you plug in device


  • There are no battery venting holes
  • Battery life isn’t great because it’s a variable volt in a mini size

Find more SMOK R-Steam Mini Vape Mod information and reviews here.

5. Best Sub-Ohm Vape Mod: SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit

best vape mods


Regular vaping is usually within a certain range. That range is considered “more than an ohm”. So, if regular vaping is above-ohm, what’s sub-ohm vaping? Just like the name indicates, it’s vaping in a range under a single ohm. There are a few advantages to sub-ohm vaping. Most namely, of course, being the production of some freaking huge clouds. Moreover, using a sub-ohm vape set-up gives you super flavorful hits, as well as warm vapor.

So, if you’re looking for a full sub-ohm vape set-up, then you need the SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit. It comes with a SMOK Stick V8 2000 mAh battery, a TFV8 baby tank (3mL capacity), two V8 baby coils (M2 Core – .15 ohm & .25 ohm), and a USB charging cable. You’re totally set up from the get go. Choose from black, stainless steel, and rainbow. It produces outputs between 3.4 – 4.2 Volts, which changes based on the device’s charge. It’s not built for Ni200, titanium, or stainless steel coils. It is, however, built to be used with kanthal coils. Don’t miss this baby for sub-ohm vaping.

Price: $29.99 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit! | IndoorSmokersLike me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram:


  • Produces massive clouds
  • Provides an incredible taste
  • Less expensive than other vape kits


  • It’s not compatible with all coil-types
  • Produces warmer vapor than non-sub-ohm models

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