Top 10 Best Accessories to Purchase at Your Vape Shop

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Ah, the vape shop, otherwise known as the Land of All Things Awesome. It brings a sense of “kid in a candy store” for adults. Why? You can purchase just about anything vaping-related on the planet! You could be there solely for e liquid, interested in purchasing a new set-up…or something in between. That in between ranges from new tanks, to box mods, and batteries.

Instead of walking into your vape shop and purchasing something willy nilly–c’mon, it’s hard not to want something new–come prepared with something in mind. Or, if you prefer to deal with an online vape shop (not having to small talk with a sales person? BONUS!), and don’t feel like scrolling through pages of random information, find someone who’s already done that research.

That’s where I step in. I’ve already done that research for you, whether you choose to use it in-person or online. I’ve compiled a list of the best accessories to consider before your next visit to the vape shop. Peep it here.

1. Best Overall Vape Shop Accessory: Alien Mod By Smok

vape shop


When you walk into a vape shop, you have a lot of choices at your fingertips. Rather than going for the whole shebang, picking up a new mod can totally change how you vape. The Alien Mod by Smok should definitely be on your short list.

This baby comes in five separate colors, so you can match your personality to your set-up. It’s a 510 thread, so it’s compatible with most other accessories on the market. Puff on this high-performance, easy-to-use, advanced chipset mod–you won’t be disappointed.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Alien Mod By Smok here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

2. Best Box Mod in Your Vape Shop: Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit

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Mods, of course, come in tons of different shapes, sizes, weights, and colors. Box mods are one of the most popular types–and for good reason. They’re pretty ergonomically satisfying, and provide the vaping experience you seek. The Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit knocks it out of the park.

While it’s not built for newbies because of its subohming capacities, if you’re a seasoned vaper you don’t want to miss out on this bad boy. When you inquire about this mod kit at your vape shop, you should receive a Vogue box mod, a Mini Riptide tank, a charging cable, and a bottle of e Juice (30mL). Pair it with 510 thread accessories, and you’re golden.

The Vogue not tickling your fancy? Check out these other awesome box mods.

Price: $64.99

Buy the Vogue 50W Box Mod Ultimate Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

3. Best Tank in Your Vape Shop: Aspire Athos Tank

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When it comes to vaping, your tank is arguably one of the most important pieces. After all, without it, there is no vaping to be had. The tank, of course, holds the ever-needed vape juice. When you’re visiting your vape store, though, you don’t want to just get any tank.

You should consider the Aspire Athos Tank. Perfect for subohming, it’s a top-fill tank for sake of ease. Choose from three colors, and you’ll receive an Aspire Athos vape tank, an A3 Athos coil (0.3 ohm), an A5 Athos coil (0.16 ohm), a clear wide bore drip tip, a black delrin wide bore drip tip, and a set of spare parts. Connect this 510 thread accessory to the rest of your set-up, and you’re good to go.

Interested in a different tank? Consider these guys before heading to your vape shop.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Aspire Athos Tank here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

4. Best Drip Tip in Your Vape Shop: Ming Vase Drip Tip

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Drip tips come in a seemingly-endless array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Because everyone has a differently shaped mouth and sensory threshold, it can feel overwhelming to choose the perfect one. So, next vape shop stop, inquire about the Ming Vase Drip Tip.

These babies were specifically designed to increase vapor production with each puff. Choose from a whopping seven different colors, ranging from bangin’ black to poppin’ purple. Cleaning is easy as pie, and they feel great in your mouth. Don’t delay on the easiest vaping upgrade.

Price: $5.99

Buy the Ming Vase Drip Tip here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

5. Best Tube Mod at Your Vape Shop: EGo One Mega V2 Kit

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As with box mods, there are loads of awesome tube mods available at your local vape shop. Just like the name posits, these mods are cylindrical in-shape, and are super ergonomic when you’re puffing away. The eGo One Mega V2 Kit is the easily the best tube mod you can get your hands on.

Unlike other kits you might find at a vape shop, the eGo is an entire set-up. You’ll receive an eGo One Mega V2 battery, an eGo One Mega V2 Atomizer, two eGo One CL coils (0.5 and 1.0 ohms), two mouthpieces, and a USB cable. Choose from four different colors, and attach with other 510 thread accessories. Just add a higher VG than PG vape juice, and you’re set.

Price: $39.99

Buy the EGo One Mega V2 Kit here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

6. Best Battery in Your Vape Shop: Aspire 18650 Battery

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Ah, batteries. The fuel that makes your entire vaping kit work…until the charge is gone. Batteries can make or break your vaping experience, and there are tons of crappy ones available at your local vape shop. Instead of being duped into some garbage, consider asking about the Aspire 18650 Battery.

This baby is a Lithium Ion battery, specifically built for high-drain set-ups. Containing a capacity of 2500 mAh, and a high-discharge current of 20A, it’s a monster. Charge it up fully before using it, to increase the life of this battery.

Need a different type of battery? Peep these guys here.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Aspire 18650 Battery here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

7. Best Battery Charger in Your Vape Shop: Efest Luc V4 Charger

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Just like I mentioned above, the right battery can take your vaping experience from awesome to amazingly exceptional. In order to make this happen, you will need two pieces: A fantastic battery (like the one above), and a solid charging dock.

The eFest Luc V4 Charger is built specifically for 18650 batteries, but it’s compatible with other Lithium Ion batteries like 10440, 14500, 14650, 18500, 17670, 18350, 18650, 18700, 26500, and 26650. Plus, it doubles as a phone and tablet charger. Hands-down, you’ll be stoked about this battery charger.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Efest Luc V4 Charger here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

8. Best Case in Your Vape Shop: Black Lizard VapeSox

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Your local vape shop is great for a lot of things, including new mods, vape juice, and batteries. But, there are tons of other vaping accessories that don’t immediately come to mind. Have you considered how you’ll safely travel with your set-up?

Investing in a vape case will put your mind at ease, and makes traveling far less harrowing. You don’t need anything particularly fancy, just something that will protect your precious pieces. VapeSox produces some of the most discreet, small vape carrying cases you could ever want. This baby has a clip for easy carrying, and is made of a black, snakeskin-like material. A drawstring pull makes for easy in-and-out. Protect your set-up.

If the Black Lizard VapeSox didn’t tickle your fancy, consider some of these other vape cases.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Black Lizard VapeSox here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

9. Best E Juice in Your Vape Shop: Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice

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You knew vape juice was going to eventually make an appearance. After all, without vape juice (and a tank to hold it), how are you actually supposed to vape? Like I previously mentioned, choosing a new vape juice at your vape shop is like unleashing a kid in a candy store. With so many flavors to try, it can be difficult to choose.

Well, I’ve already done some of the legwork for you. Beard Vape Co is extremely well-known for their flavorful, massive clouds. Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice brings you back to a 1950s diner at dessert. It provides a robust malted-shake-drizzled-in-caramel type of flavor. It tastes so delicious, you’ll be beaming.

Interested in a different e juice flavor? Give one of these guys a shot.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Beard Vape Co #24 E-Juice here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

10. Best Cannabis-Related Accessory in Your Weed Shop: Ebob Wax Vaporizer Tank By Cloupor

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Of course, if you’re walking into your local vape shop, you may not necessarily be interested in nicotine-based vaping. Cannabis vaping comes in many different forms, ranging from flower to concentrate. If you’re with the 420 crowd, then definitely consider the Ebob Wax Vaporizer Tank by Clouper.

This bad boy allows you to take dry herb hits, as well as dabs. It’s super inconspicuous, in that it attaches to your regular vaping set-up. As a 510 thread, it attaches to most other accessories. Add some water to the top of the tank, and you’ll be hitting your mini bubbler into bliss in no time.

Prefer a different marijuana vape? These guys are all fantastic.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Ebob Wax Vaporizer Tank By Cloupor here at Vapor4Life and enter promo code Heavy for 10 percent off your order, plus free shipping.

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