25 Best Bridal Shower Gifts: The Ultimate List (2018)

bridal shower gifts

You would think that with a registry that gives you links to exactly what the bride wants, buying gifts for a bridal shower would be easy, but the registry isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. If you’re a procrastinator, by the time you’ve opened the registry all of the good items (or all of the items) are gone or nothing fits your budget.

Alternatively, you might want to buy something special and unique that’s really going to surprise the bride and you don’t want to pick something off of the registry. Regardless of the reason you need one, off-registry bridal shower gifts can be tricky to find.

We’ve put together a list of great bridal shower gifts to inspire you and make shopping easy. They’re all reasonably priced, unique, and great for brides at any age.

Several of the gifts on this list would also work wonderfully for a couple’s shower or even an engagement party. If you need more inspiration, don’t miss this post on the 30 best kitchen gifts or this post on the 30 best gifts for couples.

1. Philosophy Here Comes The Bride

philosophy here comes the bride


There’s no question that a bride should look and feel her best on her wedding day. If you know a bride who loves her beauty products, but you’re not sure what to get her, you can’t go wrong with some high-end travel necessities from a trusted beauty brand like Philosophy.

The set features a one-step facial cleanser (two ounces), moisturizer for all skin types (one ounce), shampoo (2 ounces), bath & shower gel (2 ounces) firming body emulsion (2 ounces) and a single-use sample of the face peel. For under $30, this travel set is certainly a steal.

Price: $29.90

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

2. Canvas Wedding Bride Tote Bag

canvas bride tote bag

(Heartfelt Hospitality)

This sturdy tote is a necessity for any bride to be and is both a decent size and a reasonable price. It’s much more affordable and well made than anything you can find in stores, and while you might find similar products on Etsy, you can have this tote at your doorstep in two days with Amazon Prime, a huge convenience if you need a gift quickly.

The canvas tote bag has a digitally printed design that reads “…Because I’m the Bride!” and measures 19″ x 15″ x 6″ with lots of room to pack her essentials. For an awesome presentation, consider filling this bag with a few other token gifts like these bling wipes, a mini emergency kit for the big day, and a beautiful “something blue” ankle bracelet. You can alternative canvas totes for brides browse here – all available with Prime shipping.

Price: $19.98

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

3. Mr. & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses

mr. and mrs. wine glasses


Both modern and fun, these wine glasses make a great bridal shower gift, especially for a wine lover. They’re also available in a design that reads “Bride” and “Groom” or “Soon to be Mrs.” and “One Lucky Mr.” if you prefer that alternative text.

Each design features a set with two 20 ounce glasses, made of high quality glass and featuring beautiful gold lettering in a gorgeous script font.

If you’re going to gift wine glasses, you might as well gift a bottle of wine too. Check out this “Mr. and Mrs.” wine tote for a great way to wrap it.

Price: $17.11

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

4. Kate Spade New York His & Hers Luggage Tags

kate spade new york luggage tags

(Kate Spade New York)

A wedding and a honeymoon typically goes hand in hand. If you’re stuck on finding a unique bridal shower gift, go beyond the wedding and consider something that the bride might be able to use on her honeymoon instead. Luggage tags for the bride and groom are a unique gift option that they’ll certainly be able to use soon.

These Kate Spade luggage tags are sleek and simple, made with silicone for durability over time. If you want to personalize a luggage tag gift, consider luggage tags that are monogrammed with the bride’s soon to be new initials.

Price: $26

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

5. White Bride Rhinestone Hipster Panty With Lace Accents

bride panty

(Caramel Cantina)

It’s the little details and special tokens that really make a bride feel special. Any bride planning a wedding will appreciate the opportunity to wear these special undergarments that sparkle with bridal sayings like “Just married”, “Mrs.”, and “Bride”.

They’re a great set to pack on her honeymoon as they’re a bit more special than her existing pairs but are still practical enough to wear day-to-day.

To complete her outfit, consider this fun bridal rhinestone tank, which can be worn while she’s getting ready for the big day, as pajamas, or even on her honeymoon.

Price: $24.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

6. Custom Wedding Hanger With Bow

custom wedding hanger

(F&M Handmade)

The wedding dress is one of the most important elements of a bride’s big day and having a special hanger for it to rest on makes for a great gift. If you’re going to spend the money on a custom hanger, you want to make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold onto a heavy dress and that the customization is legible, which isn’t always the case with some of the wire hanger designs.

These wood hangers come in a plethora of different finishes with notches for securely hanging a dress. The name is laser cut in a sturdy metal and can be done in any name that’s 13 characters or less (either first name, last name, or even “bride”). You can also opt to include a second line of text with the wedding date if you choose.

Price: $25.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

7. Rosemarie Thin Hook “MRS.” Bracelet

mrs. bracelet

(Rosemarie Collection)

If you’re not sure what to get the bride for her shower, a simple piece of jewelry is a great option. You could opt for something with her new initial or something that nods to her change from Miss to Mrs. like this one.

It looks much more expensive than it really is, giving you a really affordable but impressive option for a gift. The bangle bracelet has a 7.25 inch circumference, fitting small to medium wrists and featuring a hook closure.

If you’re looking for similar styles, check out these Kate Spade “Mrs.” earrings, or this beautiful and delicate “Mrs.” necklace.

Price: $24.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

8. BLACK+DECKER Slow Cooker in Teal Wave

black and decker slow cooker


If the bride doesn’t have a slow cooker on her registry, consider this fun Black + Decker crockpot. While it’s fun and impressive on its own, and is surely something she’ll use, we love the idea of filling it with some other goodies. The affordable price makes this possible without breaking the bank.

Consider filling it with a monogram dish towel, a slow cooker cookbook, and a fun decorative spatula.

Price: $32.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

9. Pink Mason Jar Ceramic Three Piece Kitchenware Set

pink mason jar kitchenware set

(World Market)

Is the bride you’re shopping for a big baker? These fun mason jar measuring utensils probably aren’t on her bridal registry but are a unique and fun gift that we know she will not only use, but also will love to display in her kitchen.

The adorable set includes measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a spoon rest with embossed measurements. If you know that the bride isn’t a fan of pink, you can purchase this set in a number of alternative colors, including blue, yellow, red, and white.

For brides who are mason jar fanatic, consider these initial mason jar glasses, some mason jar recipe cards, or this cute mason jar inspired cookie jar.

Price: $29.94 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

10. Personalized Wooden Wine Trough

personalized wooden wine trough

(Cathy’s Concepts)

Personalized gifts certainly have the biggest impact. If you’re looking to make an impression with a really thoughtful gift that’s different than the typical bridal shower gifts, this wooden trough is a great gift.

While it’s intended to be filled with ice and wine for entertaining, it can also be used daily as a magazine holder, an indoor planter, or in a number of other creative ways. Each trough can be customized with a single block initial, a custom line of text with a maximum of 15 characters, or with two names with a maximum of 12 characters each.

The rustic wooden structure comes with a galvanized metal insert for holding ice, soil, or anything else that needs to be cleaned between uses. It measures 17.5″ L x 8″ W x 8.5″ H and can hold several bottles of wine at a time in addition to some ice.

If this option is above your price point, here is a galvanized metal beverage tub, which can also be personalized for an engaged couple.

Price: $92.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

11. Bridal Cosmetic Set

bridal cosmetic set


If the bride is going to be getting ready outside of her home (either at a hotel or alternative location) then she might need a place to transport some of her cosmetics and toiletries. These also double as great packing tools for her honeymoon that will make her feel extra special.

The set of three is inexpensive, meaning that you can certainly use this gift as an add-on to one of the other options on this list. The large zip cosmetic case is made of clear PVC and measures 8.5″W x 7″H x 3″D. The medium gold PVC zip bag measures 7″W x 5.5″H x 1.5″D and the small white bag measures 6.25″W x 4.5″H x 1.75″D.

They all feature a beautiful wedding ring print on interior lining and have a gold ring zipper pull. Makeup brushes might seem like an odd gift but they’re something women rarely replace when they need to and would be a great gift to pair with these bags. This pink set is inexpensive, highly rated, and really nice looking.

Price: $14.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

12. Bride & Groom Egyptian Cotton Terry Robes

bride and groom robes

(Luxor Linens)

Bridal shower gifts can be tricky, especially if you’re shopping for a well established couple that already has a home together. These beautiful, thick, terry cloth robes are highly rated and will be sure to impress and work for either a bridal shower or a couple’s shower.

They’re available in the “Bride & Groom” embroidered design pictured above. Alternatively they can be ordered in a “Mr. & Mrs.” or “His & Hers” design.

The robes are one size fits most so you don’t have to worry about specific sizing and can be machine washed for easy care. They’re also available with gift packaging so there’s one less thing you have to worry about before gifting them.

Price: $109.95

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

13. Wooden Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign

wedding countdown sign


It’s no surprise that brides get really excited about the big day. With all the planning (that can commence over a year before the wedding) they’ve likely been waiting for the wedding day for quite some time. This is a fun sign that will keep the excitement alive and something they can hang in their home to keep track of the countdown.

For another fun and unique idea, consider this wedding countdown mug. The bride can write in the new number each day, and simply wash it off after her morning cup of coffee. You can shop a number of mugs that would be great for a bridal shower, couples shower, or even an engagement party.

Price: $9.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

14. Kate Spade New York Ring Holder

kate spade ring holder

(Kate Spade New York)

Every bride needs a place (or multiple places) to safely keep her new bling. Many brides purchase several ring holders throughout their engagement so that they can have a place to pop their ring in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and even by the kitchen sink.

This beautiful Kate Spade ring holder has a simple teal bow around the base of the silver plated holder. It’s high quality, which you can tell from the weight, and won’t stain or tarnish. It’s not only practical but is a really love piece of decor that can easily sit out on any countertop.

If the bride loves pink, this ring holder comes with a bright pink bow instead of teal or with a black bow for a more neutral bride.

You can shop a slew of ring holders in a number of various designs here.

Price: $39.95

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

15. “Mr. & Mrs.” Pair of Two Pillowcases for Couples

mr. and mrs. pillowcases

(ZCreate Design)

While bedding is a popular item that many couples include on their registry, a special set of Mr. and Mrs. pillow cases are a unique gift that they can use regardless of what bedding they have. The simplistic design includes black script text that’s easy to read and features a small gold heart on each pillowcase.

You can choose between two various qualities at checkout – either a 300 thread count that’s soft and thick to sleep on, or under 200 thread count which is fine for purely decorative pillow cases, but wouldn’t be as comfortable to sleep on. These are also available in same-sex format by request and will ship within two to five business days for a quick turnaround.

This retailer has a number of different pillowcase designs suitable for this occasion so if you’d like to continue shopping alternative options, you can do so here.

Price: $18.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

16. Harney & Sons Wedding Tea in Vintage Tin

wedding tea

(Harney & Sons)

If the bride you’re shopping for is someone who loves tea, then they will appreciate the quality of this tea as well as the sentiment behind the packaging. This gift likely isn’t enough on its own, but it is the foundation of a really lovely tea-themed bridal shower gift.

To complete the gift, purchase a beautiful porcelain tea pot, something that’s both practical and decorative, as well as some matching tea cups.

If you’re not a fan of this design or if you want something more simplistic, you can shop alternative tea pots and tea cups here.

Price: $13.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

17. Personalized Kitchen Towel

personalized kitchen towel


As many may know, kitchen items are popular gifts for bridal showers. While couples are trying to build their home and stock their kitchen, gifts from both department stores and home good stores top the list of many bridal shower registries. Unfortunately many of these gifts aren’t the most personal.

If you are purchasing something from a registry or another gift for the home, adding something inexpensive with a personal touch is a really nice way to make your gift stand out. These personalized tea towels are a great option – made of 100 percent cotton and available to order with any initial, the couples last name, and the date of your choice.

Price: $16

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

18. Personalized Funny His & Her Ceramic Piggy Bank

personalized ceramic piggy bank


Not all bridal shower gifts have to be practical and serious. If you’re purchasing your bridal shower gift for someone with a silly sense of humor (and maybe someone who loves to shop) then this the perfect gift for them. It will definitely earn a few giggles while guests watch the bride open this one.

The ceramic piggy bank is modern and sleek, made from high gloss ceramic with a nice clean font. The opening from the top piggy bank “his money” allows any change to fall into the “her money” piggy bank below. The inexpensive price tag makes this a great choice to add on to another bridal shower gift on this list.

Price: $24.99

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

19. Mud Pie Tying The Knot Frame

tying the knot frame

(Mud Pie)

Once the wedding festivities are complete, the only thing the bride will have is a plethora of pictures to preserve all of her amazing memories. Picture frames in general are a great bridal shower gift that the couple will certainly use, but if you’re looking for something that stands out a bit more, this picture frame is a great choice.

The small frame is 7.5″ square inches and holds a 3″ X 3″ photograph. While it’s on the smaller side, it’s great for a side table or end table where a large photograph might overwhelm. This shop has several different designs, all very affordable, so if this one isn’t your style check out the other options here.

Price: $16.86

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

20. Wedding Guest Book Alternative Signing Tree Poster

wedding guest book

(Guest Book Alternative)

An alternative guest book sign like this one is something the bride can use on her wedding day and then hang as a piece of artwork in her home for years to come. If you’re looking for a gift that really makes an impression and is also useful, consider this option, which is a great price for a bridal shower gift.

This affordable kit includes one 20″ x 30″ on flat high quality paper (with 200 leaves for signing), two waterproof and fade proof black ink pens, and one 5″x7″ instruction card. You’ll simply need to provide the couple’s names, the date of the wedding, and color/font choices.

If you like this gift idea, you can shop a number of alternative guest book ideas here, all of which would make amazing bridal shower gifts.

Price: $59.95

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

21. Custom Wedding Milestones Wine Bottle Labels

milestones wine bottle labels

(Inscape Creations)

This is one of the most creative, thoughtful, and sentimental bridal shower gifts we’ve seen and it’s fairly easy to execute. Simply purchase a few of the bride’s favorite bottles of wine and then cover each of them with one of these milestones wine labels.

She can open each on the appropriate date, for a gift that will late for years to come. The label design features blush pink roses in watercolor with dark charcoal script text. The labels are perfect for a normal or a large wine bottle with tall shoulders and are self-adhesive and waterproof.

These labels have a design for each anniversary, one through five, but if you’re looking for something a bit more creative, check out these wine labels which have various labels for milestones such as buying their first house, their first baby, their first fight, etc.

Price: $15.99 (24 percent off MSRP)

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

22. Crossed Arrows Friendship Necklace

friendship necklace

(A Charmed Impression)

A bridal shower gift doesn’t have to be something wedding or bridal related at all. Sometimes it’s nice to just get the bride something that she would really enjoy and it can be as simple as that. This small arrow necklace symbolizes friendship and would be a lovely gift for any women, bride or not.

It can be ordered in a variety of metals, including gold filled (which is the price reflected below) or solid gold for an additional cost. You can also choose between a 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch diameter necklace, depending on your preference. Both sizes feature an 18 inch standard pendant length and comes with a beautiful friendship card for easy gift giving.

Browse some other great necklace options for your gal pals here.

Price: $38

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

23. Ivy Lane Blue Anastasia Lace Garter

 blue lace garter

(Ivy Lane Design)

Even if a bride isn’t planning on doing a traditional garter toss, consider gifting her a really adorable garter like this one, that can also be used as her “something blue”. Bridal showers are the perfect time to gift token items like this, even if you’re also planning on purchasing something from the registry.

This garter features a very beautiful light blue lace, a ruffled white flower and a silver metal bow for that perfect feminine touch. If this design isn’t her style shop some other options here.

For something other than a garter, you can browse our roundup of “something blue” ideas for the bride here for other gift ideas.

Price: $25

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

24. Monogrammed Wood Cutting Board

monogrammed wood cutting board


If you’re looking to gift something for the kitchen, don’t settle for the standard run of the mill version. Even something as simple as a cutting board or a set of kitchen utensils can be made special with some personalization. You also don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing a custom gift.

These custom wine glasses are only $14.99 a set. If none of these gifts are quite what you’re looking for, shop some great personalized kitchen gifts here to find the perfect option.

Price: $46.61

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

25. The Newlywed Cookbook

newlywed cookbook


Most brides stock up on kitchen goodies during their bridal shower. It would be nice to give them a little bit of inspiration on how to put it all to good use, and a cookbook is just the right tool for that.

With more than 130 recipes for both classic and contemporary cooking that are perfect for both day-to-day eating as well as for special occasions with family and friends, this cookbook has everything a newlywed couple might need to find their knack in the kitchen.

Thinking about gifting a set of cookbooks? Browse some alternative options for couples who like to cook here.

Price: $21.08

Buy this bridal shower gift here.

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